1. M

    Thread Windows Phone 7 lockscreen for 6.5.x

    I found this great lockscreen today, but there were some things which bothered me, like the built-in background, so I made my personalized version of it. Result: It's very sililar to the original lockscreen, but this is what I changed: -removed built-in background, so you can choose your own...
  2. Slither2006

    Thread [APP][2.2+] Xperia Arc Launcher 2.0 HDPI/MDPI/LDPI

    Xperia Arc Launcher 2.0.A.0.22 Please Note : Themes are not functional, but neither are they required anyway. If you select the option it will just say there is no associated program to launch. Tested on Samsung Galaxy S 2.3.5 (XXJVT) and multiple Android Emulators. What do these attachments...
  3. G

    Thread Angry Birds RIO [Q/WVGA]

    Got a Windows Mobile device ? Annoyed that there's no Angry Birds for Windows Mobile ? I certainly am, so i decided to make a JAVA Angry Birds RIO game... i tried WM but i suck at it but java... eh easy as pie. So you will need a Java Player you could use JBlend (untested) or JavaFX or any other...
  4. CB620

    Thread [Bootanimation] BEATS by Dr. Dre

    I pulled this from the Beats by Dr. Dre Edition HTC Sensation XE that will be dropping later on this September. Bootanimation Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jp_mstNo5mU&feature=youtube_gdata_player -bootanimation.zip---> http://db.tt/cSc2ukx Mediafire--->...
  5. CB620

    Thread CLOSE

  6. CB620

    Thread [Bootanimation] BEATS by Dr. Dre

    I pulled this from the Beats by Dr. Dre Edition HTC Sensation XE that will be dropping later on this September. Bootanimation Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jp_mstNo5mU&feature=youtube_gdata_player -bootanimation.zip---> http://db.tt/cSc2ukx Mediafire--->...
  7. Z

    Thread [Q] [ROM Request] Could anyone port the myTouch 4G Slide ROM to the Incredible S?

    I know a lot of you guys are porting the Sensation ROM to our phones. I've tried Virtuous Unity and it's a really awesome ROM. But after all the sensation ROM is for qHD screens and the 16:9 ratio is not the same as that of our phones, which is 5:3. However the myTouch 4G Slide has a WVGA screen...
  8. manhab

    Thread [Game]Zuma v1.03/v1.50 QVGA VGA WVGA WQVGA/And Podz1.04

    Hi this is tow simular games works on windows mobiles i test them before Zuma support touching but Podz need a key to send the ball Zuma v 1.50 work on Qvga VGA WVGA iNSTALLATION connect the device to the pc with activesync then lunch zuma.exe,now install it Download PODZ Ace...
  9. P

    Thread Noterrific WVGA Patch

    Hello all, since I'm not allowed to post a reply in the thread where it would belong (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=604140), I'm forced to open a new thread in another forum which I have access to. Sorry. The patch provided in the above thread did not work for me. Instead it...
  10. Sp1tfire

    Thread S2U2 Optimus clock + weather W(Q)VGA

    Browsing through the 4pda.ru forum i found a nice optimus weather and clock for S2U2 posted by JambazZi and decided to use it on my device. Sadly, weather widgets were not numbered correctly and they were a bit too stretched with a distorted appearance, so i thought i'd make one of my own...
  11. A

    Thread [THEME] Android 7 Light & Full Fat W(Q)VGA only for Throttle Launcher

    Following on from Lacuna42 here is an idea I had playing around in my head for some time. The theme is based on the iconpack http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=787446 by Wheezy_be derived from the iconset http://yankoa.deviantart.com/art/Win...cons-166077852 by yankoa. The...
  12. M

    Thread [Q] WVGA vs. Super AMOLED

    Ok so I was about 98% set on purchasing the G2x/O2x but then realized it had a WVGA screen. Isnt that outdated? I really liked the Galaxy S and above because of the SUPER AMOLED. I have an MP3 player with that screen (Cowon) and its great looking. I am looking for comparison, if WVGA is fine...
  13. J

    Thread [SKIN][WVGA] HTCWhite - A finger friendly windowed skin for MortPlayer

    Hey all, I would like to share a skin that I have created for the fantastic music player application MortPlayer. Over the years this forum has been incredibly useful to me and this is my way of saying thank you / giving back to the community :) There are some very nice MortPlayer skins out...
  14. esk02k

    Thread [SKIN] Swype Skins [esk0dr0idswype 1.1][Glass]

    Hey people. Im just sharing this here incase anyone's interested. It would probably take a while to trickle through from the desire forum. I made some swype skins in WVGA. Here they are : ___ Head on over to my thread and have a look if youre intrested. enjoy!
  15. esk02k

    Thread [SKIN] Swype Skins [esk0dr0idswype 1.1][Glass]

    Hey people. Im just sharing this here incase anyone's interested. It would probably take a while to trickle through from the desire forum. I made some swype skins in WVGA. Here they are : ___ Head on over to my thread and have a look if youre intrested. enjoy!
  16. esk02k

    Thread [SKIN] Swype Skins WVGA [esk0swype 1.1][Glass]

    Hello people. I share this in the desire forum but i thought i might aswell share it with the whole android community. I hope someone finds something they like. Head on over to my thread and have a look if youre intrested. enjoy!
  17. esk02k

    Thread [SKIN] Swype Skins [esk0dr0idswype 1.1][Glass]

    Hello people. I dont own a galaxy S but i know it comes with swype and i think these could look good on the beautiful super AMOLED screen. ___ Head on over to my thread and have a look if youre intrested. enjoy!
  18. esk02k

    Thread [SKIN] Swype Skins [esk0dr0idswype 1.1][Glass]

    Hello everybody. Heres my keyboard. Ive made this swype template and i can easily bounce out copies with any background/font as long as the font has all the characters in it. Each pack contains 20 keyboards which is all the portrait and landcape qwerty keyboards (some qwertz and galaxy S layouts...
  19. vipaman

    Thread Wallpapers for VGA

    Hi Guys, Seeing that there are not many wallpapers and themes going out to VGA screens. So I have Decided to post wallpapers and themes that i have been working on for quite some time!!:D:D:D So VGA SCREENS enjoy;) I also might start to resize and bring out some more for other screens as well...
  20. celticchrys

    Thread A couple of bootanimations -running imp and the planet Jupiter

    Just a pointer to a couple of bootanimations I posted in the HTC Desire area. Thought I should list them here as well, since they ought to work on all WVGA phones, like Nexus One, etc. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=946826 There's a Flash preview of this one on the...
  21. S

    Thread [Q] WVGA to VGA fix for Omnia B7610 I8000

    Hello, I used Tomtom 6 VGA on a WVGA Xperia, but had a WVGA>VGA fix program to reduce the display area. Tomtom worked very well. Now passed on to the OmniaPro B7610 and Omnia 2 I8000 and the WVGA>VGA fix software does not work anymore, the Omnia goes back to WVGA after I asked to be reduced to...
  22. prabhat

    Thread [Q] TD2 is VGA or WVGA

    Hello, TD2 is VGA or WVGA device? Any way we should know? Thanks.
  23. Chef_Tony

    Thread [Poll] Your Favorite Games/Fun Apps for Blackstone

    first off all, let me state, this is not supposed to become one of those "i want iphone games on my hd" threads and i am aware of the sticky post with the list of compatible games in this forum section, this is merely to collect opinions and information on certain games and fun apps for the...
  24. Nickg.

    Thread [WVGA] Fluid variuos skin

    There are the skin extracted from my rom FluidX Titanium: http://www.filefactory.com/file/b4e611b/n/...id_Titanium.cab (compatible only with classic titanium) Start Menu Selector: http://www.filefactory.com/file/b4e612e/n/...nu_Selector.cab (compatible only with classic menu) Windows...
  25. Z

    Thread [APP] AndroidLock v1.4 - New GTX Theme Added

    Drake Arts AndroidLock v1.4 Most ROMs now supported. Just install the cab and the enjoy. Developers For developers who wish to mod, skin, or create their own AdroidLock app, here is a link to the developer kit. Download Developer Kit - Install to directory you can remember and access with...
  26. scar45

    Thread [BootAni] Updated BIOS Bootscreen for Desire HD

    Hello all, Attached to this post is an updated version of the BIOS boot animation for your shiny Desire HDs :) I don't own one myself (just yet at least!), but I was making one for LeeDrOiD's ROMs, and thought it would be good to create a generic one if you are using a different Custom ROM...
  27. eugene.an

    Thread [THEME] HTC Slate for non-sense ROMs

    This is the port of HTC Slate Theme for AOSP ROMs. Currently it supports CyanogenMod and DeFroST. Version for Oxygen will be added soon. HTC Slate Theme How to install: 1) Flash zip-file in the recovery 2) Select Slate in: Settings -> CyanogenMod -> Interface -> Extra -> Select Theme...
  28. M

    Thread HTC Volume Key skin for VGA Device

    Hi, Everyone. I remake HTC touch diamond's volume key skin. And for default style version Windows Phone style version Unzip (.../windows) and Overwrite existing file. And soft reset. enjoy. default style version here: Windows Phone style version here:
  29. T

    Thread [Theme] TCPMP Finger Friendly Skins

    Well I decided to create my first TCPMP skin. Try it out and tell me what you think. *But remember it's still a work in progress. For example in the Portrait screen shot I still can't get the 'switch to landscape, rewind, or go to end' buttons to work. I would also like to add a button that...
  30. A

    Thread [LOCKSCREEN] [WVGA] Anassinator - Love Design Lockscreen v1.2

  31. B

    Thread [APP]Remote Control App - v0.9.2 (Updated: 24.12.2010)

    Remote Control App - Version 0.9.2 Hi all I've created a Remote Control App for windows mobile. With this tool, you can control your PC with the mobile device. There are two components: a server programm for windows desktop and a client program for windows mobile. Connection is possible over...
  32. tin2404

    Thread ★ ★ ★Manhattan Project-Military Sense UI★ ★ ★

    I was "quiet" for a while,and it does seems it is hard to bring complex project to simplicity...This is what I have done to keep it simple as it could possibly be...Let me present you ★ ★ ★Manhattan Project-Military Sense UI 2.5★ ★ ★ here are some preview images of this release : ★ ★ ★...
  33. E

    Thread [Q] [REQ] Teeter 480*800 WVGA

    I only can find a VGA version from the HTC Diamond 1, is it posible to rip the game from an HTC WVGA phone? thx. a lot
  34. T

    Thread [Official] i-mobile i858 / Landmark L43-W (tn1t1) / General Mobile Touchstone

    UPDATE 2011-07-05 Android 2.1 Eclair ROM has been "officially" released for this phone. No working Froyo or Gingerbread ROMs have been seen. The most recent build is r2599, download here: http://dl.dbank.com/c0awjsvwhj Rooted, hybrid, and bloat-free mods of the 'official' roms, made by user...
  35. X

    Thread [APP] Swype fully working

    Moderator edit: swype is not allowed to be posted on XDA, links removed, thread closed. after a long time of searching ..i found swype 100% working on my n1... im not a developer so im not going to be posting anymore . How to install: 1.put the file on your sdcard (any where that you can...
  36. 2

    Thread :::::Morphgear NES style landscape skin::::::

    Hey everyone this is my first gamepad skin for morphgear. Works ideally for GBA emulation set to landscape with the screensize at 150. It probably works well for NES emulation too but I haven't tried it. I'm sure you guys know the drill by now but all you need to do is unzip the folder and...
  37. P

    Thread [GAME] 15puzzle for HD2

    Who does not know the famous game "Fifteen puzzle"?:confused: Well...this game needs no introduction but if you don't know it, everything you need to do is reorder the numbers after having "mixed" randomly and the position is to be achieved with the number 1 top left and the other numbers...
  38. Z

    Thread [THEMES] AC/DC S2U2 Skin for WVGA

    Hey guys. My first skin for S2U2. I didn't plan to make it public but I think it turned out pretty nice and maybe there are more fans out there who would like to use it. (I couldn't figure out how to include Images in here :confused: The [IMG] doesn't seem to work. Any help on this would be...
  39. T

    Thread [Discontinued][APP][WVGA]Flip2Mute - GSensor Profile Changer

    Flip2Mute can change your profile to silent or vibrate and turn off the screen when the phone is faced down. It has a simple user interface and can be installed on WVGA HTC devices. Current Features: Mute/Vibrate the phone when it's faced down. Turns the screen off when the phone is faced down...
  40. olyloh6696

    Thread Opera Mobile 10: Low Res images

    has anyone had any problems with opera mobile 10 and low image quality display? when i am browsing websites, such as pocketnow, images do not come out in its true res. there dont seem to be any settings to solve this. if you click and hold on a image, it ask you 'reload in full quality' i click...
  41. Lycox

    Thread [SKN] TouchPal4 WindowsPhone7 style (W|VGA)

    Hey guys, here's my newest strike for you. As the title tells all the things you have to know ;) (Click image for full preview) Features VGA & WVGA high quality ;) completely reskinned chars/symbols (uhhh... hard work:rolleyes:) landscape support Requirements TouchPal 4...
  42. G

    Thread HD2 Morphgear Virtual Gamepad (PlayStation Style) [WVGA, Landscape]

    Hello everyone! Few days ago I found Morphgear for HD2 by blutz (great app!). As I wasn't really satisfied with existing virtual gamepads (I'm not saying they're bad - in fact, they're great, but they just didn't met my preferences :)), I decided to make my own PlayStation style skin for...
  43. C

    Thread [Tweak] [05/04/2010] - Lock Screen Middle Fix

    So since i got this i always felt that the slider at the top was annoying, then everyone moved it to the bottom, now personally is still find it annoying as its well at the bottom. Therefore I moved it to the middle... Now even though i had been planning for months i did just knock this up...
  44. G

    Thread [SKN][Titanium] gchris Titanium V1.3.1 (WVGA-VGA-WQVGA-QVGA)

    gchris Titanium V1.3.1 (WVGA-VGA-WQVGA-QVGA) 13/3/2010 From top to bottom the plugins i use are: -System Panel ( Credits to dgaud007 ). Modified by me, to show Mbytes instead of percentages(%), also replaced sdc status with battery life + some other modifications. -CClock (Credits to...
  45. gnarlytom

    Thread [WVGA] Photography Wallpapers

    Hello! Here are a few pics that i have taken, that i cropped to use as wallpaper on my phone. thought as might as well share them! I have tried to keep tham as Sense/S2U2 friendly as possibly by cropping so that the subject is in the middle 1/3 of the screen Fell free to upload your own...
  46. Wajk

    Thread [THEME]loading iGO primo (05.03.2010)

    iGO primo loading screen and menu background for WVGA 3 different loading screen Install guide: 1. download zip 2. extract zip, go to inside your res directory, and rename "loading_vX.bmp"(which you like) to loading.bmp 3. overwrite loading.bmp in your "branding.zip"\ui_igo8\your res...
  47. _LeCiel_

    Thread [SKIN][WVGA] Clean and Simple for S2U2

    I made this theme out of frustration - all S2U2 skins I could find had fancy clocks and sliders but I was looking for something clean and simple that would give all the attention to the wallpaper. It's a modified version of TPRO for S2U2 http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=467435...
  48. P

    Thread [SKIN] "BLOB" - NOW MULTICOLORED - a fingerfriendly WVGA-skin for Mortplayer

    [SKIN] "BLOB" - NOW MULTICOLORED - a fingerfriendly WVGA-skin for Mortplayer 2010-03-03: colours added I want to share a WVGA-skin that i made for Mortplayer, my all-time favorite musicplayer. I didn't found a skin that fits my needs. Unlike most modern skins, where you can see cover...
  49. klausner

    Thread Themes for 6.5 w/Digital Clock?

    Anyone know of any WVGA themes for WM 6.5 that use digital clocks? The flippy clock is too 1970s for me.
  50. Lechux

    Thread [WALL][11-MAY] HD WALLS SERiES :: 800x800 & 800x480 :: [Special GiRL Edition]

    Hello there, I would like to start a new series of uploads with my personal collection of high quality wallpapers. :) Will try to make regular updates - there will be always two packs: 800x800 and exactly the same second pack, but cut to WVGA 800x480 version. Packs will contain 25 perfect...