1. CAVBR

    Thread [XAP][REQUEST] Samsung RSS Tiles, Photogram, Family Story, Artistic Effects, Fun Shot (WP8)

    Does anyone have the XAP file for these apps? - RSS Tiles: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/rss-times/9wzdncrfj243 - Photogram: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/photogram/9wzdncrfj24h - Family Story: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/family-story/9nblgggzn9hr - Artistic Effect...
  2. J

    Thread Do U have XAP Files, without virus about these Windows Phone Games?

    N.O.V.A. 3, Batman and Spider-man 2?
  3. CreativeGamer03

    Thread [Q] Deployable XAP of Xbox Music 2.6.678.0?

    Does anyone have a deployable xap file of Xbox Music v.2.6.678.0? I wanted the live tile, but I had reset my phone before, which was also the era when Microsoft plugged out the services for Windows Phone 8.1. Currently I have the as the FFU's stock version for Nokia Lumia 520. Missed...
  4. S

    Thread [Q] How to install XAP from appx4fun in windows 10 mobile ?

    In windows phone 8, The xap file from the website appx4fun.com were supposed to be installed from store app by keeping the XAP file in the root of the sd card and install it from an option in the store. But there is no such option in the store app of Windows 10 mobile. These XAPs can not get...
  5. H

    Thread [XAP]HomeBrew Market For wp7

    HomeBrew Market Is a New App For Downloading Homebrew Apps, It is the sequel of mmany great apps like bazzar,Dev store Specially crafted For wp7 phones It is Good And working app that can Download Any app that are HomeBrew, Please note It Only Works For wp7 Phones Which have Root tools, And in...
  6. P

    Thread Lost my source code / Need to decompile XAP

    I am the owner of a Windows Phone app that is on the Windows Store (v8.1). By accident all my recent source code was lost (except an old backup which I can provide as a proof of ownership) I need to get the XAP from the store and decrypt it somehow. Is this possible? Mod Edit: Link removed...
  7. P

    Thread [Completed] Lost my source code / Need to decompile XAP

    I am the owner of a Windows Phone app that is on the Windows Store (v8.1). By accident all my recent source code was lost (except an old backup which I can provide as a proof of ownership) I need to get the XAP from the store and decrypt it somehow. Please :crying: Is this possible?
  8. MaDaLiNoSt

    Thread [XAP][OEM] Collection of apps for lumia 630 [SAMSUNG][HTC]

    Hi! I decided to post here some ,,unsupported,, oem marketplace apps for other devices that also work on lumia 630. It is most likely to work on other devices than lumia 630, but since I only have this device, I can say that apps were tested before published here. (apps are open-source) All apps...
  9. ErickNoz

    Thread [XAP] [KIB] Internet Browser for Windows Phone 7

    Hi.. Here is an app for alternative app for Internet explorer . Whats New..! Smooth Scrolling Back/Exit Soft key New Platform scripts Network Enhancer by VIT More Tab New UI Uninstall Old Alpha Version Before Installing Beta 1.2 Some thing why is this? Just see its speed! 0.1 and more...
  10. Pasquiindustry

    Thread [XAP][27/02/2016][0.7] CustomWPSystem - patch XAPs easily within WPSystem folder

    Hi, following XDA user djamol tutorial, I've created an helper that allows in less click to patch system app to use OEM APIs This app is based on This tutorial from this topic (ok... seems that there's no more tutorial there) Remember that you need an SD card into your phone! NOTE | I've...
  11. W

    Thread [Q] WP 8.1 SDK appx utilites on x86 Windows?

    I have multiple apps content extracted from a WindowsApps folder and want to make an installable appx packages. Problem is, my hardware incompatible with Windows 8 x64 system - I have 2GB of RAM and AMD Athlon 64x2 dual-core 2.6 GHz processor which causes an error when I`m trying to install that...
  12. W

    Thread [Q] Windows Explorer and Pocket File Manager XAPs?

    Do anyone still have the xaps of those apps? • Windows Explorer version (no matter encrypted/marketplace or no) And if yes, can you share it? (Share to PM if you have decrypted/unlocked one because piracy is forbidden here) For sure, I need that for djamol method that was posted about...
  13. mikaelel

    Thread So Browser WP7

    Please, I need a file in xap: So Browser /Soredake Browser/ from ka'kuNote, inaccessible already in Marketplace for WP7 app.
  14. G

    Thread [XAP][SOURCE] Storage Cleaner 0.2.1

    Hi folks! So, inspired by the discoveries on this thread, I set about creating an app to easily discover and delete space-wasting files. This app is now in Alpha stage, and will be advanced to Beta as soon as it is feature-complete. Requirements: capability-unlock (interop-unlock plus...
  15. S

    Thread [App Collection] Apps for your interop-unlocked Samsung Windows Phone

    Hi folks, since useful apps for interop-unlocked devices start coming and they are spread out through those many threads I thought it would be good to have a centralized thread to find them all! It's also my way of saying thank you for your hard work. I'll try to keep this as updated as...
  16. F

    Thread [Request] 6tindr 1.2 xap

    Hey, I am really enjoying Rudy Huyn's genius Tinder client 6tindr since he published it, but I didn't catch the last update before it was pulled tonight. Is there anybody here who has got the update installed on a Samsung device? This would be really cool, as probably a lot of people like...
  17. C

    Thread [XAP] [BIG Update] Youtube 3.2 P3.2 now with 100% more HD

    **Update 02/11/2015** Google made some changes on the back end, so the url I was using "http://m.youtube.com/watch?ajax=1&tsp=1&v={0}&dummy={1}"; now returns a "redirect" message instead of the expected data. I can get it to work, but it will be ugly as I need to now manually parse the info...
  18. C

    Thread [XAP][LINK] Windows Phone 8 Preview for Developers

    Here is the official appstore link for the "Windows Phone Preview for developers" app. After installing this, and signing in on your dev-unlocked device, you will be able to download the OS changes that are GDR3...
  19. D

    Thread [tutorial] How to install XAP on Windows Phone - Legal Way [ for Dev unlocked ]

    Hello ! this tutorial is about " How to install XAP files in your dev-unlocked Device from PC using Application Deployment " Requirements : - The Windows Phone SDK ( Download SDK from Here ). - A dav-unlocked Windows Phone Device ( Here The Steps : Legal Way ). - And a Windows Phone Dev Center...
  20. AhmedElsharkawy

    Thread [XAP] Speed Connect

    your speed way to connect. Now you can connect from start screen . - open wifi , bluetooth , airplane mode ,data settings - Send Email , SMS - Add Contact Info - Send Email Message - Unofficial client for Readability - Read Arabic articles in clear Format - Send SMS in Arabic Open any web...
  21. mikaelel

    Thread [xap] UCBrowser V3 WP7

    jailbreak, last version in post 9
  22. AhmedElsharkawy

    Thread [Xap] Windows Phone Main Buttons Settings

    Windows Phone Main Buttons Settings 1-Disable Start , Back and Search Buttons Vibration And Save Battery "works with HTC Devices" . - Version 2 add features 2- Disable Power Button Sound . 3- Enable Camera Soft Button . A project by Ahmed Elsharkawy Based on WinTT and Uses...
  23. G

    Thread [XAP][Source] Webserver v0.6.0 (File uploads)

    Version Alpha 0.6.0 is now available I'm back! Not dead yet, I promise. This is actually a relatively small update in terms of user-facing features, with only one really big new thing - support for file uploading - but that's a lot bigger than it might sound. It's the first write support I've...
  24. mikaelel

    Thread [xap] small update,patch uc browser

    fixed a bug that causes login problem marketplace version - http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=6cda5651-56b9-48b0-8771-91dbc188f873 jailbreak version -
  25. mikaelel

    Thread jailbreak ucbrowser v3.0.0.285 wp7 mg pf47 (en-us) build 13052209.xap

    public version of xap installer (root)
  26. mikaelel

    Thread [xap] ucbrowser v3.0 beta

    a lot of changes, but without xap installer... http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=399728&uk=2735297985 http://dl.vmall.com/c0d6b3b1k8
  27. mikaelel

    Thread UCBrowser wp7mg pf47(Build13032823).xap

    http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=336169&uk=2735297985 http://wap.dls.ucweb.com/files/UCBrowser/zh-cn/999/UCBrowser_V2.9.0.263_wp7mg_pf47_(Build13032823).xap
  28. mikaelel

    Thread [xap] UCBrowser (Build 13032213)

    beta, not available in marketplace, with new features http://dl.vmall.com/c0hh7jbixx http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=319912&uk=2735297985
  29. mikaelel

    Thread [xap] UCBrowser WP7 (Build13031319)

  30. mikaelel

    Thread [xap] new ucbrowser

    jailbreak version: http://wap.uc.cn/files/UCBrowser/zh-cn/999/UCBrowser_V2.8.1.269_wp7mg_pf47_(Build13022618).xap wp store version: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/uc-browser/6cda5651-56b9-48b0-8771-91dbc188f873
  31. mikaelel

    Thread [xap] UCBrowser V2.8.0.249 wp release(Build13011818)

    it's not the alpha or beta version http://dl.vmall.com/c0rs8nvhkg
  32. mikaelel

    Thread [xap] UCBrowser V2.8.0.249 wp7mg pf47 alpha(Build13011420)

    stable version rendering optimization.full support for HTML5 features by default. find the text in page. download: http://dl.vmall.com/c0eobsozhj
  33. mikaelel

    Thread method decrypt files marketplace

    can manually download and installing xap files from marketplace ( http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/how-to/wp8/apps/how-do-i-install-apps-from-an-sd-card ) does not bring much new - it's still encrypted files; is still only one way to decrypt these files -...
  34. mikaelel

    Thread [xap] UCBrowser V2.7.0.223 wp (Build12121116)

  35. mikaelel

    Thread [xap] UCBrowser beta

  36. mikaelel

    Thread [xap][Root/FullUnlock] CacheClearer v2 by jessenic, jaxbot (windowsphonehacker.com)

    Clear IE, Maps, Office and apps cache. Description and download: http://windowsphonehacker.com/mobile/articles/app_cacheclearer-05-09-12
  37. mikaelel

    Thread [xap][root/fullunlock]official version ucbrowser 2.6 jailbreak

    after the alpha version / http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1945284 / of the new official version UCBrowser V2.6.0.213 wp pf47 (en-us) release(Build12102620) : http://l.app.wpxap.mobi:70/UCBrowser_V2.6.0.213_wp7mg_pf47_%28Build12102620%29.xap
  38. mikaelel

    Thread [xap][Root/FullUnlock]virtual button-TurnOffScreen/OneKeyScreenClose

    lock your device by press the icon not new, but useful application 2 different versions graphically https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=97a5027cb1b6cbee&id=97A5027CB1B6CBEE%21218
  39. mikaelel

    Thread [xap] ucbrowser new 2.6

  40. mikaelel

    Thread [xap][root/full]Program Manager

    Another piece of Ego, the creator Filebrowser, manager installed programs(on device). Run, unistall, xap package("\Applications\Data\12345678-87bf-4d87-a529-0dff41efd592\Data\IsolatedStore\Xap"), data backup("\Applications\Data\12345678-87bf-4d87-a529-0dff41efd592\Data\IsolatedStore\Data"), ...
  41. mikaelel

    Thread [xap]UCBrowser V2.5.0.202 wp7mg pf47 (Build12091221)

  42. mikaelel

    Thread [xap][root/full]update ucbrowser

  43. J

    Thread [APP][WP7] micro asana

    Hi guys, Since I still cannot post posts to WP7 specific group I will use this one. I'm in process of developing an application for accessing Asana from Windows Phone 7 device. Asana is a web based project management system. I'm ready to release version 0.0.1 - for the moment it is a read only...
  44. N

    Thread [XAP] BlueManager (previous name BluePhoto Beta)

    Hi all, this is an application to transfer photo from your WP7 phone to a remote device or to receive photo from outside using OBEX OPP rules over Bluetooth. It requires unlock device and it is based on DLLImport project. At this stage application has been tested with photo exchange to a...
  45. J

    Thread [App] Zero to Hero - Brand New App

    Hi, I developed a brand new app called "Zero to Hero". The app let's you explore your yet unplayed music, those of your songs that you haven't yet ever played on your phone. The key point: It's developed entirely using TouchDevelop, Microsoft's on device programming environment. Means it is...
  46. mikaelel

    Thread [xap][full/root]UCBrowser V2.4.0.188 wp7mg pf47 Build12081418

    new full version not alpha not from the marketplace with new features
  47. mikaelel

    Thread [xap][root/fullunlock]ucbrowser2.4alpha/from xap installer/

    to test
  48. A

    Thread [APP] Whatsapp 2.0

    If you need Whatsapp application.... http://htcfanboys.com/download/ElioBoot/?action=view&file=12182
  49. J

    Thread Tethering unlocker for Verizon Trophy

    Verizon released the Tango update with internet sharing, but the Connection Name is locked to Verizon. This tools is to remove the connection name, so the internet sharing can be used in any network. NOTE: YOU ONLY NEED THIS APP IF YOU ARE NOT USING VERIZON WIRELESS. IF YOU ALREADY WITH VERIZON...
  50. reker

    Thread [XAP]Detailed Call forwarding Settings

    More detailed call forwarding settings (compare to the settings-applications-phone-call forwarding) Support unconditional/busy/no response/unreachable forwarding. Support both Chinese and English interop-unlock / full-unlock needed GSM tested CDMA NOT tested