1. A

    Thread Oukitel WP7 sensors and IR leds suddenly stopped working

    Hi all, I bought this smartphone less than an year ago (January 2021) and, few days ago some sensors (barometer, compass, light sensor and proximity sensor) and the IR light suddenly stopped working. I still haven't opened it and got just some water in the bathroom sink... someone else had this...
  2. DoggyStar

    Thread Oukitel firmware update?

    I wanna know do they release any update their Phone? I buy Oukitel wp7 and i really like it. They site shows stock firmware they phones but many is more than year old. Thanks,
  3. F

    Thread Help rooting my WP7 please

    Hello friends, I am following this guide here to try to root my WP7: http://androidbiits.com/root-oukitel-wp1-wp2-wp7-easily/ Everything works fine, except for the very last step, when I am supposed to flash the patched .img. I issue the command fastboot flash boot magisk_patched.img and...
  4. T

    Thread (Q) Dualbooting Help

    Hi, I am quite new to the HD2, so I have a question that might sound dumb to the more experienced people reading this. Is it possible to Dualboot WP7 and Android ? But it is not that simple, I want my phone to boot into android unless I choose WP7 instead, I currently have Android ICS on my nand...
  5. KShion619

    Thread A 64GB+ MicroSD Card for Dual Booting WP7.8 and Android

    Picking up my HD2 again for a motherboard swap and was wondering what MicroSD Cards you're using on it, i picked up a 32GB card a while back and wanted to expand its memory a bit Links would be awesome or a model number that i can use to look up Thanks in Advance!
  6. jh20001

    Thread [Wallpapers] Wallpaper Collection for WP8+

    I cooked up some wallpapers for WP8+ lock screen and wanted to share them. Wallpapers: http://www.animevortex.net/blog/thesaint/windows-phone-7-wallpaper-gallery Instructions: Simply save them to your phone by viewing the page from your phone or from your PC using connected USB, as you would...
  7. vedesh45

    Thread WP7 bluetooth pairing problem

    Hey guys, I just installed Dynamics HD2O HD2 rom on my HTC HD2.. Everything works perfectly, except for one problem.. Every time i connect to my car's audio system i have to enter the code to pair. However if i exit the vehicle and come back later, the phone needs to be re-authenticated with the...
  8. mikaelel

    Thread So Browser WP7

    Please, I need a file in xap: So Browser /Soredake Browser/ from ka'kuNote, inaccessible already in Marketplace for WP7 app.
  9. neuropass

    Thread [Q] Nokia Lumia 710 need unbranded WP7

    Hey guys new with WP7. I got this Lumia 710 and looks like it's T-mobile branded but runs with Vodafone SW? There is the vodafone boot animation. It is update to WP7 7.8. I would like to install a fresh version of WP7 7.8 unbranded with the possibility to select Italian as the main language...
  10. N

    Thread [ROM][GSM][WPforPLAY v2.0][ICS with WindowsPhone Taste]

    This ROM is based on Official ICS 4.1.B.0.631 stock firmware from Neo L to Xperia PLAY. WPforPLAY name was taken from Windows Phone for Xperia Play. So, this is an Android for Windows Phone Taste. Remember, I'm not developer (but May it happen). I'm new on Android Development. Counted on one...
  11. K

    Thread [Q] Sync two WP7.8 Calenders

    Is there a solution to sync two calenders, that i see the calender of my girlfriend and she see mine
  12. r8revealed

    Thread Delete

    Please delete
  13. mikaelel

    Thread [xap] UCBrowser V3 WP7

    jailbreak, last version in post 9
  14. AhmedElsharkawy

    Thread [Xap] Windows Phone Main Buttons Settings

    Windows Phone Main Buttons Settings 1-Disable Start , Back and Search Buttons Vibration And Save Battery "works with HTC Devices" . - Version 2 add features 2- Disable Power Button Sound . 3- Enable Camera Soft Button . A project by Ahmed Elsharkawy Based on WinTT and Uses...
  15. K

    Thread [GAME] Rage on Wheels [DATE] 6/26/13 [V] 1.0

    Click Here to download from the Windows Phone Store Rage on Wheels Rage on Wheels is my new game on Windows Phone. It is an old school motorcycle combat racing game with 3D graphics. Works on WP7 and WP8. Free and ad-free versions are available! This is only version 1.0 so please give it a...
  16. J

    Thread [Free][Game]Typing Pro

    Hello All Thanks For all the Support for the last game So Now here comes the second game his game can be taken as for passing time or as practicing your typing skills too. It has some of the latest Leaderboard and social network features as well as 3 interfaces to choose from So just...
  17. M

    Thread [Q] Android 2.3 Bootloop but not with Android 4.x ?!

    Hi guys, Long time ago i tried to flash cm 7.2, just for interest. but after reboot the phone just showed the Samsung logo with the exclamation mark and the softkeys lighted up. after a while both turned of (the Screen too ) and the phone rebooted ... I thought that this would be a Problem with...
  18. mikaelel

    Thread [xap] small update,patch uc browser

    fixed a bug that causes login problem marketplace version - http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=6cda5651-56b9-48b0-8771-91dbc188f873 jailbreak version -
  19. P

    Thread [WP] Game distribution dilemma + ads situation

    Hello, I know that xda focuses mainly on android, but there are other platforms too ;) I'm curious about best methods of monetization Windows Phone application, and some info about market share, number of downloads and so on, because there is very few information about WP. I'm currently...
  20. N

    Thread [Q] Back to WM6.1 pro

    Hi! Is it possible to install WM6.1 on WP7? With the processor, ram and rom memory that the LG E900 have would be very useful, perhaps up to run on an Android 4.0 on harret :highfive:
  21. T

    Thread [Q] WP7 Keyboard sounds...

    Ok, Im aware that the keyboard "clicks" and "pops" can be turned off completely in WP7 but im wondering if there is any way to adjust keyboard volume INDEPENDENTLY of the phones volume? I like my ringer on FULL but not my keyboard... Is it a possibility that the keyboard sounds are located...
  22. mikaelel

    Thread UCBrowser wp7mg pf47(Build13032823).xap

    http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=336169&uk=2735297985 http://wap.dls.ucweb.com/files/UCBrowser/zh-cn/999/UCBrowser_V2.9.0.263_wp7mg_pf47_(Build13032823).xap
  23. mikaelel

    Thread [xap] UCBrowser (Build 13032213)

    beta, not available in marketplace, with new features http://dl.vmall.com/c0hh7jbixx http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=319912&uk=2735297985
  24. D

    Thread [Q] Locked SD cards and W8

    Like many of you, I have several SD cards I locked by trying them in my Focus. The only way to unlock them was to reformat them using a Symbian device, which is one of the few OSes that sees the card. W7 does not even see the cards. Well I recently bought an HP Envy X2 which has both a MicroSD...
  25. mikaelel

    Thread [xap] UCBrowser WP7 (Build13031319)

  26. S

    Thread [XAP] Tweak 'n' Toggle 2.0 Updated 03-11-2013 [XAP]

    Tweak 'n' Toggle for windows Phone ®.by SilverDragon24 (a.k.a IonT) This app lets use toggle some settings on wp7 that the O.S does not allow natively Compatibilty: Windows Phone ® 7.1 Windows Phone ® 7.5 Windows Phone ® 7.8 Features: Enable or Disable the little sound played when you plug...
  27. mikaelel

    Thread [xap] new ucbrowser

    jailbreak version: http://wap.uc.cn/files/UCBrowser/zh-cn/999/UCBrowser_V2.8.1.269_wp7mg_pf47_(Build13022618).xap wp store version: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/uc-browser/6cda5651-56b9-48b0-8771-91dbc188f873
  28. N

    Thread Windows Phone UI

    Many of you might be sick and tired of that stock ICS/JB look and are looking for a complete change in UI. Recently, I got interested in the WP8 UI and looked up apps that could mimic the UI on android. These were the best I found : ::Messaging 7 (link) ::Launcher 8 (link) (Thanks to...
  29. S

    Thread [XAP] Shut Down manager for WP7 [XAP]

    Shut Down Manager for windows Phone ®.by SilverDragon24 (a.k.a IonT) Designed to match the clean MetroUI. Shutdown and Reboot your developer/interop/full unlocked WP7 Device with a touch and keep your hardware buttons safe. My Lumia 710's power button broke once and I know the pain, I was on...
  30. DustinWolf

    Thread Alternate icons And Splashes (Root Tools, Folders, Splash Changer, etc...)

    [TUTORIAL AND REPLACEMENT SCREEN FILES BELLOW] Okay, so if anyone here is like me, they prefer their tiles on their phone to match the UI. And if you are also dev unlocked and have apps like WP7RootTools or Splash Changer, you know that what I said previous to this sentence is not gonna happen...
  31. Y

    Thread [APP] Improve your life with WeatherCare

    Improve your life with WeatherCare. Discover how WeatherCare brings a new concept of e-wellness into the Windows Phone experience. WeatherCare gives you tips about how to improve your life based on real time information from your environment. Using an inference engine and analyzing current...
  32. S

    Thread Bluetooth toggle from within app

    I want toggle bluetooth states from within the app i'm making between off, connectable & discoverable and connectable..... i've tried private void radioButton1_Checked(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) {...
  33. A

    Thread [Q] Disable Data but Leave MMS Open?

    So, are there any sideloadable XAPs that can tweak Windows Phone so that it doesn't ever use the data connection for internet, but leaves the MMS connection open? AT&T can't do this on their network, so you're currently pretty screwed if you have a Windows Phone but don't want a data plan and...
  34. M

    Thread [Q] How can I update Windows Phone 7 to 8?

    Is there a way to update Windows Phone 7 to 8?
  35. M

    Thread [Q] Help resolving build errors for IronRuby app?

    I'm getting several errors and warnings when I try to build my IronRiby WP7 app. Can someone help me resolve them? stackoverflow.com/questions/14541631/several-errors-and-warnings-for-ironruby-c-sharp-windows-phone-app
  36. M

    Thread [Q] Text editors and file browsers for Windows Phone 7 (no root)?

    I'm trying to find text editors and file browsers for Windows Phone 7, but the Windows Store doesn't show many. Are there any out there that don't require rooting?
  37. mikaelel

    Thread [xap] UCBrowser V2.8.0.249 wp release(Build13011818)

    it's not the alpha or beta version http://dl.vmall.com/c0rs8nvhkg
  38. F

    Thread [Q] arabic support

    Hi guys, is there anyway to install full arabic support for hd7, i have deepshining rom 7.8 please help and thanks in advance
  39. B

    Thread [SOLUTION] Unlock SDCARD after WP7 the easy way...

    Hey Guys I had a quick look around the forum and on Google, but I didn't see anyone else having found this out, so here it is... You go into MADLDR, SERVICES, and then CLEAR SD MBR, which will delete the partitioning. Then, if you use EaseUS partition master (google it) to create a primary...
  40. mikaelel

    Thread [xap] UCBrowser V2.8.0.249 wp7mg pf47 alpha(Build13011420)

    stable version rendering optimization.full support for HTML5 features by default. find the text in page. download: http://dl.vmall.com/c0eobsozhj
  41. KShion619

    Thread [Q] Domain Enroll?

    In windows phone 6.x there was an ability to enroll a phone into a company domain, is this still possible via WP7? Even though hackery/mods?
  42. svknet

    Thread [Q] Bluetooth File Transfer for Samsung Windows Phones?

    If Nokia can do that, what is stopping Samsung (and HTC, etc WP manufacturers) from providing Bluetooth File Transfer option on its Windows Phones? I know that it could be possible on unlocked handsets by using custom ROMs, but 90% users are not advanced users to make their devices unlock and...
  43. prahladvarda

    Thread How to develop a bootloader

    Hello i want to know how to develop a bootloader for a windows phone device..i am of the logic that even though there are different wp7 devices manufactured, they all have very similar hardwares..i am talking about wp7 devices here and not a wp8 devices..as they have similar hardwares and the...
  44. mikaelel

    Thread adobe reader

    is available in the marketplace next update adobe reader news (quotes for marketplace)- "Fixed bugs Added Privacy Policy" http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/adobe-reader/bc4f319a-9a9a-df11-a490-00237de2db9e
  45. xdevilium

    Thread Kolors Web Browser [XAP][SOURCE]

    Project Description I started this project to make a better browser for Windows Phone 7. So far it has a Back, Forward and Refresh buttons, 8 Tabs, Facebook and the Option to choose between Chrome, Opera and IE's User Agent. So webpages think you're running Google Chrome on Android 4.0.4 and...
  46. mikaelel

    Thread [q] rootunlock os7720 -->os8773

    official update by zune can lock/blocked my omnia w protected wp7roottools0.13? thx!
  47. Arjav23

    Thread [apps][share] different os style apps

    HELLO G3 USERS, I have added a list of apps (official) here which would give u a different experience of your phone. Basically these will give you a feel of different os without actually installing them(as they are themed in that way).... Many of you all might not like this too, but pls dont...
  48. The "A" Factor

    Thread [ROM][FASTEST & SLEEKEST] Wp7 <Xtreme>/<Lite> [Battery FIXED][UPDATED:23/12]

    [ROM][FASTEST & SLEEKEST] Wp7 <Xtreme>/<Lite> [Battery FIXED][UPDATED:23/12] This ROM has been Built with a sole Objective of bringing the SLEEK & SMOOTH Interface of Windows Phone 7 to Android! I've Designed each Element of ROM to bring the Essence of Wp7 as well as Smooth and completely...
  49. mikaelel

    Thread [xap] UCBrowser V2.7.0.223 wp (Build12121116)

  50. Z

    Thread MusicAmp Hindi app is now Free !!

    The ultimate music player for Windows Phone MusicAmp Hindi, Player is an advanced music player for Windows Phone devices. MusicAmp Hindi gives you access to more than 20,000 mp3 songs and 3,000 albums , so you can listen online from whenever you are. Developed by Z!Kapps - Ziad KhazzakaKey...