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  1. serdeliuk

    Thread [INFO] EDK2 port to Redmi Note 7 to boot Windows

    Hello, I started to port EDK2 to my Lavender, Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 in order to bring Windows to this device. So far i was able to fix ClockDxe that makes, for the first time, the eMMC working on a EDK2 port. The device is able to boot Windows PE from eMMC I am still working to fix USB for boot...
  2. X

    Thread [CLOSED][OnePlus 8T][ROM][STOCK][Oxygen OS] Full guide on how to flash latest OxygenOS with Fastboot Mode (macOS, Linux distros and Windows)

    Many of you asked how to flash latest official Oxygen OS rom with macOS or other Linux distros. Hence, I wrote this step-by-step guide which would allow you to restore easily to the latest stock ROM. This guide works for macOS, linux and also windows (for them who don't want to use the MSM...
  3. P

    Thread How Can i Batch Sign Zip Files On Windows?

    I asked this previously. But i did not specify the problem correctly When i unpack the: build-tools_r30.0.1-windows.zip to the C drive i get this: C:\android-11\ If i try to use the ApkSigner.JAR in the: C:\android-11\lib\ Folder Directly through those two commands: cd C:\Program...
  4. E

    Thread [BOUNTY][LSPOSED] X Halo Floating Windows needed!

    Hi, I need somebody able to do a new version of X Halo Floating Windows (or XHFW3) working with Android 9/10/11, latest Magisk, latest Riru & latest LSposed. It shouldn't be so hard... If interested please contact me at info AT enetec DOT com to contract price & details. ;)
  5. gaminghage

    Thread [HELP] Odin does not work properly on Windows 8.1.

    I am running odin on Windows 8.1. When I run Flash, I get a PASS! is displayed, but is not written to the smartphone. Is there any way to fix this problem?
  6. alesimula

    Thread WSA-pacman: Windows Subsystem for Android package installer

    Greetings my fellow geeks I would like to share my small part-time project I've been working on on the last few weeks. I would've liked to post it in the Windows 11 dedicated thread, but well... there isn't any at the time of writing this :p That said, this project is still in a very early...
  7. 0

    Thread High CPU fan - ASUS TUF Gaming A17

    Hello, My computer makes a lot of noise without do nothing. Try to install (hardinfo) on my computer Ubuntu. No luck in that software no Sensors. Maybe the Bios can't see the Sensors / Temp and just get alot of Fan Speed. I have install Windows and Ubuntu still high fan speed I have...
  8. A

    Thread Any way to reset/reflash Intel manage engine firmware and BIOS on Lenovo x1 Yoga?

    Hello. After recent firmware and BIOS updates on my lenovo x1 yoga 2nd Gen, mainboard of this laptop do not turn off completely after OS shuts down. Resulting that it never come back from restart/sleep and never turn off completely upon OS shutdown. Can anyone of you suggest a possible way to...
  9. Anty666

    Thread [THEME] [MiXplorer] Win.eXplorer. Theme by Anty666.

    This theme was created to bring the MiXplorer interface closer to the look of Windows 10 on my PC. 01. Changed icons of files and folders. 02. Changed color scheme. 03. Replaced action, main and tab bars icons. 03. Replaced drawer icons. 04. Replaced other interface icons. 05. Replaced fonts...
  10. i_zj99

    Thread Is there any Android AT Command to check if device has google account/lock or not?

    I want to get the FRP/Google Lock info via COM PORT (AT COMMAND). I've tried AT+DEVCONINFO but it doesn't have any FRP or Google lock info. Anyone have any idea about it? The purpose is I just need to know if device has google/FRP lock in it or not that's it. My device is Samsung Galaxy S9...
  11. sr3tb

    Thread Onda v919 air dual OS V9 soft brick

    Hello I have a tablet onda v919 air 64gb S / N P919LCG1V9A00297, while I was in windows I formatted all the partitions to be able to have more space in windows, silly of me for thinking that it would be like a desktop pc, in short, I don't even have windows or android I have no partition, the...
  12. CryptoNick

    Thread [KITCHEN][WINDOWS] Multi Image Kitchen - Repack Android partitions

    Multi Image Kitchen - Repack Android partitions from Windows Possibilities: Unpacking and packing partitions: System, Vendor, Product, ODM, SOCKO, ELABLE (RAW, SPARSE) Unpacking and packing partitions with extension: * .img; * .fex; * .Partition; * .new.dat; * .new.dat.br; * .lz4; * .exT4; *...
  13. c7aesa7r

    Thread How to differentiate multiple BlueStacks process when it return the same parent PID?

    Whenever an instance of BlueStacks is opened for the first time, it launches a Bluestacks.exe* that looks like it 'handles' all other futures instances opened: It then launches BlueStacks.exe and HD-Player.exe for each new instance, where each of them is dependent on each other, if you close...
  14. WhiteFoxFun

    Thread Question regarding win10 pre-installed ssd's on TV / ich habe eine frage bezüglich win10 vorinstallierten ssd's auf Fernseher anzeigen lassen

    Hello, I wanted to ask if you could randomly display an SSD that has windows 10 installed on it with a usb to hdmi (and operation is not so important) Hallo ich wollte fragen ob man mit einem usb zu hdmi zufällig eine SSD die windows 10 schon drauf installiert hat drauf anzeigen lassen könnte...
  15. C

    Thread How to install Smart news on Android and Windows

    Anyone please help me how to install smart news on windows and Android phone.
  16. Yevheniy Tymchishin

    Thread [APP][FREE] Remote Control

    Remote Control Client is an Android mobile application which together with Remote Control Server provides a possibility to control your PC via smartphone. Features Mouse actions control System volume control Remote Control Client Requirements Android OS 5.1.1 and higher Connection to the...
  17. E

    Thread Can somebody help me with this shell script?

    Basically what I want to do is convert this into batch script for windows and by using Linux Binaries from Sourceforge create a script that basically does the same thing except it doesnt have to be pushed into my Phone's system it works directly in windows using ADB commands! The script in...
  18. GuanZhang

    Thread Android Emulators Megathread

    Hi all, first time poster here. Microsoft just announced that Windows 11 will be able to run Android apps natively which will have potentially huge impact on Android Emulators running on Windows. Given the potential additional interest in running Android apps on Windows (and Macs), I thought I'd...
  19. DKXC

    Thread [Feedback & Ideas] WinADB Universal ADB Client GUI for Windows, In-Development

    WinADB - Universal ADB Client GUI for Windows Introduction Heyo. I am Daniel, a 18yr old software developer from Germany. So for a few years I have been into Android development and hacking, not as deep as others, but I'd say I am experienced. Once I have a new phone, I directly search for...
  20. I

    Thread Windows 11 leak/rumor megathread

    Welcome to the official thread for discussing all things leaks/rumors related to Windows 11. We're currently expecting Microsoft to announce Windows 11 on June 24, and before we get started, you may want to take a look at what we already know about the new OS. Now, onto the leaks and rumors...
  21. I

    Thread Windows FAQs: Glossary, tips, and how to fix common problems

    Welcome to the official Windows FAQ thread! Here you can find all kinds of information about the Windows operating system, including terms you may now know the meaning of and answers to common questions. We also have some tips for you if you're using it for the first time or if you haven't used...
  22. Stefanos53

    Thread [APP] [2.0.1+] Windows Launcher 7 [STOCK]

  23. I

    Thread What are the first five apps you install on Windows?

    Getting a new PC can be a magical moment, and turning it on for the first time is always a fun experience. But that can all take a backseat once you have to start setting everything up how you like it. New PCs don't come with all the apps you use, so you have to start all over again. That begs...
  24. A

    Thread Question Image shown in the xiaomi redmi 8a, but not shown when copied to windows

    I have shot it from my phone screen and I can open it up, but gets destroyed when I copy it from my phone to the windows. I have copied with File Transfer and have used other programs to transfer it, but no result :((
  25. S

    Thread Huawei Phone is not connecting to PC with HiSuite

    I'm trying to link my Huawei phone to PC but it's not letting me connect to PC. Nothing is showing whether it is in progress or not. My phone device is Huawei Y7. I'm using official Huawei software HiSuite. Let me know what should I do to connect? Thanks
  26. vivekjain02

    Thread How do I get a list of apps to reinstall after a "reset"

    Hey guys, My computer is running Windows 10H2. It was upgraded from Windows 7, I have no install media. The "run as admin" doesn't work so I may need to do a "Recovery", "reset". If I reset I need to reinstall a lot of programs, "Apps and Features" says 173! How do I get a full list of these...
  27. ___GOLDEN_+_MASTER___

    Thread Hello everyone! I'm here to learn and share learn.

    Hey there! my name is Ever, well known as GOLDEN MASTER on the internet. I'm here to learn and share my learning to everybody that want it. I hope we'll be good friends. Thanks to this site owner and all of his awsome users!
  28. Wokoloko

    Thread Use your smartphone as a backup server

    This is not about backing up data on your phone. It is about utilise your (old) smartphone to backup files from other devices. If you use any computer system at home or work - you know, you have to make backups to avoid data losses. Often windows computers are used to backup files from network...
  29. Flash_Boy77

    Thread Unwanted language in windows 10

    Hi, i hava a problem in my windows, an aunwanted language(chinese treditioanl tiwan) added to my languages and i cant see it on windows settings to delete it. i tryed deleting the language from registry editor but not worked! pls help!
  30. G

    Thread deleted

  31. M

    Thread Problems connecting Oneplus 6 to Windows 10

    Hi all, I've recently purchased a S20 FE 5G, so I'm looking to move all my files from my previous Oneplus 6 (not unlocked/rooted, no TWRP etc) onto the S20 FE. The OP6 is backed up to Google One, but there's quite a bit of content that doesn't appear to be there, so I was going to connect both...
  32. RudyGireyev

    Thread Teclast M40 Installing ROM from Windows

    Hello! Just received my first tablet, so am very new to all of this. :) Looking for guidance and direction. Glanced through the first page of Noob friendly thread and didn't see this addressed. So asking here. Background: I ordered a Teclast M40 on Aliexpress and received it last week. I tried...
  33. Shubham2222

    Thread Play Call of Duty: Mobile or any game on PC without any emulator!!

    This is a quick post........ I finally succeeded in playing cod mobile on PC without any emulator...after very long try -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- requirements: 1.Win7 (32/64bits), Win 8 (32/64bits), and...
  34. annasmith6244

    Thread Ho I can Restore Tabs in Google Chrome?

    I'm using multiple browsers and tabs. Is there any way to restore tabs when I restart
  35. flakinarist

    Thread No data transfer possible (Pixel 2 XL - PC)

    Today I tried to transfer some files from my Pixel to my PC. After plugging in different cables into different PCs and Ports I only could get my phone to load. There was no way to change it to transfer mode... Windows didn't recognize the phone at all. In the developer options it is already set...
  36. gesaugen

    Thread How to use android as wifi USB card on Win7 for LAN?

    I have: PC#1 with Win 7 x64 Samsung S3 mini (without the sim card, connects to the my ISP router via wifi) ISP router NAS and other PCs connected via utp cable to the ISP router PC#1 is to far from the router to be connected via utp cable so I need to do it via wifi but I don't have proper...
  37. J

    Thread MIUI 12 and Floating Windows

    Hey guys, first of all, i am here to tell you guys about MIUI 12, i've just came from miui rom download webiste and checked that for RN8 global the ROM version is 12.0 and at the end of the .zip file there is a 10.0 that i believe is the android version because i've tried to download a miui 11...
  38. jwoegerbauer

    Thread [TOOL][Windows][Script]Get & Install Latest Official ADB & Fastboot Drivers

    Most ADB-FASTBOOT installers are provided in UPXed .EXE-file format hence it's not transparent what they are internally doing unless you decompile it. So I decided to write the whole thing as a Windows CMD script thus everyone should can read and understand the coding: @echo off & setlocal...
  39. NullCode

    Thread [SCRIPT] [WIN-10] WSL 1/2 Utility for Windows 10 x64

    Hello People. This is basically a combination of batch scripts made by me to make WSL less daunting for people who do not want to do Powershell things and introduce MANY more people to Linux [and make existing dual boot Linux users just stick to Windows w/o the ugly GRUB]. Disclaimer: Only you...
  40. Miustone

    Thread [GUIDE][WINDOWS] Bootloader Unlock & Relock, Drivers, Magisk rooting, Firmware and GSI ROM flashing without TWRP

    INDEX: Requirements Installing Drivers Firmware Flashing / NewFlasher Bootloader Unlocking & Magisk Root GSI ROM flashing with Fastboot Bootloader Re-Locking Firmware Restoring after Re-Locking 1. Requirements: Windows 10/11 for Firmware flashing Xperia Bootloader Unlock Key (From HERE)...
  41. W

    Thread Can't connect to Windows 10 PC?

    For some reason I can't connect my Pixel 4a to my PC with a USB C - USB A cable (or USB A - USB C, not sure what the official name is) , even though it worked fine on my previous phone. Included with the phone is a USB C - USB A adapter, but I see no use for it unless you have a special USB A...
  42. T

    Thread Best security app for Note 9

    Hello I am looking for a security app, which works on windows pc, macbook, android phone/tablet and iOS phone/tablet. Can you recommend, please? While searching on google, I found about Avira. Any ideas on this? thanks
  43. T

    Thread fastboot doesn´t work on windows pc out of the blue

    What has happend with fastboot? I have a rooted phone with twrp I have used fastboot commands to flash boot.img and recovery.img for years. Suddenly out of the blue i can´t connect with the phone in fastboot mode. I have tried everything, all kind of different windows drivers, emma...
  44. Giuskiller

    Thread Which is the best Windows 10 affordable tablet out there?

    Hi everyone! I'm not new here on XDA, but i'm new into Windows 10 "mobile" handsets. I've seen a lot of review about several differen models but haven't find yet the perfect one for me. I used to do my everyday tasks with a Galaxy tab S2 (2015) then it broke in a non fixable way. I've decided to...
  45. LivinOne

    Thread Windows Subsystem for Linux (Win10) to Root / Unlock HD10 & HD8 ?

    Anyone try doing the Rooting/Unlocking of HD10 & HD8 using Windows Subsystem for Linux (on Windows 10)? I don't have any Linux systems (except my Synology NAS) - trying to avoid having to spin up another system. thx!
  46. P

    Thread Will Windows Dex mode be coming to Note 9

    I don't want to port it or anything.. i was wondering if anyone has any idea if the pc Dex mode will be updated to the Note 9 officially. How likely is this, has Samsung said anything about it.
  47. raghavsharmaxda

    Thread [Poll] Uploading tutorial for Windows 10 on UFS2.1 storage

    So I recently experimented around for work reasons and managed to install Windows 10 on my S9+ phone memory to boot from my laptop thanks to superfetch protocol by windows. I was thinking of uploading a tutorial for a safer installation if there's enough response from you guys being interested...
  48. Nevaran

    Thread Android or Windows 7/10 on an old IPad 2

    Hello, Is there any post or tutorial on installing another OS on the IPad 2? The reason being its a really old IPad and basically nothing works now on iOS 9 and I want to install a more modern OS so it can actually be usable again.
  49. L

    Thread "Your phone companion" app sync with Windows 10

    Hello all, Microsoft announced support for the OnePlus 6 in their "Your Phone" app (on PC) through the "Your Phone Companion" app (on Android). It is supposed to let us see recent pictures, notifications, send messages and remote control (somewhat)...
  50. Datastream33

    Thread [OFFICIAL][TOOL][WINDOWS] Blu Vivo 8L Debloater V1.0

    Blu Vivo 8L Debloater V1.0 Introduction: Android is known for its freedom and customization, however, companies like Blu and Amazon try their best to lock the devices down and force you to use pre-installed software or even force you to use their own custom launcher and nothing else and the...