1. CreativeGamer03

    Thread How to patch extras+info app 2018-???? for Interop Unlocking WP 8.1/10

    Hi there to those who are having trouble patching extras+info app for interop unlock. I have found a solution for it. However, in this method, not all Lumia devices are supported for this method. List of Lumia devices that are supported with this method: 520 521 525 620 625 720 820 920 925 928...
  2. D

    Thread Huawei Ascend W1 stuck on WP8 GDR1

    Hey guys, I have a Huawei Ascend W1 orphaned by my family and I was tinkering with the device. I noticed that the device is still stuck on Windows Phone 8.0 GDR1 and I've heard others that you can use the Windows Phone Enthusiast Program to update the phone to Windows Phone 8.1.1. However, upon...
  3. hujer

    Thread [APP] MusicMan • thin and sleek file-oriented music player

    MusicMan is simple and very intuitive file-oriented music player for WP8.1 and higher. MusicMan does not generate any library or playlist automatically. MusicMan does not use the file’s metadata (e.g. MP3-tags), but works with the names of files and folders exactly how you have them stored in...
  4. Nokser

    Thread [Ascend W1-U00] Huawei SD Upgrade [available!]

    Huawei Ascend W1-U00 SD Upgrade The update method via SD Card. I do not know, maybe this subject already existed. Found in the software mentioned below. I think this is a good additional function. How to use this tool, you can read in the article made by a member djtonka. Available in the...
  5. X8invisible

    Thread Windows 10 confirmed for all (Nokia) Lumias

    As stated in title Microsoft has announced all WP 8 lumias will be updated to windows (phone) 10 Source: click
  6. jh20001

    Thread [Wallpapers] Wallpaper Collection for WP8+

    I cooked up some wallpapers for WP8+ lock screen and wanted to share them. Wallpapers: http://www.animevortex.net/blog/thesaint/windows-phone-7-wallpaper-gallery Instructions: Simply save them to your phone by viewing the page from your phone or from your PC using connected USB, as you would...
  7. totsboy

    Thread [GAME] Tap Master Mondrian

    Hello! I have recently launched my first game on WP8. It's a simple and casual game, very intuitive but hard to get a high score. The game is free, so if you could download it and give me some feedback that would be great! If you have any questions I'll be happy to answer! :) Tap Master...
  8. R

    Thread [Q] keep lock screen visible (screen always on)

    I'm making a sort of a "screensaver" functionality with lock screen - changing background every 30min. Is there a way to keep the screen on, while lock screen is visible? Can lock screen be launched programmatically? Even unconventional solutions/hacks are welcomed.
  9. T

    Thread 5Numbers, simple, fast and fun

    5Numbers is a simple game: we will touch the screen in order from small to large . It sounds very simple, but you'll just try to play it is not easy. Because time is limited, sometimes we could not finish the thought was dead. Fortunately, in case you pull or drag flipped wrong, you could...
  10. L

    Thread [Game]A2Z

    A2Z Are you tired of that numbers game? Can you count to 'Z'? A2Z is a 2048 clone using letters instead of numbers. A2Z includes: Undo for those times when your fingers are faster than your eyes. Undo for those times when you lose just because the dumb machine gave you the wrong letter...
  11. -W_O_L_F-

    Thread ROM for everyone! MBN Creator.

    Cook your own MBN with several clicks! Choose tweaks you want Add something new directly to file content if you're a cool dev Change phone model if you have Neo or Odyssey Flash your phone without huge .wp8 file or dangerous fakeROM This tool supports both WP8 and WP8.1 (all tweaks are...
  12. -W_O_L_F-

    Thread Samsung fake ROM (.WP8)

    THIS PROJECT WAS DROPPED. Use MBN Creator instead. It can SAFELY flash MBNs. This is empty ROM made to flash CSC (.mbn) without huge .wp8 file. It can be used to flash MBN on phones where .wp8 isn't available (Odyssey, Neo...). This ROM is only safe for GT-I8750, cause if you do something...
  13. xdevilium

    Thread [APP] Purrfect Browser - The Perfect Web Browser

    Purrfect Browser is of the best browsers in the Store, want a proof? Here is a list of features: • Scrape: • Scrape the website for content: • Save pictures • Save songs • Plugin support: • Users can create and share plugins • Search engine plugins • Scrape plugins • Install...
  14. D

    Thread Multipart SMS auto conversion to MMS

    Hi everyone, just a quick word of warning, I realise this is already out there in many quarters albeit its usually referring to the android platform but this auto conversion affects WP as well. Typically now I no longer have a WP7 device I cant go back and check but I could have sworn there...
  15. MameTozhio

    Thread [TUT] Install Windows Phone Power Tools 2.5.5 on Windows 7

    I was a bit annoyed when I couldn't install Windows Phone Power Tools on Windows 7 due to Visual Studio 2012 needed, but I found a way to get it working. So.. here =D Step 1 - Install this lite version of Windows Phone 8 SDK and it's prerequisites from here (works on Windows 7, includes...
  16. P

    Thread [FREE APP] Who’s Got My Stuff? Updated in the Windows Phone Store!

    Looking for your favorite set of ping-pong paddles, only to realize “Argh! I loaned it out months ago to… who was it??”. Enter WGMS (Who’s Got My Stuff). A simple app to keep a log of Stuff, Cash and Favors you’ve dealt out, or received from others! Create “Time Capsules” of info with as...
  17. le grande magnetto

    Thread Record calls

    I would like to know if there is decent (if any at all) app to record calls. I am basically concerned about 920 lumia but I guess its the same for all WP8 phones.
  18. S

    Thread [App] Looking for Beta Testers for 9GAG+

    Update, the app is nearly finished and currently in public beta. You may find it here: http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=e4a9c785-efde-4794-8663-d562724e4fbd Hey, I'm looking for beta testers for yet another 9GAG client for Windows Phone (8+). I know there are already plenty of clients...
  19. apwestgarth

    Thread [Q] SMS Text Read out - Bluetooth Profile Issue?

    Hi, I have a Lumia 920 and have loved Windows Phone since my HD7. Back in April I switched from an Audi A4 to an A6 and in my A4 I had successfully had the sms read and reply functionality working and found it a really useful feature. Since getting my A6 I haven't been able to get it to...
  20. A

    Thread [Q] HTC Harmony?

    So, is there no news or updates regarding the possible HTC Harmony device, aka an HTC One running WP8?
  21. michalurban

    Thread [Q] Phone to replace i9023

    Hi, Im currently considering a replacement phone so I could store my NS into drawer. BTW I just realized its almost exactly a year a wrote similar post - November 27th 2012 ... but I sticked with NS so far ... :laugh: Ive got three candidates - Android-powered Moto G and Nexus 5 (Id prefer the...
  22. G

    Thread [R&D] Android bootloader on ATIV S

    Introduction After realizing that Samsumg uses the same keys to sign Android and WP8 binaries and that ATIV S has the same hardware as Snapdragon S4 SGS3, I thought about flashing SGS3 bootloader and them have access to ODIN which would permit a new set of possibilities. Flashing ABOOT The...
  23. J

    Thread Is anyone working to access the storage hardware of any windows phone 8 model?

    I think this is more dev and hacking than general q&a. Please correct me if that's wrong. I'm looking for a way to access the primary storage from a different device, or access another device's primary storage from the base hardware. The equivalent of removing a hard drive and putting it in a...
  24. DilanChd

    Thread To delete

    To delete
  25. M

    Thread [ROM][TIPO DUAL]Gimlo v0.3 firmware ***lite WP8[TWRP]

    WP8 CLEAN & LITE rom based on Gimlo v0.3 firmware FOR TIPO DUAL ONLY This Rom is based on Gimlo firmware v0.3 CHANGES - changed CWM for TWRP - Home.apk by launcher 8 REMOVED deskClockGoogle.apk dsdsHomewidget.apk earthLivewallpapaer.apk FBAndroid.apk FbCalendarsync.apk FBMediaDiscover.apk...
  26. H

    Thread [Q] More FAQs to answer

    Hi, Before I buy a Windows Phone 8 mobile (Nokia Lumia 920), Can I know if somethings that I consider them as issues in Windows Phone 7.8 are solved or not: - Can WP8 send and receive files via Bluetooth? - Can WP8 show a storage drive when I plug it into the USB? - Can WP8 import and export...
  27. S

    Thread [Q] Install extra language on WP8

    Hello, I am planning on buying a HTC 8X with Windows Phone 8. As a previous Windows Phone 7.8 user (I own the HTC Trophy), I have a question about the display and keyboard language on my new phone. My question is, if the device I buy is the German Vodafone version can I add the Greek language...
  28. H

    Thread No kernel32.dll found in WP8 ROM

    I'd like to port a JIT script engine to WP8 but found no kernel32.dll in System32 and is it possible to use JIT on WP8 after Interop Unlock? And am I able to call some system functions by DllImport ? (Simply add the unsafe code support to a WP8 C# project by editing the csproj file)
  29. P

    Thread [Q] Need help in getting stock rom installed for Nokia Lumia 520

    Hello, I have a Nokia Lumia 520 ATT gophone. I had to unlocked and using it with Bell in Canada. Everything is fine except for tethering. After going through forums, I realized the phone needs to be unbranded as well. I have downloaded Rogers ROM and Tried using Nokia Care suite to recover. But...
  30. W

    Thread [Q] How to import contacts, sms with no cloud

    Im desperate, i already spent two days to find a way how to import contacts to my lumia 520 with WP8 without using any cloud service like live, hotmail, google, etc. I had a diamond 2 with WM 6.5. I got my screen broken, only what i was able to do - syncing contacts with my computer. Now i have...
  31. V

    Thread [Q] Visual VoiceMail (VVM)

    I have a Nokia Lumia 820 and the Visual VoiceMail has just came in. But there is 2 problems : - the message disapear from my visual voicemail after a week (exactly as when I used the vocal server) - unable to export them Do you have a solution for me ? Thanks in advance
  32. -W_O_L_F-

    Thread [TOOLS] Samsung WP8 ROM extracting/packing tools

    I returned to Moscow. And as I promissed here are tools. I'm writing those tools for ATIV S ROM. But SMD is used for Android Samsung phones too. And MBN may be not "Samsung only" file format. (QPST uses different format) This is sourse code on my GitHub: https://github.com/LONELY-WOLF/sam-tools...
  33. D

    Thread [Q] [WP8 APP development] Ultimate List ListPro-like ?

    Are there any super developers that could implement a List app for Windows Phone 8 that would provide similar features as Listpro (Ilium software) did for Windows Mobile? This app was really amazing : we could create any lists with about 20 custom fields and even add pictures. Lists were...
  34. C

    Thread Tutorial: Install Windows Phone 8 SDK on Windows 7 the Easy Way

    Hey All, I have made a modified installer for the Windows Phone 8 SDK that will run on Windows 7 x64. I installed visual studio before I installed the SDK, but it shouldn't matter as this will install visual studio express for windows phone, if needed. To install the SDK, perform the...
  35. I

    Thread [EXE] [1.7.5] Store OEM Changer

    [Do NOT Download yet Due to BUGS!] OEM Changer changes the OEM of the Windows Phone Store with the click of a button. You don't need to configure fiddler settings or create a proxy server. Using the proven exploit in the Windows Phone Store using a proxy server and fiddler, This application...
  36. T

    Thread 8XT vs. ATIV S Neo

    Ive been reading on some stuff regarding HTC and their lack of providing a true root unlock on their Android devices. So im wondering if its the same for their WP8 offerings? The main thing i want to do once i dev unlock the 8XT is to be able to get wifi sharing working, but im a bit worried...
  37. S

    Thread WM6.5 possible to run on WP8

    can we run WM6.5 on WP8 ? how ?
  38. S

    Thread WM6.5 on Lumia 820

    Has anyone succeded in running WM6.5 on Windows 8 Phones ? (emulator, direct boot) Lumia 820 looks quite good as has SD card and maybe can manage to boot from there ? (like on old phones) Please let me know I'm very interested. thank you ;)
  39. D

    Thread [tutorial] How to install XAP on Windows Phone - Legal Way [ for Dev unlocked ]

    Hello ! this tutorial is about " How to install XAP files in your dev-unlocked Device from PC using Application Deployment " Requirements : - The Windows Phone SDK ( Download SDK from Here ). - A dav-unlocked Windows Phone Device ( Here The Steps : Legal Way ). - And a Windows Phone Dev Center...
  40. V

    Thread HTC 8S Getting GDR2 Update!

    HTC 8S & 8X Getting GDR2 possible update soon Hello this is VisualTech48, and today im bringing you some great news! The upcoming Windows Phone 8 (GDR2) is comming to our phone soon. We have been waiting for this for a couple of months, and its finaly coming out this month! The new WP8 GDR2...
  41. xdevilium

    Thread [0.4] Nokia Portal - Install Nokia, HTC and LG apps on any WP8 device!

    I wrote a simple app to configure Fiddler2 to change your device's brand to Nokia, here it is: Edit: Application has been deleted. EDIT: Due to the new Here Drive+ which costs money without this "hack", I will delete this application from the internet on the 20th of Juli. Use it while you can.
  42. K

    Thread [GAME] Rage on Wheels [DATE] 6/26/13 [V] 1.0

    Click Here to download from the Windows Phone Store Rage on Wheels Rage on Wheels is my new game on Windows Phone. It is an old school motorcycle combat racing game with 3D graphics. Works on WP7 and WP8. Free and ad-free versions are available! This is only version 1.0 so please give it a...
  43. R

    Thread Style Explorer

    My latest app has hit the Store. It is called Style Explorer and is especially for WP developers. Would appreciate any feedback, comments, reviews, etc. Thanks, Ron
  44. james1123

    Thread App Development Proposition - "Zusix"

    Hi guys, before I begin the pitch to you all I just want to say that I do NOT want to make money off of anyone here and I also do NOT wish to take credit for others work. :) I have just started to develop a new Music application which I have named "Zusix" (Zoo Zix). I would love this to be a...
  45. R

    Thread Petition to Microsoft to allow jailbreaking

    Hi all. Haven't seen this topic yet so I thought I'd introduce it. Has a petition ever been sent directly to Microsoft to allow jailbreaking and development of apps in a Cydia like store. I'm positive this would increase the popularity of wp8. There are are so many little things like decreasing...
  46. S

    Thread [Q] windows phone 8?

    So my gf has an Arrive from Sprint and I would like to know if it is yet (or ever will be) possible to get WP8 on the device. Or android.
  47. C

    Thread Possible Interop Unlock Idea

    Something interesting that I found out while thinking about how to interop Unlock WP8: The "PhoneReg.exe" app which is a signed app used for developer unlocking a device is written in un-obfuscated C#.net code! If anyone has access a program such as Dis#, we should be able to reverse-engineer...
  48. P

    Thread [WP] Game distribution dilemma + ads situation

    Hello, I know that xda focuses mainly on android, but there are other platforms too ;) I'm curious about best methods of monetization Windows Phone application, and some info about market share, number of downloads and so on, because there is very few information about WP. I'm currently...
  49. derliebewolf

    Thread [Q] How to add self signed certificats to my WP8?

    Hi guys, I have a HTXC 8x but I think my question applies to all WP8 devices. I have an open source groupware (Zarafa) running on my own hardware at home which provides me with an Exchange ActiveSync interface. Currently I use this without any encryption (only in local wifi, not over 3g) but I...
  50. F

    Thread [ROM] Ginger8 Information [Update: 07/21/2014]

    Ginger8 v1.1 for the HTC Evo Shift 4G I just want to say sorry to everyone. Things have been crazy for the last year. I plan to revive this ROM as soon as I get a computer. I also plan to move this project over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 community as well. I am getting married so as soon as things...