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wp 7.8

  1. poloche

    Thread [OM7] mi7Rom WP7.8 Edition Nokia Mod v2 [Update : 20/10/2012]

    No bug, but initially the rom is BETA !!! ... i have just cooked mi7Rom with SYS WP7.8 ! It's a custom rom mixed by WP7.5/WP7.8 because languages packs except en-US are in OS WP7.5 lol :) I'm waiting for the new languages pack in 8835 for all others lang and i'll cook new rom entirely WP7.8 ...
  2. Dinchy87

    Thread [ROM] HTC 7 PRO 7.8 working unlocked 7.10.8835

    After few days of testing this custom ROM, which made Pdaimatejam and dinchy87 it is time to present it to you! It is a working 7.8 ROM build 7.10.8835.35. This ROM is no SCAM! it is Build of an Stock HTC 7 PRO ROM with working features. This ROM is TESTED on six HTC 7 PRO Europe version, and...