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  1. C

    Thread Metro Style for WM6.5 QVGA

    Hi..., I just joined several apps and make in one cab for approaching the real WM7 UI even it's not quite close enough.. :o Here the Screen shoot I have tested on WM6.5 emulator and on my device HTC Trinity.... It's combining : 1. ashiqiqbal - Host 1.5 2. livven - WP7 Metro Dialer (QVGA) 2...
  2. ashiqiqbal

    Thread [CAB] WP7UI, Standalone for WM6.5 --HOST-- V1.5 (colors) - UPDATED

    Host V1.5 Like i said before, i'm only learning wm programming.. so nothing big.. This is a standalone app. You can customize it to make it look like WP7. Should work on all screen types (QVGA/WQVGA/VGA/WVGA), other than the square/HVGA ones. REQUIRES: 1. WM6.5 2. .net compact framework...