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xiaomi redmi go

  1. amkin

    Thread Gaming in microg!

    i tried finding the best performing roms which can run games smoothly on my 1gb ram redmi go but after my long research on roms and all i found that microg is performing overall best! unfortunately it doesnt allow me to login to my game [free fire] what should i do? any answer will be appreciated!
  2. amkin

    Thread Orange fox recovery for redmi go[tiare]

    friends this thread is providing the orange fox recovery of the device: xiaomi redmi go this is alternate to those who need advanced recovery in there device other than twrp please check for issues i am using this for more than a month now no issues found *this is not my work*
  3. amkin

    Thread [Personal] tested gsi xiaomi redmi go

    hello guys, maybe you are thinking to root or already rooted your warranty is now void [validity over] so anything you do do it on your own risk if you need support we are up to you!! :cool: here i'll provide you all those roms which i tried and issues for which i quit so please follow...