1. Mik-el

    Thread [NEW] Unknown function in Windows Mobile

    Hello guys! I have found the way to boot Windows Mobile in "Safe Mode" like a PC ! I am kidding :) but... It would be really awesome! I found this screenshot on Internet. (*view attached*) Infos: ---The operating system is W.M. 6.0 ---The ROM is British (UK) I have the same device but I...
  2. D

    Thread [TOOL][MortScript][Beta]Convert Android SMS to WM SMS

    Please, leave feedback in this thread if it works, if it doesn't work or if you have encountered a problem somewhere! Thank you. This tool is meant to be used on a Windows PC. It's completely written in MortScript language. "Why this?", you may ask. Answer is really simple: You, at any time...
  3. Mik-el

    Thread [Q] Develop Apps for Windows Mobile

    I want to develop simple apps for Windows Mobile. I read that I can use: ---Compact Framemork. (I downloaded Sharp Develop, it is free. It also exist a program from Resco that speedup the development with C.F.) --- C or C++ or C# (I don't know if WinMo understand these...) ---Visual Basic (is...
  4. D

    Thread [BATCH]CREATEDUMP.BAT - Dumping a NK.BIN made easy

    Always frustrated to manually perform these 3 steps needed to dump a NK.BIN? You can get helped by using CREATEDUMP.BAT instead, a one-click-solution. Supposed you already have folder 'Nkbintools' at your desktop PC, you simply put CREATEDUMP.BAT in folder 'Nkbintools', also copy the NK.BIN...
  5. N

    Thread [Q] HTC HD2 Text Message Sync

    Hi, guys. I want to sync Text messages/SMS from my HTC HD2 to the computer, and then over to my HTC ONE X. Does anyone have a proper solution for this? I installed this PIM backup, but I have to fix my SD-card on my HTC HD2 before I can save the SMS to a folder on this program into the...
  6. N

    Thread Tango to support 256mb RAM. old WinMo phones get new life?

    Very few of you will know/remember who I am. Currently I have the US Verizon HTC Trophy (mwp6985) with the WP7.5 Mango update. I'm still interested in cooking but I know most the Chef community won't really work with us old school chefs especially since I'm coming to the WP7 game kind of late...
  7. N

    Thread [Q] HTC HD2, BACK TO WinMO 6.5

    Hello, guys. I want back to stock because of service reasons. I have cyanogenmod 3.7.0, android version 2.3.6 Now I downloaded the file (6.5 update) from HTC sites, and I'm curious about few things. The file contain 210 mb or so, and on my HTC I have 199 mb left on the internal memory - could...
  8. N


    Hello, guys. Well, I love android and all, but I have had problems. Overheating problems for the most part, followed by freezes. I love my HTC HD2 too much for letting the problems occure or continue experimenting, since I'm new to the flashing-scene and stuff. I'm really looking into...
  9. N


    Hello, guys. Well, I love android and all, but I have had problems. Overheating problems for the most part, followed by freezes. I love my HTC HD2 too much for letting the problems occure or continue experimenting, since I'm new to the flashing-scene and stuff. I'm really looking into...
  10. N


    Hello, guys. Well, I love android and all, but I have had problems. Overheating problems for the most part, followed by freezes. I love my HTC HD2 too much for letting the problems occure or continue experimenting, since I'm new to the flashing-scene and stuff. I'm really looking into...
  11. riverdusty

    Thread [Q] Android on QIGI SmartBook II U2000?

    Hi All I was recently given this device and I'm still exploring it. It runs windows mobile 6.5 which has its quirks... I believe this device is almost identical to the Dell Streak 5. I've read several forum posts (Because I searched) and have found nothing regarding how to get android onto...
  12. TangoChen

    Thread [APP][19 Oct,2011]Well-Note v1.1!! A WP7-Style Notebook on WinMo!![(W)VGA]

    watch the review: UzzOguQ6veE Name: Well-Note For: Windows Mobile with VGA/WVGA Resolution Require: .NET CF 3.5 v1.1 Updates: qGCGRN2y1wY Run more smooth while viewing files list of a category. After clicking to a file from What's New, clicking the [Back] icon will take you back to What's New...
  13. M

    Thread HD2 WiFi Problems

    Hello, WiFi doesn't work with my HTC HD2 under SD AmericanAndroid Version 2.3.5. It takes a long time until the wireless switcher is turned on and after a few seconds the switcher goes automatically to "off". Bluetooth works normal. In Windows Mobile there's no problem - both Bluetooth and...
  14. C

    Thread [APP] SmartEndKey - a free jewel

    Hi guys I just found and awsome app for our beloved Windows Mobile 6.5. I just installed it and I find it somewhat cool:D:D It's a taskmanager and a shortcut tool at the same time... And you can start it from your HD2's endkey (cool!!) You'll find it here...
  15. V

    Thread [Q] WinMo default SMS storage bug

    Hello, I have an LG Fathom (winmo 6.5.3) and there seems to be something wrong with my SMS, when i receive messages they are automatically saved to the sim card instead on the phone memory, when the messages reach about 30 or 40 there will be an error saying the sim memory is full, if i dont...
  16. X

    Thread [Q] About D3D and Overclock on Kaisers

    Hey ppl, I think Androids D3D and Overclock support is better than the WinMO so can it possible to port D3D and Overclock system of the Android to WinMO? Sorry about the bad english. :o
  17. Kot Vaska

    Thread [Q] What's the easiest way to migrate contacts from WinMo 6.5 apart from Google Sync

    I'm considering a switch from Topaz to Sensation. On Topaz I'm running a stock ROM of WinMo 6.5 with HTC Sense 2.5 I have ~300 contacts in my Topaz's address book and I would like to perform a painless migration to Android. There is an issue of trust with Google (and corrupted pics), so I'd...
  18. I

    Thread [Q] Risks of Putting an Android Rom on my Winmo?

    Hi! I had a few questions/concerns, whatever. I looked through, about.. 19 pages of the General Discussion of "HD2 Android Q&A and General." and I can't find a thread about the risks of loading an Android Rom, onto my windows mobile device. (Also, this is coming from a person who has no idea...
  19. J

    Thread From WinMo to Android, a few things I've noticed

    So, I'm a pretty hard-core windows guy (Always have been, always will be) and I LOVE WP7, but since the only phones I have access to are my HD2 and my wife's droid, I really haven't played too much on the WP7 dev side of things. Well, I just tested the Android waters and let me just say WOW...
  20. S

    Thread [Q] REQ: IM with big font

    Hi, due to my bad optical resources i could need an IM (instant Messanger) with a bigger font size or maybe even adjustable - i'm using the nergyrom (the last one) and it has an built in SMS client i think it the original winmo one there the font size is big enough - not in this sense client...
  21. A

    Thread Microsoft killing MyPhone!

    At WWDC keynote, world saw a giant called Apple kill the paid MobileMe and launch iCloud. Now, the MobileMe killer service , MyPhone by Microsoft is about to see its own end! Today, Microsoft announced that the service will stop syncing the content from Windows Mobile 6.x, 7th August, 2011...
  22. J

    Thread Pay for Hardware Upgrades?

    It's easily worth several hundred dollars a year to me to be able to keep my current Sprint plan instead of upgrading, and so I'm trying to find someone who does hardware upgrades (CPU, RAM) for smartphones. This could be worth a significant amount of money to a good number of users with legacy...
  23. manhab

    Thread Make your windows mobile like Windows Seven7

    i find that many have problem with changing the star menu icon they think that their mobiles crashed if they change it but me,i just respect the rules and i succeed the star icon changed! look to my phone before changing the icon...
  24. S

    Thread [Q] Possible to run WinMo and Android on same device?

    I was just wondering, if it's possible to run both WinMo and Android on the same device. I don't want to run NAND WinMo and SD Android, both of them have to be like NAND, but where I can choose which I would like to boot with :) Hope you understand :)
  25. C

    Thread [Q] USB modem/internet connect

    [Wanted - and will mostly likely get hardware:] Asus Transformer [Have - and do love:] Unlocked T-Mobile Dash 3G with [* 3VOLUTION SERIES *][WM6.5.X STD 23137][Build 3VO.3.50.122710] ROM on AT&T. Why do I keep this old phone? When all else fails, most important thing in life is cheap...
  26. lui22

    Thread Project 7 Nexus One, Double the 7rouble we have a EVOlu7ion

    Today is the new rebirth of the Nexus One. The Future is near. Windows Phone 7 for the Nexus One is up for grabs for any developer who thinks they can handle this feat. I have built a sister thread to this in the Evo 4g Development site. Further down is some information of our progress. We have...
  27. N

    Thread [Q] video calling software

    Hello, i am using a windows mobile platform on imate ultimate 9502 (6.1) all is working good but want some sort of software help that allows me to use the video calling via software that is like yahoo and skype gives on pc any help and support will be thankfull regards nikhil
  28. F

    Thread [Q] Android on NAND (i.e. replacing windows mobile)?

    There are several thread teaching replacing winmo with android eg. thread by tatnai is this workable on blackstone as well?
  29. lui22

    Thread Project 7 Evo 4G, 7he 7rouble is 7ha7 some7imes drives fail

    Opening up a Nexus One thread. wow holy revers kirfing batman they beat us to it KIRF=keeping it real fake lol <object width="640" height="390"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param...
  30. faizulrahim

    Thread Playnow for X2 doesn't work

    I've have tried the solution Another tip to make your Xperia X2 lightspeed fast and stable!! posted by lyteo. I've applied all the steps and very satisfied. However I am getting errors getting the "Playnow" to work. I've re-installed the myriad java and the playnow cab many times but kept...
  31. D

    Thread [Q] Newb when coming to android so can someone plz HELP!!!

    Basically I want to run WinMo and Android on my tmouse HD2. What I need to know is how to install the android, everything I need with installing it and what is the best/stable android for the hd2 right now. I know how to flash custom roms but I am completely new to the android thing and want to...
  32. P

    Thread [Q] Which is the best

    Heyy guys ive finally got fed up of my TG01 as it keeps bugging and crashing, i was just wondering in your lots experience which is the most stable Rom to use other than the official winmo 6.5?? Many Thanks =)
  33. Djay1809

    Thread [Q] Is It Possible

    I'm Trying to focus this thread on developing a, not sure if i should call it dual boot or emulator, but something where we could run Windows Mobile To the incredible. I dont want to get rid of android but i would love to see what wa could come up with. Im lookin into other websites now and...
  34. gazzacbr

    Thread [Q] SMS sync with Windows Mobile

    sorry guys, i am coming from kaiser forum but hoping for answer as so many here dual boot. i believe this is a common request but i have not found a good solution. i dual boot from winmo 6.5 to android and want to sync SMS between them. contacts are easy through gmail. i have seen solutions...
  35. S

    Thread How do i go back to windows mobile on my htd hd2?!

    I have looked all around this forum, google, and youtube. my phone is running on cyanogen 6.1 via nand. I would like to go back to winmo so i can send it back to t mobile because the vibration stopped working. Tutorials, DL links will help.
  36. peepsnet

    Thread [Q] HD2 NAND Questions? What is it?

    I have looked over other posts and have not found the answers I am looking for so I will ask them here! As I understand the MAGLDR 1.11 is in essence a rom loader/tool on the phone's ROM that will accept the Android NAND Roms and run them. This is essentially replacing the Stock WM Rom . Am I...
  37. S

    Thread [Q] Is ther a way to have Android in NAND and Windows 6.5 on the SD Card

    Hello every body, Nice work for the Android NAND roms. I've discovered android on HD2 with roms on SD card on this forum and it is fantastic. Now I would like to try Android on NAND, but I still need WM 6.5 for my preferred GPS apps that is only working on WinMo. Is there a way to have...
  38. N

    Thread [Q] HD2 Reboots Into Windows Mobile When Booting Android

    Every time I try to boot into Android, the HTC screen appears, then the screen goes black, and it reboots back into WinMo. This is happening for multiple builds of Android and on all three of my SD cards. Any suggestions?
  39. walalm

    Thread [Q] Android on ACER BETOUCH E101?

    Hi there, after searching and looking for this, I came to do this question. Is there some way to port my device to android??? Any idea is welcome.
  40. drupad2drupad

    Thread [UPDATED 25.12.10] WinMo: What do you do with it?

    We love our WinMo, We hate our WinMo, We like our WinMo, We tweak our WinMo.. The story goes on. But ever thought to share it with rest of the world? Here is a chance! Tell us, what do you do with YOUR WinMo? This thread will bring out some common 'cool', 'professional', 'productive' or 'fun'...
  41. TangoChen

    Thread [App][(W)VGA]MulkeyTouch - A Multi-Touch Keyboard on WinMo Resistive Screens

    It's really truly able to have a multi-touch keyboard on a resistive screen WinMo!! it may takes some time.but then how many people would still use Windows Phone classic(except HD2)?!:( MulkeyTouch = MultiTouch Key(board) for more introduces pls read the following Notice. Requirements WVGA/VGA...
  42. drupad2drupad

    Thread [Q] TG01 - what do you do with it?

    After seeing a few new threads start up recently, it was interesting to see how different users have explored the boundaries of TG01 and got the maximum out of it! I was surprised at certain things this mighty beast can do! I am opening this thread with a hope that we will get more input from...
  43. warrenis1234

    Thread [Q] touchflo style picture widget

    I would like to start off by saying that coming from winmo with the touch pro 2, i really hate how flooded the market is with crap. im so glad my disdain for apple kept me away from the iphone. with that being said, the thing I loved the most about touchflo was the picture tab. it made...
  44. M

    Thread [Q] Custom ROM Possible on Acer NEOTouch P300?

    Can I get a custom ROM/Theme that looks like the HTC HD 2 on the Acer Neotouch P300 that is using WinMo 6.5.3? PLZ Help me Kind Regards Marc Bruggeman
  45. I

    Thread [Q] [Request] Simple number application

    Hello, I'm a starting devolper, i tried to install visual studio and the sdk's ect, but im stuck in a huge reducantion hell. but that aside. I wourld realy like if someone is able to make me this application. i want a simple application with 2 number input filelds (i would prefer if you use...
  46. T

    Thread [Q] USB <-> MS ActiveSync for Android

    After searching through the web for a while, I haven't found anything that works, so I turn to the last resort; XDA-Developers Here's the story: I work in a company that works with outlook 2002 (XP), Windows XP, Exchange and needlessly high levels of security. For example; - Exchange is not...
  47. Lunie

    Thread SayaDX★Taskbar [Token Edition+] WM 6.5.x [W|VGA](10/27)

    Hello my name is Lunie, as I have mentioned in one of my threads before I like to customize the tiny things in manila, but now I have made a custom taskbar for windows mobile. This is based on iOS themes and Token theme. Some of you might like it but some of you wont. I'll have to finish it soon...
  48. drupad2drupad

    Thread [Q] stop freeze for WinMo, possible?

    Hi! I have been on this forum for sometime now and developers here have given me so many apps, tricks, twists that I am proud of my winmo. I have one annoying problem which I presume is faced by all winmo users. i.e. ppc freezing on you. all we can do is remove battery and restart. Its not at...
  49. E

    Thread How to flash back original HTC HD 2 winmo 6.5 rom

    Hi all , Pls help me , i need help urgently . I actualli wanted to install android for my hubby's new HTC HD2 but who noes ,after meddling of the phone for a whole nite , flashing roms , etc .In the end i got the energy rom , but without icons , i think no mic or speaker also , cos...
  50. J

    Thread [Q] Titanium Plugin

    Hi, I'm not sure this is the right place to post, but my question is; Is it possible to make an titanium plugin that displays the time like this? This is an image from an android device and the application is called: Tajm And will it be also available for the battery status like this? This...