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xda app

  1. Stefanos53


    HI!!! I had downloaded the XDA application and when I opened it I got a message that you are NOT RESPONDING. Can you improve the application?
  2. sd_shadow

    Thread [Index] XDA 2021: Navigating the New Forum App

    Navigating the New Forum App [INDEX] Helpful Information Welcome, this thread has been created to encompass everything you may need to use this app. Please only post in this thread with feedback on how to improve this document. Do not post "Thank you" type responses. Do not use this as a...
  3. blk_jack

    Thread [OFFICIAL XDA][BETA][MAR 19]XDA Labs: Forum App + App Installer + Xposed Repo

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12/31/20: Important update: XDA Labs if officially discontinued. Read about it here. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  4. St3ve32

    Thread [APP][4.0+][FREE/PAID] XDA Forums by Cypher Studio™

    Disclaimer: not my work, just sharing this great app! Hi, I want to share this great app with everyone interested. After strugling with tapatalk, official xda app and many other I came over this app and after testing it I kept it as my deffault xda app. I never experienced any problems with...
  5. Tooleap

    Thread [APP][2.3+] Top News (Floating RSS & Social Reader) - The fastest way to read XDA

    Top News is a fast and elegant RSS reader floating at the top of your screen Top news places a small floating bubble on the top of your screen, that notifies you whenever new stories happen. Clicking on the bubble slides in a side-screen with all the latest headlines. Super fast, Super easy --...
  6. jpatt

    Thread [Completed] [Q] XDA app does not have 'new thread' or 'reply' capabilities

    I just upgraded from Note 2 to Note 4. I don't have the ability to create posts. What am I missing
  7. B

    Thread [Completed] [HELP] [Tapatalk app] "would you like to use saved draft"

    Tapatalk app won't let me attach any pictures to the post, It keeps asking me if I want to add the "previously saved draft" everytime I try to post a picture. I already tried choosing "start new" and "Yes", also tried clearing cache, data and reinstalling but nothing worked... I've posted on a...
  8. iTchill

    Thread [Q] market 3.5.15 or xda app problem..

    i upgraded the market/play store last night to 3.5.15 ,everything work well exept that im not able to download the xda premium app from the market it says (XDA premium could not be downloaded due to an error.(940)...) i have tried clearing cache,uninstalling update ,reinstaling ,reboot,power off...
  9. pissinguoff247

    Thread [Q] XDA app keeps crashing on Snowballed NT

    SOLVED Hey Guys, I snowballed my NT from stock 1.4.0 and can't keep XDA from crashing. I can view threads fine when NOT logged in, but as soon as I log in and try to open up any thread, it immediately force closes. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Dan
  10. ginodp

    Thread [Q] Buying the app with Paypal?

    Any op willing to help me out with buying the app with paypal. If posible to sent me the download link and I transfer the paypal money from my account. Its 1 euro :/ I will pay 2 euro :) if you like. I want that app :). Help me out. Thanks.
  11. malteschulz13

    Thread [Q] XDA Developers Tablet App

    The current XDA Android app isn't optimized for Android tablets or Android 4.0 for that matter. Maybe this this thread could get the ball rolling on both of those things.
  12. D

    Thread Unable to use Tapatalk or XDA app over 3G

    Hi all!! I am having some trouble when i try to access xda premium app or tapatalk to check if theres anything new in the threads i post. When using a wifi connection, everything works perfect, but when on mobile data (H+), i cannot post using my username, i cant check my favorites for new...
  13. B-boy™

    Thread [App][Themed] XDA - Transparent and Inverted

    This is just the free version obviously.. It installs like a normal app and has the option to choose between Transparent and Inverted within the app now...Normally we have to use the dark style as the transparent theme and that leaves the light style useless basically.. I rewrote some stuff and...
  14. D

    Thread [Q]Can't log in to XDA via XDA app!

    hi I just bought my new D2G via eBay (I'm using it in Korea with SKT(Korean wireless network company) network by the way) and I just downloaded XDA app for Android but I couldn't log in(even with PC mode). so I thought maybe I got my password wrong, but I managed to log in just fine with my...
  15. R

    Thread [Q] XDA android app is not foun in market anymore

    XDA android app is not found in market anymore. From market I am notified that there is an update for XDA-Developers but when I go into its market page I get not found. Can someone confirm that problem? I use SGS I9000 (PDA I9000XWJs5, PHONE I9000XXJPY, CSC I9000XENJS3). Thanks! PS: Paid...
  16. sepherian

    Thread [Q] Help!

    I have a Samsung captivate, rooted and on 2.2 The XDA wont let me login and i have the correct username and password. How do i fix/get around this??
  17. R

    Thread [Q] Question about tapatalk api (xda app): how can I parse the bbcode of the posts?

    Hello, I'm developing an application that uses tapatalk xmlrpc api to get the content of some forums. I've just reached the point where the user gets to the posts and I stumbled with this particular problem. I get the text of each post and put it on a textview. After that I put it in a textview...
  18. corlygunnz

    Thread [Q] {Question} xda app windows mobiles

    Is there a xda app for windows mobile or the HD2, like the one for android. to view all xda forums?
  19. ek9manr

    Thread Is there a XDA cab for wm?

    Just wondering if any good developer for windows mobile has created an app for xda, since they have one for android as well it would be great........
  20. M

    Thread Why is there no APP for XDA?

    I am, by no close means, knowledgeable enough to create an app on my own, despite my few recent time-restrained attempts to learn. I would think, considering how much this forum is used for android, that there would have been an app created that would make it easier to browse the vast ocean of...