1. R

    Thread [Q] HD2 Memory Confusion

    Hi, I have two HD2s (European) Both are running CE OS 5.2.21913 ( build .5.0.94 One is permanently short of memory. When I look, system information has two completely different sets of numbers A Prog Memory 336.8, used 163.1 Storage mem 196.0 used 175.1 Total mem...
  2. R

    Thread [Q] How to I get Remote Desktop to fit HD2 screen (WM6.5)

    Hi, Quite surprisingly I have had no trouble at all in getting mobile remote desktop on my HTC HD2 connected to my PC (Win 7). All was working fine until I tried one app whose main window on the PC cannot be resized. The main window does not fit on the mobile desktop despite having "fit...
  3. S

    Thread WM6.5 possible to run on WP8

    can we run WM6.5 on WP8 ? how ?
  4. S

    Thread WM6.5 on Lumia 820

    Has anyone succeded in running WM6.5 on Windows 8 Phones ? (emulator, direct boot) Lumia 820 looks quite good as has SD card and maybe can manage to boot from there ? (like on old phones) Please let me know I'm very interested. thank you ;)
  5. B

    Thread [Q] Is there a WM6.5 custom ROM compatible magldr ?

    Hi I am looking for a WM6.5 custom ROM compatible magldr ? I want to have WM6.5 in NAND and keep booting direcly and fast using magldr to my Android ROM from NativeSD (NexusHD2-JellyBean-CM10.1_V2.1) Thanks
  6. Learning Never Ends team

    Thread [GUIDE] NativeSD for Windows Mobile (WM6.5) New Users

    NativeSD WM #1 Introduction Posts: #1 Introduction #2 Setup Partition #3 Install Recovery #4 Install Native SD #5 Applications (Run Backup Restore Delete) #6 Updating #7 FAQ #8 Links to Other OS #9 Reserved for Learning Never Ends teams The HTC HD2 was a Windows Mobile Phone. However...
  7. Boags

    Thread [Q] Should I switch from WM6.5 to Android ?

    Hi all, I have a HTC HD2 which is running fine, but looking at Android, I reckon my phone could be even better. Why do I use Windows Mobile ? Simple, I'm dependent on Outlook on my laptop. This is my work tool, and I cannot go without my email, tasks, calendar and contacts. No compromise...
  8. C

    Thread Metro Style for WM6.5 QVGA

    Hi..., I just joined several apps and make in one cab for approaching the real WM7 UI even it's not quite close enough.. :o Here the Screen shoot I have tested on WM6.5 emulator and on my device HTC Trinity.... It's combining : 1. ashiqiqbal - Host 1.5 2. livven - WP7 Metro Dialer (QVGA) 2...
  9. B

    Thread [Q] TMobile HD2 programmed obsolescence?

    Guys, you may think I'm crazy or paranoic but this is my question: Is there programmed obsolescence for TMobile HD2 with WM 6.5 cell phones? I can explain. I have one TMobile HD2, my wife has another and my brother too. All phones were bought in different ocasions and different places. About...
  10. CrashMurdock

    Thread HELP!!! Device.exe runs full speed, consuming 95%-100% CPU cycles!!!!!!

    Moderator - Please delete this thread. The device.exe problem is related to my previous HELP!!! TG01 goes into super S-L-O-W mode thread which was old and not getting any responses so I posted this new thread specifically to address the device.exe problem hoping members would respond. Instead...
  11. 9

    Thread [Q] Chinese T5353 Clone with standard wm6.1 keyboard... Ineed a BIGGERone

    Hello I am not sure if this is the right thead since my phone is a chinese cloned one... but I hope you guys can help me out. I know there are some T5353 with a (+) or (-) sign at the end. Mine just has T5353 written down on the back without any sign. It has wm6.1 installed and the keypad is...
  12. CrashMurdock

    Thread HELP!!! TG01 goes into super S-L-O-W mode

    Recently my phone started occasionally going into a slow-as-molasses mode where even the simplest task takes 20-30 secs to complete. Of course this makes the phone completely unusable. If I'm on a call and it happens it just turns itself off mid-call or sometimes automatically reboots but the...
  13. C

    Thread [Q] Is there anyway to put android os on verizon's samsung omnia 2 (sch-i920)

    is there any way possible to run android os on samsung omnia 2 (sch i920). is there anyone who can cook this up for me. The answer to some is to just get a droid phone and i will most likey end up doing so im just not in a big hurry. To tell the truth i like windows mobile alot. I just feel...
  14. U

    Thread [Q] Transfer Stuff from WM 6.5 to WP7

    Hello, before i will flash the WP7 image (many thanks to Nokser!) to my TG01 i want to be certain, that all my contacts and messages can be transferred to the new OS. Is there a method/program like "pimbackup" to do this without an windows live id? I don`t want to upload all my contacts to the...
  15. A

    Thread [Q] How many mimic WP 7 today themes

    I hope install a WP7 like theme in my windows mobile 6.5. How many good mimic themes availiable?
  16. N

    Thread [Q] Backup entire phone as ROM

    Hi I would like to upgrade my moms HD2 with WP7. But before I do that, I would like to backup the hole phone i case se doesn't like it or for other reason I would like to revert back. Is it then posible to backup the hole phone, so I can restore it to the same state as it is now? - I'm...
  17. Z

    Thread [Q] Change version screen in WM 6.5

    How can I change About screen info in Windows Mobile? I want to change for example string with CE OS 5.2.2307 (...) and also if possible license in other tab.Any hints where I can look for that/What tool are best for editing it? I have full kitchen extracted and I found that is in MUI language...
  18. B

    Thread [Q] New kid with very basic competence. Wm6.5 - W7 o2

    Hi Guys My phone is the HTC HD2 o2 UK with WM6.5 Professional, CE OS 5.2.21869 Processor QSD8250B-1GHz, Mem 336.96mb Manila 2.5.20121429.0 ROM ROM date 04/15/10 Radio Protocol SD Card mem 16gb I would very much like a simple process to go from my...
  19. W

    Thread [Q] Multiboot WM6.5, WM7 and Android?

    I'm a newbie at flashing HD2. I'd like to use both Android and WM7 before maybe choosing one of both. But I have several apps like a gps tool that work only on WM6.5. Therefore i'd like to keep WM6.5 also. Is there a way to multiboot these phone OSes? I have seen another one posting this...
  20. manhab

    Thread how to update from WM6 to WM6.5 like this phone do>

    hello am i want to update from WM6 to WM6.5 my phone is LG KS20 and here some one do it before>>> f7GcvnOAu5g and these TWqBE6jJsmY also these LTIV0tNOZqs zPc1hEureNM j-hHqoCU7B4 please help or givee me a link
  21. G

    Thread [Q] Youtube video on TILT2 WM6 OperaMini5.1

    Has YouTube changed something recently (June 2011)? Using Opera Mini 5.1 (last Windows Mobile version released) I have been able to view most YouTube videos through the HTC streaming app. That is up until the last week or two. Now when I visit youtube and select a video there is no longer any...
  22. L

    Thread [Q] Processes use 90%+ of CPU

    Hello all! I looked through the first 20 pages of threads, but no luck on finding my particular issue in any of them. I also attempted to use the search feature, but I keep getting a message stating that the service is unavailable. :/ My HD2 began acting up this past week with over heating/...
  23. tatperson

    Thread [Q] HTC Sense Style Lockscreen For Mega?

    Is it possible to port over the HTC Sense lockscreen from HTC HD Mini or Wildfire etc.? The stock lockscreen is getting very boring and i would want to try out something different. HTC Sense's lockscreen do look very interesting. Can it be ported? Or can someone create a lockscreen application...
  24. idasfa38

    Thread [Q] Should i use Window Mobile 6.5 or Windows Phone 7

    Hey everyone Im just bought a used hd2 and just doing some investigating on xda on what you can do on it. And i must say, you can do A LOT on it. I was thinking of using a sd android rom as it is the easiest way. But now it leaves me with a decision with what OS to boot on NAND. Windows Mobile...
  25. H

    Thread [Q] Can I install WM6.5 on HTC Gene P3400?

    If yes, how? If has 201MHz processor and 64 MB RAM, 128 MB ROM. If I got it running even by mistake, would it work quite smoothly? Everything should be working from A-Z. Can anyone help? I know I'm a total noob?
  26. T

    Thread [Q] Create Shortcut using built in Shell32.exe

    Before anyone jumps on my back about this, I have searched everywhere for the answer but without any success. I have a HD2 with SPB Mobile Shell running the WP7 theme. (THIS IS NOT A SPB MOBILE SHELL QUESTION) I want to create a shortcut to the Games folder ......... but without using any 3rd...
  27. DemonLoader

    Thread Migrating pim data from WM6.5 to WP7?

    I ask, mostly because of texts. I am one who never deletes my old texts, so I have quite a many thousands that I want to migrate from WM6.5 to WP7. Please don't flame me. I know MS hasn't released the API stuff and Mango, but I have to ask here just in case someone has figured out a way? I...
  28. firecacao

    Thread [Q] Another question to my Huashan...

    Because I could not post reply, so I make a new thread to ask for help. And... My English isn't very good, so please give me a hand. I found this --->http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=974481 and I think I can use this to hack my Huashan... But I don't know how to use... And...
  29. I

    Thread [Q] Difficulty stopping alarm

    When a daily alarm sounds, a notification appears onscreen only briefly, and the backlight doesn't turn on. If you press the ON button the notification vanishes, leaving you with no way to cancel the alarm. A few minutes later the alarm rings again, same scenario, can't shut it off. Didn't...
  30. J

    Thread [Q] Encryption on multiple Devs/OS?

    Hi Folks, I'm looking for a free (donate/shareware?) solution to: encrypt .txt files on WM6.5 and Android phones as well as being usable on WinPC and preferably Linux too. Mac OSX would be a bonus. I found SugarSync to sync accross WinPC/WinMob and Android but no client device encyption and...
  31. N

    Thread [Q] Dual boot of WM6.5 and Android with MGRLDR?

    Just like Dual boot for WP7 and Android on HD2 with MGRLDR, is it possible to create a WM6.5 build which is compatible with MGRLDR? Really tired of booting Android after the WM is up:(. I didn't raise this question in Android forum because I think it should be WM related.
  32. N

    Thread [Q] Best SIMPLE & FREE time-based profile changer?

    Hi there, I'm looking for a SIMPLE tool for WM6.5 (HTC TD2) for automatic changes of profile based on time (say, Silent from 11 PM to 6 AM, otherwise Normal). I'd prefer the application to be as simple as possible to ensure its memory and battery footprints are as small as possible. Also, I'd...
  33. DillonDarko

    Thread [ROM|WWE][WM6.5|21916] DarkManROM v1.10 [08.05.2011]

    DarkManROM v1.10 Xperia X1 Welcome to the first release of the DarkManROM. It has been designed for speed, stability and usability. Features Windows Mobile 6.5 Build 21916 Some nice X2 stuff (Panel manager, communication manager, themes) SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 panel No slow HTC stuff Opera...
  34. J

    Thread [HowTo][JMLToday] How to create a skin for JMLToday v6.00

    <<< How to create your own Skin for JMLToday v6.00 >>> !!! UNDER CONSTRUCTION !!! Intro: Hello World - You like the funktions of JMLToday, but you would like to chance its appearance? Then you are at the right Thread! Here you can learn how to change Icons, their function, add some new...
  35. S

    Thread [Q] My Pictures screensaver not working?

    hi hope this is the right place for this - apologies if not and just ignore me... I have an HTC HD mini - love it mostly.... I like to use the My Pictures screensaver option - and have had it working on this phone at times ("Play as screen saver when connected to a computer for 2 mins")...
  36. P

    Thread [Q] Problems syncing wm6.5 with windows 7 64 Bit

    I have had a look at other posts that relate to my problem but I couldnt find a fix that worked. Im running a cooked ROM of 6.5 on my HTC Hermes and I cant seem to get it to sync with my windows 7 desktop. I realy want to just beable to sync my calender so I can work with my appointments on the...
  37. R

    Thread [Q] Can't get 3G woking on htc toutch pro wm6.5

    Hi there, I got my htc touch pro you upgrade to WM6.5 everything works pretty well. The problem is when I go on the Internet using GPRS but he remains as HSDPA has always worked. I have re-entered the settings but nothing works. Note. I use T-Mobile, living in the Netherlands and have used...
  38. L

    Thread [Q] OS Question

    Greetings All, I am a newbie to any sort of forum and I wish to express my thanks in advance for your help. I have been a WM (HTC Tilt WM 6.1) user for 4 years. Just recently I have been having issues with my phone and I need to purchase a new phone, but I totally confused on what to...
  39. K

    Thread [Q] How to change/add language for keyboard auto-complete in WM6.5.x on HD2

    Hi all, I've been looking around and searching these forums for a way to change or add a language to the (xt9) auto-complete on the default windows/sense keyboard on my HD2. i'm currently using an English ROM but want to have my keyboard language in Dutch (without flashing a Dutch ROM) Can...
  40. D

    Thread [Q] SD android on official WM6.5 Rom???

    Hello all, i dont post often but i have a question... I have the HTC Leo HD2 512MB Flash Version. It has a genuine Official WM6.5 Version / Build Installed... Can i use any of the SD android versions with it? It is running with radio How would i get a SD version of android...
  41. I

    Thread [Q] VPN Client for wm6.5 ???

    Is there any VPN client for windows mobile6.5? I cannot use openvpn on my phone,cuz I only have ca.crt, username and password. I want to view twitter,but the Chinese government forbid it. So,I wish a VPN client for wm6.5 and just like on android,type in username,password and the server. Any...
  42. M

    Thread [REF] All Native Kernels for older devices

    Hello everyone! I was searching for a HTC Polaris Native Kernel, but I couldn't find it. And that's why I thought that it can be usefull to start a thread where we "collect" all Native Kernels out there for the older devices that come with a 6.1 kernel by default. Kernel list: - HTC Touch...
  43. Wajk

    Thread [WVGA]Android 2.3 & 3.0 Lockscreens for WM6.5/WM6.5.x

    Hi everybody! it's my new projects base on the Android lockscreens. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- GingerLock 2.3 - status: released... based on Gingerbread SDk and dima_sk8er's lockscreen Download...
  44. T

    Thread [Q] WM contacts to Android

    Hi guys, I've been looking at this problem for more then a day now and I still haven't found a solution. My HD2 had WM6.5 on it, and it synced very often with my Windows 7 laptop. Now the problem is that I converted my HD2 to Android, doing so I did **** up a little and ended up with WM6.1 on...
  45. M

    Thread [Q] Wallpaper issue on Tilt2

    Hello all! I'm currently running the stock WM6.5 rom w/ TouchFlo3d and Manilla Today Page v0.3.7.0 running IphoneToday v1.5.4. The problem I'm experiencing is that I can no longer change the wallpaper for my main screen by going to start>settings>today>and checking off 'use this picture as the...
  46. B

    Thread [Q] WM 6.5 instead of WM 7?

    Hi, Is it possible to install WM6.5 onto the Tropy instead of the present version 7? My company does not support its email exchange software for WM7 and I do not want to get the "outdated" HTC HD2. (Android or Symbian are also not supported :( ) Do you think it is possible to install WM6.5...
  47. S

    Thread HTC HD2 Bootloader without volume down key

    I have a HTC HD2 running Desire Froyo 2.2. My volume down key is not working. I need to flash the Original WM 6.5 rom for warranty purpose. However to do this, i have to enter bootloader using volume down and power key. Now i am in a bind, I cant get the volume down key repaired until i...
  48. xpresotw

    Thread Anyone Please HELP

    :confused::confused::confused: help me, I had a problem on my O2 XDA Atom Pure the problem is: after I did the boot from the miniSD card, then my cell phone had died completely. so how can I turn it back to normal? :confused::confused::confused:
  49. K

    Thread [Q] SMS Time Stamp Incorrect WM6.5

    Hey Guys, I'm a Canadian Rogers phone user, and I've just flashed my phone's rom out for a new one, and now, whenever I receive an sms, it's about 5 hours behind. Through my snooping around, I've found that this is a common problem with Rogers and unofficial roms. I found a couple solutions...
  50. J

    Thread [WM6.X] [Programs] JMLMenuSense - Sense UI Look 'n Feel XML-Menu v1.65 (20-Mar-2011)

    New JMLMenu program : Create your own Sense UI Look 'n Feel menu via an XML file. Used in JMLPanex v3.00 and JMLToday v6.00 Based on the excellent -> [win32] SDK - New Sense interface Look 'n Feel <- from @petititi Version 1.65 [fix] minor bug with JMLToday [mod] convert '<<' '>>'...