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  1. V

    Thread can I install patched boot.zip from temporary twrp?

    I have unlocked device, can I just install patched boot.zip from temporary twrp which I flash with: fastboot boot twrp.img?
  2. Z

    Thread Need help unlocking bootloader for xa2 H4113

    Hey all. I'm having a problem when i try to unlock bootloader on my xa2 H4113. When i run sudo fastboot oem unlock 0xCA0DDD1AFEF6DDCC It returns with an error FAILED (remote: unknown command) finished. total time: 0.000s I've tried to search for help but have found it nowhere. All help is...
  3. J

    Thread XA2 1080p 60fps video recording and EIS on LOS 16.1

    Hello, like it says in the topic, is there any way to bring back 1080p 60fps recording or 1080p 30fps with EIS? I only managed to bring back Slow Motion recording by installing some module for OnePlus 6T. Using Gcam from OpenGapps package.
  4. K

    Thread Who can make a android-10.0.0 _ r 1, the developer world has released a tutorial

    My computer is terrible. Who can help me build it,thanks:crying:
  5. G

    Thread Flashing stock ROM with locked bootloader on XA2 (H3113)

    Hi guys, Is it still possible to flash stock ROM with flashtool on locked bootloader? I've been trying to flash Pie for several weeks now (it's not yet available in my region), by downloading the files for my phone with XperiFirm (the one launched from flashtool itself) and flashing it in...
  6. K

    Thread Xperia XA2 Plus H4493 device name changed after update via PC Companion

    Hi all, My phone is Sony Xperia Plus H4493, and pre installed build number 50.1.A.11.40 (Oreo) HK firmware. Recently I notified an update via PC Companion, to the version 50.1.A.13.83 and installed it via PC Companion. But after this update, PC Companion is detecting my phone as "Sony H34"...
  7. K

    Thread Green LED flash briefly when turn on. Then boot - XA2 Plus H4493

    Hi all, I flashed new firmware (different region) for my XA2 Plus Dual H4493 through Flashtool v0.9.25 (latest) and it was success. Actually no problems. But I feel really annoying thing that, every time I press power on button, green LED is briefly (about 0.2 sec) flashing every time, then...
  8. P

    Thread Random reboots (logcat is inside), please advise

    Hello techy people, I have bought XA2, unlocked bootloader and installed latest LOS 15 (30 Nov build). Installed Magisk, MicroG, Afwall, all worked well and today random reboots started to happen. Sometimes it happens when I play with location settings in maps app, sometimes when I use the...
  9. M

    Thread How on Earth do I install XA2 drivers!?

    I have literally tried everything. Sony's website does NOT have driver for the XA2!!! What gives? I'm trying to unlock the bootloader through flashtool but I keep getting this message "Device connected in flash mode but driver is too old". I also tried the 15 Seconds ADB Installer thing, no...
  10. A

    Thread Xperia XZ1 , XA2 , L2 and other Compact Models

    I've been checking out the Xperia models, mainly the compacts. They seem like the only compact phones available with decent specs. Well, besides,the iPhone, but I'm not a big fan of those. I was advised against buying an Xperia model over at another thread because repairs can,be expensive. The...
  11. C

    Thread Increase device volume output (avoiding rooting / unlocking bootloader if possible)

    Hi, I want to increase the very low default volume of the headphone jack on the Xperia XA2. I'm using AIMP which has a built-in EQ and preamp which works well but leads to high distortion (these headphones can handle a lot more without distortion). On other devices / custom ROMs there is...
  12. R

    Thread Has anyone built AOSP for H4133 (Dual Sim) XA2 Pioneer?

    I can only see H4113 officially supported by Sony AOSP but I would like to buy the dual sim variant and run AOSP. Similarly, is Official TWRP compatible with H4133 3GB/32GB International Dual-Sim?
  13. axxx007xxxz

    Thread ROM: Sony AOSP 8.1 (H3113) (unofficial)

    Sony AOSP project Disclaimer I'm not liable for anything YOU do to YOUR device, YOU are doing it and it's YOUR device. What is it? It's a project developed and maintained by Sony Xperia Developers team. You can get more informations here...