1. ShoaibAhmed

    Thread [ROM][4.1.2][Stock A.1.100] Wolf ROMV2 [07/11][Dev Stopped]

    Hi Guys I m Going To present you , Wolf ROM 2nd SIGN by sgmini If you like this ROM , paste this code in your signature and delete space between img and ]...
  2. championswimmer

    Thread [MOD|ADDON]{beta3}WolfXperia v7b6 ModChamp Black Edition (26DEC)

    THIS IS ABOUT BETA 3 For beta 2 (old OP) see post #72 I HAVE CREATED THIS TO WORK ON WOLFXPERIA V7B6 ULBLDOOM I HAVE NOT TESTED THIS ON ANY OTHER VERSION OF WOLF'S ROM. I CANNOT GUARANTEE IF IT WILL WORK ON OTHER ROMS. (if anyone risks trying this on any other stock based rom, pls give...
  3. Inquesta

    Thread [Q] Revert/Downgrade from WB5 w/ Doomkernel to 2.1

    I've searched around and can't seem to find the solution. I'm on WB5 w/ Doomkernel and I want to go back to 2.1, and try a fresh reinstall of everything, including unlocking my bootloader (which I also don't know how to do, since I'm using doomkernel for locked bootloaders and there's one for...
  4. S

    Thread [Q] MMS doesnt work on Wolfs Gingerbread

    Hi, I am currently on wolfs gingerbread rom v4.0.4 and i can't get mms messages to send. I am on rogers in Canada and i have tried all the fixes i could possibly find and none of them worked. So if anyone knows how i could possibly fix this please help. Thanks
  5. L

    Thread [Q] On/Off Data Widget for Wolf's Rom

    Hi! Im using Wolf's rom, 3.9 stable, and I love to have the On/Off Data widget. The rom has only the widget for Wi-fi, Roming Data, Light, Bluetooth and GPS. Can anyone upload the apk/zip for me?? thx
  6. L

    Thread [Q] Instaling addons - Wolf Experia TW

    Please, I need help. I'm using the Wolf Rom, and everything is going fine, but I want to install the Wallpapers and the keyboard files, I can install the widget file in exrec. but the other two dont work. Please, how can I install these two files...
  7. M

    Thread Baseband .71 instead of .65 ?

    Hello, i have an xperia x10 bought thru Atnt. At the time , it had the following specs- firmware 2.1-update1 base 2.165 kernel 2.6.29 built 2.1.a.0.492 I rooted it, and installed Wolfs GW. After installing, i flashed the given kernel+baseband file - 2.3.3 kernel and baseband .71 Now the...
  8. Wolfbreak

    Thread [ROM] Wolfs TW Gingerbread | Feel the difference | V7b6 [stable] | 03/12/2011

    Wolf TW | Gingerbread 2.3.3 | Theme, Tweaks & Extra's | How to install my ROM Video | Demonstration Video of my ROM Requirements Any working ROM with xRecovery Flashtool FTF bundle posted below Wolf_Xperia_6.0.0.zip posted below Features Stock Sony Ericsson 2.3.3 ROM Pre-rooted...
  9. TigoX

    Thread [Q] CM 6.1.3 v054 Wolfbreak - HELP

    Hi all, first of all im new here and wanted help on that ROM, i tried a few already and that one is a great one, first i wanna congratulate Wolf by his job, is for sure a hard one but... After reading tons of solutions in Wolfs thread, and even in other threads, tried other tweaks and...