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  1. B

    Thread [Completed] [HELP] [Tapatalk app] "would you like to use saved draft"

    Tapatalk app won't let me attach any pictures to the post, It keeps asking me if I want to add the "previously saved draft" everytime I try to post a picture. I already tried choosing "start new" and "Yes", also tried clearing cache, data and reinstalling but nothing worked... I've posted on a...
  2. Jengle

    Thread [Q] Unknown error 11 when posting using xda android app

    When using the XDA android app, and posting to the general forums I am getting this error 11, unknown error, and no post is done. If I try to post to a developer forum I get the more specific error relating to not allowed to post (as I have not done my required 10 posts yet.) Search does not...