1. ermacwins

    Thread Hidden Wireless Charger

    So I'm getting custom worktop and they have an option to partially cut under the desk for a wireless charger. Let's say it's a bit thick, will a 15w charger charger at a slower rate? Oh and are there any flat circcle Wireless higher than 15w?
  2. D

    Thread Wireless transfer files from PC/Mac to Amazfit?

    My USB cable no longer works for data transfers and Android File Transfer. How do I easily transfer files from my PC/Mac to the Amazfit watch please? I'm running an Everest ROM on my Pace. Thanks!
  3. N

    Thread Wifi issues after recent update

    Hi. I'm running Q, rooted with the method described here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/pixel-3a/how-to/root-3a-t3929053 Brief background is that the phone had been running fine for months, no wifi issues at all, both 2.4 and 5 GHz antennas working, but I stopped getting security updates...
  4. blazzer12

    Thread What are some low latency wireless earphones for mobile gaming?

    You know how phones don't come with headphone jacks these days and USB-C earphones are scarce. I know one can just just a USB-C to stereo adapter but I want to know are there any wireless options. So are there are cheap low latency wireless earphones for mobile gaming? How to detect the latency...
  5. O

    Thread Qi/wireless charge connects on/off randomly

    Hi there, Recently mi phone has gone nuts when I try to charge wirelessly. It keeps going on and of and doesn't charge. Anyone has gone trought this problem. PS.- I have tried 2 diferent chargers and with/without adapter. Thanks!!!
  6. androidjes

    Thread Does a Note 9 ring case that supports Wireless charging and magnetic mount exist?

    I've seen in rare instances cases that have a ring and support wireless charging (spigen apparently) but are there any that also allow for magnetic car mount? Is this even possible? I dont care if the ring is metal or plastic or whatever material.
  7. A

    Thread Constant wireless headphones battery status popup

    Noticed something puzzling that started occurring out of nowhere yesterday. I'm constantly getting a pop up at the bottom of my screen reporting the current battery level of my wireless headphones (Sony WH-1000X M3) every few seconds and can't seem to get it to stop. I've owned the headphones...
  8. P

    Thread Difference between Wireless charger Duo?

    When I got my S10+ I bought the Duo charger to go with it, it seems like my local store has actually sold me the Samsung Fast Wireless Duo Charger Black EP-N6100TBEG instead of Samsung Ultra Fast Duo Wireless Charging Pad EP-P5200TBEG that was advertised along with the S10. My question is, is...
  9. J

    Thread Bounty Thread for Wireless or No Connection Dex

    I've searched and cannot find anything so I am coming to the experts. I will pay $50 USD minimum towards a bounty for an app, custom kernel, custom ROM, or other viable solution that will allow me to activate Dex on my 960F in a similar fashion to the Tab S4 with the ultimate goal of being able...
  10. D

    Thread True 15w wireless charging

    Hoping to get my Mate 20 Pro on Friday. Looking for suggestions on any wireless charging pads / stands that are able to fully utilise the Mate 20 Pro's 15w wireless charging ability. Any ideas?
  11. alxrock

    Thread Wireless Charger

    Just wondering what wireless chargers everyone is using. Seeing that the Pixel Stand is so expensive. I've opted to use my Samsung Fast Wireless charging stand as my main charger, but noticed that my old Nokia DT-900 charger (back from my Nexus 5) still manages to show "charging rapidly" on my...
  12. Philip

    Thread Does the Samsung wireless car charger work with the Note 8?

    Having tried various wireless chargers in my 3 cars, I have ended up with Samsung's own offering. Although not the cheapest, it provides more reliable charging and - most importantly for me - I don't get any interference on FM radio, which has been a problem with most of the others that I have...
  13. P

    Thread best wireless charger for Exynos Galaxy Note 8 for US shopper

    What's the best wireless charger (also, if possible, one cheaper than Samsung's) for the Galaxy Note 8 Exynos variant? I'm shopping for accessories for it in the US, and am not sure about if ones meant for the Qualcomm version are compatible or the best at charging it.
  14. L

    Thread [Guide] Wireless file transfer Pace/Stratos (workaround for no USB connection)

    This works with both phone and computer, you don't need USB cable and it works both ways: you can send files to watch and retrieve files too. Don't forget to disable WiFi on watch after you are done to prevent extreme battery drain if it remains on! ----- Procedure 1. Install PaceOn and...
  15. jorisvdende

    Thread Headphones for my U12+

    Hello U12+ users! Since the standard in-ear headphones that came with my U12+ have quite a short cord that prove to be unusable for me, I'm looking for good over-ear headphones, preferably bluetooth, for my U12+. I can't figure out which ones would be usable, since there seem to be 'Android...
  16. SirDigitalKnight

    Thread Anyone working on a wireless charging case yet?

    I want to buy a protective case but I would much rather buy a protective case that also has wireless charging built in that utilizes the 2x accessory power pins. Anyone working on building such a case for PH-1?
  17. B

    Thread Wireless Display - Cast turns off automatically

    Using wireless cast on a Samsung Smart TV. Have used cast with devices like OnePlus One, Mi Max, Redmi Note 5 Pro, OnePlus 3T without any issues. I have no issues connecting my M1 pro to TV, but it turns off automatically after 5-8 minutes. I noticed that it stayed on for few more minutes if I...
  18. M

    Thread Android P Beta DP 4: Bluetooth Latency

    Has anyone noticed any latency with Bluetooth headphones on DP4? I was on Oreo and previous DP3 and had no issues with my truly wireless headphones. Using Sol Republic Amps Air and Samsung IconX 2018 and they both now have Bluetooth latency with video, was not like that before. I tried changing...
  19. 2x4

    Thread [review] Anker Soundcore Flare

    Anker is well known for their small electronics, but their audio products such as this one deserve serious praise as well, since they combine good sound quality, aesthetics, battery life, and portability for a reasonable price. OMNIDIRECTIONAL // different frequencies are the same from all...
  20. charlieb620

    Thread What's Your Take On The Headphones? (Bullets Wireless)

    I just got my pair today. Paired them up. Came fully charged. When I put any kind of song on with bass it distorts the music and it sounds like crap. I tried Poweramp and PlayerPro. Google Play Music sounds fine but it is very poor due to no custom presets. Going to play around with some...
  21. vido.ardes

    Thread Google Pixel Buds Alternative - MJYUN Wireless Earbuds

    I recently took a punt at the MJYUN Wireless earbuds from Amazon due to the fact that they are only £39.99, and was pleasantly surprised at the quality for the money. Would certainly recommend them over the more expensive competition, the battery life is really good (2.5 hrs +) and comes with a...
  22. fashion_m

    Thread LG Zero H650E Wi-Fi hotspot randomly stops

    Hi, I have LG Zero H650E. The wireless hotspot randomly stops and this is very annoying. This happens since I bought the phone. I contacted the LG Europe and they told me the usual bullshit like send the phone to service but you will lose all data. I don't want to send the phone to service...
  23. F

    Thread Standalone wireless screen for QR code

    Hi guys, I am looking for a little external monitor to display QR codes to customers. So frame rate, lag, color or picture quality are non priorities. It could work like on a smart TV, by projecting the whole screen, or we could also write custom software to make it work. It can also be cable...
  24. doriandiaconu

    Thread Any Wireless Charging Amateurs? Need Your Feedback!

    Can someone give me some feedback related to BATTERY LIFE in terms of wired vs wireless charging (fast charging disabled)? I already know that fast charging CAN reduce battery life. Do we have any info on wireless charging? Since it's an inductive charging, some part of it's energy it's...
  25. Koostis

    Thread A fake wireless charger

    Hey guys, So I got this Samsung wireless charger that is supposedly 'original' from Aliexpress. There's actually a fan inside and it does say that it's fast wirelessly charging on the phone. However it is not that fast - 15% in 40 minutes. What speeds do you get with your wireless chargers? I'm...
  26. A

    Thread Wireless charging speed

    Could anyone tell me if I'm charging wirelessly at 5W or 15W? On one hand the notification says 'Fast wireless charging' which I've read generally means 15W. On the other, my charger, despite being marketed as having fast wireless charging, is only certified for 'Basic Power Profile (5 Watt)'...
  27. Gubro

    Thread Nillkin Magic Disk 4 Wireless Charger

    Hello, I just bought the above charger yesterday and made a little unboxing video. The charger is very stylish and can fast charge the phone but only using the charging brick that came with the phone. It can be used as a nice night light as well. I paid £21.99 for it. Let me know if you have...
  28. hinnn

    Thread Don't buy the fast wireless charger with S/N RF7J30ZK36BCIS

    It's working and it has built fan, but it's fake, not original not genuine! I have bought one from Gumtree because I assumed it's used one, and never check until today, I bought another one today, it's free from samsung pre-order. Totally different, bad quality, the fake one looks like very...
  29. E

    Thread Wireless Charging Stopped Working

    Wireless charging on my bundled Wireless Charging Convertible pad stopped working yesterday and I haven't been able to get it to function again. Starting yesterday morning, the charger pad wouldn't recognize the phone at all, case off. After playing around for a while, including clearing the...
  30. Alberto96

    Thread TaoTronics TT-SK15 Sound Bar Wired and Wireless - Unboxing & Review

    This is the TaoTronics Sound Bar Wired and Wireless Unboxing NOTE: I'm really sorry for the bad quality about some photos, but this product is soo huge that i wasn't able to obtain decent shots almost 99% of the time. This is the first time ever i was not able to take pictures of...
  31. B

    Thread wireless charging stopped working after i flashed PHN Netherlands rom with odin...

    i put my s8 on the samsung fast wireless charger and it connects for a sec and then just disconnet and it keep doing so as long as the phone on the charger but it wont charge i tried flashing my original ILO ROM back but it didnt fix the problem before i flashed the Netherlands rom i had...
  32. nelars

    Thread WIFI not connecting to 5 Ghz band if router is set to a high control channel

    I am experiencing the following on a OP A3000: OP3T detects and connects to a 5 gHz band wifi as long as the control channel is set between 36 and 48 in the router. OP3T will not detect (nor connect) to a 5 gHz band SSID if the control channel is equal or higher than 149 in the router. I...
  33. E

    Thread Problem with WIFI, i can not connect and authentication in wireless networks

    Hi! I need your help. I can not access any wifi network. I can view all the WiFi networks that are around me, but when I am trying to connect to them, it gives me an authentication error. The WiFi symbol in the upper right corner of the Tablet never pops up. I've forgotten all the networks and...
  34. C

    Thread Best Wireless Car Charger

    What I want: + Wireless / inductive load + Amper charging (the more, the better) + Do not block the function of NFC + Do not vent mount + Quick mounting smartphone (as in this movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1pS9Wi7gV0) What can you recommend?
  35. arvo.bowen

    Thread Qi charging combo for my Google Pixel XL? (Wireless charging)

    I have been trying to get wireless charging working on my new Google Pixel. It seems the following combo is a bust... Fone Salesman UniQi (receiver) - Thin Qi Wireless Charging Receiver for USB Type C phones such as Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 6P, 5X, HTC 10, LG G5, G5 SE, OnePlus 2, 3...
  36. TRRusty

    Thread Wireless Charging

    I have Samsung's US version wireless charger whilst my phone model is the global version S7. Should I worry about battery lifespan on my S7 ? Thanks in advance :) :)
  37. A

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Boost your phone wifi to high power with wifi booster

    delete the post pls
  38. C

    Thread Using phone cam on pc Without internet?

    Hello, i have an interesting problem. I want to show our camera on pc screen (recording is optional) but i Use this on Outdoor so connection must be on Wifi and i dont have internet on Outdoor. Connecting using Mobile will be expensive because of video stream. I made some Research but didnt...
  39. C

    Thread Wireless Portable Media Hubs with 5GHz support

    Best article I can find: http://www.colourmylearning.com/2013/12/wireless-portable-media-hubs/ Niche and I love it! Except once again, where is the 5GHz option?
  40. G

    Thread Kanoa Actually Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

    So I honestly cant speak for how well they work yet because mine are on preorder but they will be shipping soon so i will update this post with findings. They seem super legit and if anyone wants to check them out heres a link. http://www.getkanoa.com/?referrer=pWFJ0XpouAO3Ap Theyre water...
  41. W

    Thread Galaxy S7 modern charging mat, will it work on a Note 2 (Note II) ??

    Does anyone know? I have a Note II, I intend to buy a Note 6. I am going to assume (fingers crossed) the Galaxy Note 6 will use the same wireless tech as the Galaxy S7 In the meantime, can I add wireless charging to my house now, by purchasing the right mat? (Yes, I know I need the induction...
  42. F

    Thread Samsung Wireless Vehicle dock ball size

    I plan to buy a Samsung wireless car dock. I want to mount it on my existing Proclip plate with something like this: . Does anybody know if this 17 mm ball will fit the Samsung dock? Or do I need another ball size (like RAM)? Update: yes it will work with a 17 mm ball joint. I found this...
  43. gohan040

    Thread Use Inductive charging Pixel C

    Hi everybody , What do u guys think... Would it be possible to use the inductive charging of the pixel c to charge your phone? The keyboard uses it after all so why can't it be used on a phone i would say...... I don't own a keyboard myself so i can't really test. Some questions i have are...
  44. T

    Thread [Q] question re quick charge and usb connections

    if i have my edge recharging on a wireless charger (connected with samsungs own power supply and usb cable) then i'm guessing it's not a good idea to also plug the phone into the PC so i can copy some stuff on there?
  45. andywright1982

    Thread Product Review - Choetech Fast Charge

    I've had my s6 edge+ for around 5 months now and always fancied trying out a wireless charger for convenience and to try and save my USB port from accidental damage and every day wear and tear. I've been using the newest Choetech fast wireless charging pad during the past week and have been...
  46. T

    Thread WiFi lag / freeze with Spotify whatever rom I flash.

    Hello. I have this i9000 that freezes for a minute everytime I try so use spotify. This happens with every android version, rom or kernel I put into. Also, with every spotify version that matches the android version running on the phone. Also freezes no matter if an external sdcard inserted...
  47. affiatic

    Thread Good qi charging receiver

    I am looking for a qi wireless charging receiver that will plug into micro USB port. I have found a few for sale but would like comments on if they are any good. I am also hoping to find one that fits under my tpu case/cover and does not go up the back of the phone so far it covers the M. For...
  48. E

    Thread PMA Wireless Charging ROMs

    Does anyone know any other ROMS aside from stock that supports our sh*tty PMA Wireless Charging? It initially worked on CM12.1 when I switched from stock, but after an update it stopped working... Any insight?
  49. T

    Thread Wireless, 4g, etc

    Anyone elses wireless keep dropping as soon as you try to connect to something? I've factory reset 3 times now to try and see if it fixes it -no go. As soon as I try and download/run a speed test it disconnects. g3/g4/note 5/ipad all connect fine with no issue, as well as 4 chromecasts. On the...
  50. gumbyx84

    Thread Does Zenwatch 2 work with 5 Ghz band wifi?

    I'm running into an issue with my watch receiving notifications over wifi at my workplace. We have two wireless networks: one 2.4 Ghz and the other 5 Ghz. I have my phone currently on the 5 Ghz network with my watch set to Automatic. I have noticed that whenever I'm out of bluetooth range, my...