xiaomi 12t

  1. maxrichard2706

    Thread Question Bluetooth problem in Xiaomi 12t (not the pro model)

    Hi all, I am using miui global version 13.0.5 I had some problems with the Bluetooth where when I turn on the Bluetooth it cant scan any other Bluetooth device and when I use another Bluetooth device to scan, my 12t is not found. But, when I just got the phone the Bluetooth still worked...
  2. darkguy2008

    Thread Xiaomi 12T (plato) how to get MIUI dialer, or flash China/Europe ROM with BL lock after flash?

    Hey! Yeah what the title says. Basically I'm bummed big time that the Google Dialer doesn't have automatic call recording activated. I used to have a Mi 8 Lite and the dialer/messages app there was awesome but I found out they're starting to use Google Apps now so that sucks. I've been reading...