xiaomi redmi note 4 mediatek

  1. N

    Thread Why is there so little ROM development for the MTK variant???

    I am genuinely dissapointed in how little development the mediatek variant has gotten since the past 5 years. I remember back when there was only one AOSP ROM in the MTK development forum, while the snapdragon variant was churning out new ROMs every minute. The last time I checked was 2018...
  2. Developers3.0

    Thread [ROM] Project x aosp android 6.0.1 (NIKEL) by Developers 3.0

    New Update Available 25/11/2017 the new rom is available for download with a new customization for rom AOSP now more smooth and fast update of pacth of security of android 6.0.1 in addition to performance for new games optimization for the system with new feature optimization and feature set...
  3. R

    Thread [Update] Project x aosp with animation resurrection remix xiaomi redmi note 4 mtk

    UPDATE 18/08/2017 • Google Play Protect • Google Connectivity Services (Update) • Interface Optimization • English Support (Input Language) • WiFi (Fix Bug) • Download ➤ https://goo.gl/CDxV8J