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  1. momojuro

    Thread [KERNEL][07/04/2021] kintsugi reborn for Samsung Galaxy A30

    kintsugi reborn. Based on my previous project, Kintsugi, kintsugi reborn follows its predecessor's goal to give the device a good balance between performance and battery life while focusing on its stability for a daily life usage. Features and changes are carefully chosen and pulled from...
  2. momojuro

    Thread [KERNEL][09/11/2021] fsociety tribute for Google Pixel 4a [A11/A12]

    Hello, friend. Inspired by @wrongway213's original custom kernel for Pixel 4/XL, I decided to make my own project once I grab my hand on a Google device myself. The naming is a tribute to both his ideas and Mr. Robot. fsociety tribute's goal is to give the device a set of useful features while...
  3. tohtorin

    Thread [KERNEL]Handelinkernel for OnePlus 8T v2.3[OOS][11][OP8T][Wireguard]

    Introducing Handelinkernel for OnePlus 8T! My goal was to have a pretty close to stock kernel with only minor optimizations (like reduce logging) and only wireguard support. I made the kernel pretty much for myself but feel free to download it since I decided to share it with you guys. Its a...
  4. R

    Thread Beta WireGuard support: Can you get it to work?

    I've got the new beta w/WIreGuard support. Just to test it I created a simple task/profile that turn on my WireGuard tunnel when connected to Wi-Fi. The task runs when I connect to Wi-FI (profile name shows green, green arrow to task, and task notification appears in notification pull down)...
  5. TiTiB

    Thread Has Anyone Flashed A Custom Kernel?

    ...other than the one by Mentalmuso that was flashed when installing TWRP? Is it even possible to do without losing root & TWRP? I ask because I don't like the Wireguard implemented in the kernel, and prefer the userspace (regular apk install) implementation. If there is a way to...
  6. N

    Thread [EOL][ROM][SDCLANG-6][microg-ready][OMS Service Mode]NLOS-15.1 - 20190208

    NLOS is an unofficial LineageOS build with many additions. These additions started small and have grown large over the month. So, it's time to name it NLOS - which still is an UNOFFICIAL LineageOS build. Thanks to UnbracedTundra NLOS has it's own logo, bootanimation and wallpapers...
  7. G

    Thread Any Rom's and Kernel's with Wire Guard support?

    even though there is already a magisk module that embeds the wire guard compatibility to almost any rom i wanted to know if there is any rom or kernel that has this feature built-in for S7 Edge Exynos ver. Thanks.