1. P

    Thread Tethered Magisk Root + BaseBand + V4A .

    Hi Guys!! I tried my rooting adventures again and found some more facts that can help community to attain stable root. Whats available-- 1. Magisk root. 2. TWRP. 3. V4A 4. Baseband. Whats not available - Untethered root with baseband and the ability to get into phone if not having a...
  2. dilnix

    Thread Official EUI 6.0.030S ROM (CN-EN) for Le Pro 3 AI [project x7 | codenames x650-x659]

    Few days ago as expected, official users (who is using CN-EN official ROMs) of Le Pro 3 AI (further mentioned "x7") got an OTA update to the latest release of EUI 6.0.030S. The miracle that expected was not appeared. It is still based on Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow). The ROM is still not...