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  1. sofiaflorina

    Thread Windows XP vs Windows 7

    Of these two versions of Windows, in your opinion, which one is the best?
  2. H

    Thread [FIXED][WINDOWS XP][MTP DRIVER][ERROR 28] Instructions to fix MTP Driver

    Hi, this tutorial is for fixing MTP Driver issue (Error 28) on Windows XP :) 1. If you have WMP 9, you have to install WMP 11 from Microsoft site 2. Extraxt WMP 11 with WinRAR 3. Step by step tutorial for installing WMP 11 *Install "wmfdist11" *Install "wmp11" *Restart your computer *Install...
  3. S

    Thread [Game] [2.3+] FreeCell Solitaire

    Hello, I create that thread to present you FreeCell Solitaire a free implementation of classical FreeCell card game for Android that is available on Google Play Store here : . FreeCell Solitaire is a solitaire-based card game...
  4. A

    Thread [Q] Error Installing MTP for HTC One S C2 on Windows XP SP3

    Hi, So I have tried each and every method I could search on the InterWebs. I am trying to connect my HTC One S C2 (villec2) on Stock 4.1.1 Sense 4+ latest firmware with Windows XP SP3, Latest HTCDriver_4.2.0.001 are installed. Yes Windows Media Player 11 in installed and NO it does not detect...
  5. yellowdie

    Thread [MOD][AUDIO THEME] Windows XP System UI Sounds

    Hey guys, over in the Trinity thread we were talking about touch sounds and changing the system UI sounds. And I jokingly through out there about making Windows XP System UI Sounds for JellyBean. Well, I ended up doing it just for fun. lol. I made an awesome package file to replace the...
  6. S

    Thread Update for 4.0.4 power saving and USB problems

    I've had this Sprint Galaxy S II phone for about two or three weeks, and it just updated to 4.0.4. The only problems I am having are these: 1. power saving is set to come on at 50%, but it doesn't. Lately, I have been home and have been able to charge it or happened to look at it when it was...
  7. G

    Thread Nokia Care Suite NAND doesn't work on WINDOWS XP

    Hi! I am trying to flash the official firmware to my Lumia 710 on a windows xp when I connect simply in NAND mode after some time windows reconnects it(and turns it on) so I cant start the flashing. What is the problem? I have all the necessary drivers...
  8. mingolianbeef

    Thread [APP][Team.Fluxion]XP Mod Launcher (beta) [WinXP Launcher for Android]

    Disclaimer: I am not a spokesperson for team.fluxion nor do I have any affiliation to them whatsoever. The app stated in this post is simply a public service announcement to those that enjoy/want the Windows PC experience on their Android powered device. All rights of this app goes to its...
  9. dandv

    Thread HTC Vivid Windows drivers

    I was following the tutorial for removing Carrier IQ from the Vivid, and needed the Windows drivers. This is for a friend, and I don't want to install the entire 150MB HTC Sync crap. I got them to install it :D and here are the drivers alone, only 1MB each (Win7, Windows XP). Hope someone finds...
  10. H

    Thread [Q] RNDIS Driver? Gingerbread Kernel With RNDIS Support? - USB Tether

    So, I've been sick all weekend. What better way to spend a few hours indoors then to try out a fresh new ROM? Last night I flashed from the old, worn out, seemingly no longer updated SkyRaider Sense (with Chad's Incredikernel) to what had been my old standby, CM which I believe came with...
  11. S

    Thread [Q] Galaxy Nexus MTP driver issues in Windows XP

    Hi guys, I wonder if anyone can help with this problem? , I'm having trouble hooking it up to my PC which is running XP. When I chose to connect as either "Media Device MTP" or "Camera PTP" I get an error message on the taskbar of my PC: "USB device Not Recognised. One of the USB devices...
  12. raziel23x

    Thread [Windows][UTILITY][TOOL] APK Multi-Tool

    I am currently working on a major update to the apk manager application as well and changing the name to APK Multi-Tool with some new added features and also to fix some issues with some code errors. I am also changing a lot of the features as well since a lot of the code has been outdated for...
  13. jayshocka

    Thread [Q] xp drivers for evo

    I am running windows XP (go ahead and laugh). I notice when transfering data to my phone from my computer I TAKES FOREVER. this only occurs when I am using AOSP roms or when i am transfering in Amon Ra. Does anyone else have this problem, does anyone know where I can get the proper driver...
  14. B

    Thread [Q] VirtualBox on Ubuntu

    As much as I would like to post this in development as I'm sure it'd get more attention and hopefully find a solution, this is better suited here by technicality... I'm on Ubuntu 11.04, I have a VirtualBox running Windows XP. I have the Samsung drivers installed on both machines, but we will...
  15. A

    Thread [Q] Move Restore Point from a XP Zune to a W7 Zune??

    Here is my problem... I have my restoration point in my job's PC (XP), as i know where it is (C:\Documents and Settings\USER\local configuration\program data\Microsoft\Windows Phone Update) I save the backup in my Pendrive and move it into my W7 laptop...
  16. D

    Thread [Q] Installing Windows xp as virtual os?

    Can I install windows xp or 7 as virtual os on my android? I have some application which only runs on windows xp. I want it run on that.
  17. D

    Thread [Q] Can't get Windows XP to recognize the Galaxy Tab (or charge)

    WHen it is connected via USB, XP "discovers" the new hardware, calls is "SAMSUNG_android", then fails to find a driver for it. It asks for a location of the driver, which of course doesn't exist. I can't even see it as a mass storage device in explorer. Am I missing something here? There is...
  18. K

    Thread [Q] Embeded XP or full Win CE

    i read the development of Ubuntu and win 95 on the rhodium. i also read about xp not working, but has any one tried Embedded xp? or maybe full blown CE? XPe looks very doable with its low system requirements, usb booting and such. also, is there a tutorial or documentation some where that...
  19. T

    Thread [Q] WiFi router on XP netbook not working

    Hi! I recently began using a netbook with Win XP on it and sadly it cannot connect to my HD2 set up as WiFi router. I can select it from the wireless networks list, it shows that it is an ad hoc network and asks for a key - but when I hit connect... the progressbar keeps running and running...
  20. S

    Thread remote contolling my home computer from my windows mobile

    ok I have Windows mobile 6.1 in my HTC Gene (P3400i) I want to remote control my computer (having windows xp) in my home via my mobile. I tried installing remote desktop. but i need lot of info(and guidance :-) ) to proceed. or is there any software (like teamviewer, showmypc etc ....) for...
  21. H

    Thread Bepe's BuildOS doesn't work anymore

    Hi, can anybody Help me :confused: I have a kitchen using Bepe's BuildOS.exe but I always get a error massage (see Attachment) I think WindowsXP Update made something defect. I tried it on a Win7 system before it never works with Win7 but now it also won't work with WinXP does anybody know...
  22. T

    Thread XP on Shift, Need WLAN Driver!

    First, thank you to the developersfor all your hard work that made the Windows XP "downgrade" possible on the shift. I now have a Shift running running XP tablet edition, and it does so beautifully! However, Everything I've been finding online in regards to the WLAN driver is for Vista. I...
  23. A

    Thread windows XP ????

    I wonder, can I get windows XP or vista to the Athena?
  24. F

    Thread distributed computing over network on WXP

    I have an old dimension 3000 and a newer lenovo x61 and i was wondering if there is a way to turn these into a cluster of sorts with the x61 being the main component. I need this because the x61 is fast, but not fast enough for serious photoshopping and stuff. I've been using VNC for...
  25. mushipkw

    Thread [Guide] Customize S2U2 Battery Animation, Slider Button, Animation & Curtain

    POST 1: Customize S2U2 "Slide to Unlock" text Animation POST 2: Customize S2U2 Slider button Customize S2U2 Curtains Change S2U2 Battery Animation Here I will tell you guys how to customize the "slide to unlock" text animation. 1. The Animation file is in \Program Files\S2U2\gfx Folder named...