1. NullCode

    Thread [SCRIPT] [WIN-10] WSL 1/2 Utility for Windows 10 x64

    Hello People. This is basically a combination of batch scripts made by me to make WSL less daunting for people who do not want to do Powershell things and introduce MANY more people to Linux [and make existing dual boot Linux users just stick to Windows w/o the ugly GRUB]. Disclaimer: Only you...
  2. L

    Thread Help on porting bluestacks/Memu, much faster, using WSL instead of virtualization

    Hi, I'm luca112358. I'm from France, I'm only 15 years old. I'd like to port a bluestacks/others (such as Memu) alternative to easily run android on Windows. What is WSL??? WSL is the abreviation for "Windows Subsystem for Linux". Sometimes wrongly called "Bash on windows", WSL is a...
  3. Uldiniad

    Thread [GUIDE] How to build LineageOS on Windows 10 (WSL 2.0)

    Requirements You may want to expand the default...