1. MysteryMan2016

    Thread Question Xiaomi 12 Pro 5G - MIUI 14 Stable?

    Hi @ All...! What about it? My own update check tells me that nothing new would be available for my Xiaomi 12 Pro 5G (currently TLBEUXM Stable)...! But this app (see screenshot 👇) already shows me the " (TLBEUXM) Stable" as available... 🤔 greetings, Heiko
  2. K

    Thread quick (small) question for model name compatibility, xiaomi

    Hi, I just want to ask quick question. Guides for Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A mention, a lot of (riva) model, but I have, MDG6 model that says in device. But the phone is 16GB variant, Redmi Note 5A So it should be fine? I can use this TWRP? And this bootloader method ? I plan to flash Lineage...
  3. sarabbafrani

    Thread Question Redmi note 11 pro plus (pissarropro) top of LCD flickering issue

    Generally, after 5 minutes of device operation, especially at 60Hz display refresh rate, a flicker appears on the top of the screen (when images with mixed colors are displayed). This problem exists on version R04 LCD flex and doesn’t exist on other versions (e.g., V01).
  4. J

    Thread Redmi 9 The system has been destroyed

    Hello everyone. My frined's phone doesn't turn on. It says on the screen: The system has been destroyed How can I write a custom ROM file? Brand is Redmi 9 Model is M2004J19G
  5. Oliwier1990

    Thread [help] no imei and baseband

    So i broke imei while flashing stock miui 12.5 and now its blank i removed RSA Security resistor im trying to fix it with modem meta but its stuck in connecting to MD is there any other tool for repairing imei? :mad:
  6. pilsudski

    Thread porting One UI

    Hi, I have a question if there is a way to port One UI 1.0 or newer for this phone. I'm not scared in hardbricking this phone because i can easily unbrick it, i just want to know if this is possible and if it is, could someone help me in it?
  7. chrisw444

    Thread Development Paranoid Android Topaz Beta 1 - Redmi Note 11 / 11 NFC

    We are very excited to announce the alpha/beta of Paranoid Android Topaz, based on Android 13. On the first launch, you’ll notice a clean setup with beautiful wallpapers from Hampus Olsson, who teamed up with us again to create several beautiful pieces of artwork. Hampus is a...
  8. A

    Thread Development [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][munch][13.0] LineageOS 20 | 22nd Jan, 2023

    *** Disclaimer I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device You have been warned LineageOS is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android, which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. LineageOS is based...
  9. A

    Thread I need Hardware ids for Redmi Note 5 Pro in fastboot mode when the Android Bootloader Interface driver is loaded

    To provide you with some context, I messed up a custom ROM install on my Redmi Note 5 Pro/Whyred Global version/ where the phone starts up and get stuck on the Orangefox Recover logo screen. I thought I could just reinstall Orangefox via fastboot and format the phone to start fresh but the...
  10. HollyMarijuanna

    Thread Question Trouble installing GSI on Camellian

    From what ive read in this forum, reddit, and the universal method, i would flash stock boot.img, empty vbmeta image then GSI system.img. So far, i have tried: Android 12 & 13 GSI from Google System_a flashes clean, on booting will restart once then boot to fastboot System_b returns: Pixel...
  11. A

    Thread Development SuperiorOS Custom Rom Redefined - Official | Android 13

    #SuperiorOS #BeSuperior #Official #T #Veux Custom Rom Redefined - Official | Android 13 Released: 20/01/23 ▪️ Download ▪️ Screenshot ▪️ Support Group ▪️ Source Changelogs ▪️ Flashing Guide ▪️ boot.img || vendor_boot.img Changelog: ▪️ Initial official release ▪️ SElinux Enforcing ▪️ Merged...

    Thread Question Mi 11 lite 5g NE motheboard died

    Does anyone know how to inform if putting the motherboard of the "mi 11 lite 5g" in the "mi 11 lite 5g NE" would it work? because I didn't find the mother board of the "NE" only the one of the mi 11 lite 5g normal! Are the components compatible? like screen, battery, cameras?
  13. 80_boom

    Thread Xiaomi GetApps weird upload error. It thinks apk name is not created package name?

    Trying to upload an apk to the Xiaomi app store and Xiaomi's GetApps Console says: "The package name does not match, please upload the Apk file with the same name as the created package". But they ARE the same. Been at this for a long time. Anyone uploaded to these guys before? Is there...
  14. R

    Thread Question Why do I have this strange logo in the bottom of my phone?

    Hello, I have this strange red eyes crossed logo at the bottom of my phone. It is there only when I use internet (Duckduckgo). I use the stock ROM. It wasn't here before, the only thing I can think of is that I debloaded Google Play services (among many others things). Also, I use...
  15. Leonniar

    Thread [CLOSED] Installed SB Patcher, now device won't boot.

    Hello guys, I really need your help here I don't know what to do. This is an android problem, specifically on Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro. I installed busybox SB Patcher (which is a modified version of lucky patcher from sbenny. com). I tried to use it and it crashed, after that all the apps on my phone...
  16. A

    Thread Looking for V12.0.26.0.RFQMIXM OTA zip.

    so my xiaomi mi a3 have been having random restarts and now it only shows “Can’t Load Android System Your Data May Be Corrupt” on the boot up screen. recovery mode is still available so i humbly ask if any of you have the V12.0.26.0.RFQMIXM OTA zip file i can use in ADB. would also ask if when...
  17. ebram96

    Thread No waiting message when calling someone and they're already on a call

    I've a strange behavior with Xiaomi A2. When I try to make a call and the one I'm calling is already on a call and they have call waiting enabled, my phone doesn't display anything like "Waiting" or something! How can I fix this? I tried checking the settings but no luck.
  18. NameFelixWarWeg

    Thread Question Help: Hard Brick???

    After a flash that went wrong (I don't know exactly what it was, but maybe the battery was dead - I was too stupid and didn't pay attention.) my cell phone no longer works. I see no fastboot and no recovery. screen black. Now I've been told it's probably a hard brick. What can I do now? Is it...
  19. K

    Thread Question Cell standby battery drain

    Hello, this is my cell standby while idle over night. Phone went from 100% to 20% over night. Phone is Mi 11i. How to fix?
  20. ronaldC

    Thread [partly solved][HELP] I have a problem compiling kernel device source

    Hey, everyone! I am compiling a kernel source for my device: Xiaomi Redmi 10 (Selene) and apparently, it doesn't compile successfully. I'm using WSL 2 Ubuntu on Windows 11 as a build environment. I used the following commands to install packages that are needed: sudo apt-get install git-core...
  21. D

    Thread Question Use LDAC and Dual Audio

    Hey there, so I've ordered the Sony WH-1000xm4 and Linkbuds S, both with LDAC, but no aptX support. To not be trapped in bad functioning SBC/AAC I want to activate LDAC to listen to my .flacs and co. Heard I have to go for customROM to do so, as I do have Android 12, but Xiaomi does not...
  22. Skyfall91

    Thread Do ROMS for Merlinx devices also work on Merlin devices?

    Hello community, I have problems finding a lightweight and working custom rom with good performance for my Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 (Merlin) device. The model name is M2003J15SS. First of all one question. Should ROMs for devices with codename "Merlinx" also run on my "Merlin" device? I first...
  23. D

    Thread Question Root for Xiaomi 13 Pro

    Can anyone confirm if we would be able to easily root Xiaomi 13 pro? I want to buy the phone only if it is possible to root this phone.
  24. C

    Thread Mi watch won't pair to my Pixel 4A

    Hello, I got a Mi watch for Christmas, but I can't pair it with my pixel 4A.😭 I tried with a samsung and xiaomi everything works fine but impossible with my Pixel. :confused: Do you have an idea ? Thanks
  25. Keven_Anjos

    Thread Question Redmi Note 10 Pro - Front Camera Problem!

    After I updated my Redmi Note 10 Pro to the latest version of Security Patch from Miui 13 Android 12, the front camera no longer worked. I downgraded to Miui 12 but it still doesn't work, someone help me?
  26. stoplookingmypic

    Thread Redmi 10C (fog/rain/wind) Telegram Groups and Channels

    Redmi 10C Global group: t.me/redmi10CChat Redmi 10C Brazil Group: t.me/redmi10Cbrazil Redmi 10C Updates Channel: t.me/Redmi10CUpdates
  27. K

    Thread [SOLVED] I need an urgent help!

    Hello. I have a Poco X3 NFC and this is my problem: I had OrangeFox recovery on it. I wanted to install another rom (from Arow OS because it wasn't work well), and one of the requirements was a decrypted device. I've flashed a file which is said it can decrypt it (and it did). After the flash, I...
  28. T

    Thread Making a multi-battery setup on your Mi 9T/K20/Pro, or any other Xiaomi Device

    Hello everyone! Some time ago, I watched a video by Geekerwan on making a DIY Gaming Phone and I figured why not try it on my Mi 9T with a swapped K20 Pro motherboard. (More about the motherboard swap here). This could be done with other devices as well but you will have to find specific files...
  29. bestiatester

    Thread [ROM][13][chiron][OFFICIAL] crDroid 9.1 Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

    *** Disclaimer I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device You have been warned crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the best features existent today Features...
  30. techily

    Thread BS3 screen not giving image. HELP

    Hello. I need help urgently.:cry: By the end of august, my phone's screen stopped giving image. I was playing and all of the sudden it lagged and turned pitch black. I took it to a technician and they told me it seem an LCD problem. I replaced the screen but that also didn't work. I replaced...
  31. S

    Thread MI 8 become slower after 1 week with custom roms

    Hi, I had this problem for a while. This happens only with custom roms. The phone Is fast and smooth for around 1 week, and at some point, the phone becomes slow and almost unusable at all. I'm actually using EvolutionOS and i used Pixel Experience for 1 year, restoring phone data every 1/2...
  32. darkguy2008

    Thread Xiaomi 12T (plato) how to get MIUI dialer, or flash China/Europe ROM with BL lock after flash?

    Hey! Yeah what the title says. Basically I'm bummed big time that the Google Dialer doesn't have automatic call recording activated. I used to have a Mi 8 Lite and the dialer/messages app there was awesome but I found out they're starting to use Google Apps now so that sucks. I've been reading...
  33. T

    Thread Question [SOLVED] Soft Bricked device stuck in boot loop, only fastboot working. No TWRP. MiFlash does not work. How can I fix this mess?

    Solution: I hardbricked my device because of my dumbness. This device is not veux... It s viva. Be cautious my friends... I unlocked my bootloader and wanted to install TWRP to flash a custom ROM to the device. Unfortunately, right after I tried, device got stuck in a bootloop (Mi logo...
  34. S

    Thread Can we install 4/64 TWRP backup on 6/128?

    Hello everyone, I had to buy a new motherboard (6/128) due to a motherboard failure, before the motherboard failed, I made a TWRP backup (4/64), so as I mentioned in the title, can I install the 4/64 TWRP backup on the 6/128? Will there be a problem? Note: I use translation, sorry if I...
  35. Mactha88

    Thread Question How to overclock?

    How to overclock my rn10s? İ don't find any kernel. How to rewrite any kernel for overclock?
  36. Patoilo

    Thread General Xiaomi Sensor Lottery - The Ultimate Poll

    Hi folks. :) It came to the attention of some users that Xiaomi mixes a lot the sensors that are used in this device. It´s indeed a lottery. Although this might not greatly affect conventional user experience, there are still some differences that can become relevant when addressing bugs, faulty...
  37. Patoilo

    Thread Question Bought two 256gb units - Got different cameras and sensors

    Hi folks. I bought two devices of the new 256/8 version - both with exact same firmware and model codes. After unpacking them and running HW Info on both, I realized that: - One came with s5khm2_i_samsung (f1.9) - The other came with s5khm2_ii_samsung f(1.89) - higher angle of view. Also, I...
  38. Tex2083

    Thread Unknown bootlooping problem on Redmi Note 10

    Hello, so about 2 days ago from now, my device, while waiting for the bus started to bootloop for no known reason. Skipping into this weekend, I have tried almost everything to get it working without the risk of any data loss, unsuccessful I am here. Right, so the main problem of the device is...
  39. H

    Thread Question Best solution for 3rd party launcher + gestures?

    Hello lovely community, I'm getting sick and tired of the stock MIUI launcher. I want something more simple, but the big issue for me, is the ability to use gestures. I've tried third party launcher along side Fluid Navigation Gestures app, but I don't think it's smooth enough. And it's...
  40. Buenos3

    Thread Bootloop after failed update

    Hi, I recently tried to download official miui update. I left the phone to install update but when i came back i saw miui updating that goes to 4.99% and restarts every time. Phone was connected to the charger and temperature was high (maybe it was reason why i update has failed). I wanted to...
  41. Mazurovec

    Thread Xiaomi redmi note 9(joyeuse) pixel experience

    Hi! I can't find the joyeuse ROM of pixel experience. Is there any model that works with joyeuse? If yes, could you please tell me where can I find joyeuse pixel experience??
  42. F

    Thread twrp for Huawei y5, Huawei p10 and Xiaomi Redmi 9c

    Hi! I need the twrp updates for the following devices: Huawei Y5 DRA-L21 CPU MT6739 System Android 8.1.0 Huawei P10 CPU Kirin 960 System Android 9 Xiaomi Redmi 9C CPU Octa-core System Android 10QP1A I've searched the devices listed in https://twrp.me/Devices/ but didn't find any of the 3...
  43. masonw1999

    Thread Xiaomi Redmi A1

    Hi I was wondering if this phone can be rooted any help would be appreciated I haven't ever owned a Xiaomi phone before thanks. Amazon Link
  44. addrss

    Thread DocumentsUI crash - Request Storage access

    Hi everyone! Please help ... DocumentsUI (com.android.documentsui) crashes after a request to access storage from a third party apps. Device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro Android: 12 SKQ1.210908.001 MIUI: SKFMIXM
  45. kadirilgin1453

    Thread How to unbrick redmi 9C?

    Hello, I accidentally bricked my redmi 9C phone and now it just has a black screen and when I plug the phone into the computer, I get the error "Unknown usb device (Device descriptor request failed)". My goal is to bypass the device and then flash it to fastboot. I think I installed all the...
  46. G

    Thread Question Xiaomi 11T - Whatsapp media download error

    I have a Xiaomi 11T for about 4 months and it had been working fine until today. Today I started experiencing a major issue when downloading things from Whatsapp Chats. Whenever I start a download, the app freezes and the download bar on the notification area remains stuck and I can't even...
  47. L

    Thread looking for firehose for xaomi redmi 7! Looking for firehose xaomi redmi 7 to bypass authentication in mi flash!

    Hello everyone, I have a brick xaomi redmi 7 which is completely a brick, I want to flash it through edl through the mi flash program, but I don’t have an authorized account, I saw that using the firehose substitution in the firmware file, you can bypass authorization, but I only saw such a file...
  48. leojyo

    Thread Mi 8 Lite stuck, fastboot not working.

    Ok so my Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite was (hard??)bricked because I flashed something I shouldn't have so now I can still access recovery mode TWRP but fastboot does not work at all. I've tried flashing lineage but when I boot it back up it just brings me back to TWRP after rebooting again. By fastboot not...
  49. leojyo

    Thread [CLOSED] Mi 8 Lite stuck, fastboot not working.

    Ok so my Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite was (hard??)bricked because I flashed something I shouldn't have so now I can still access recovery mode TWRP but fastboot does not work at all. I've tried flashing lineage but when I boot it back up it just brings me back to TWRP after rebooting again. By fastboot not...
  50. Pranav Temkar

    Thread [ROM][OFFICIAL][13]VoltageOS[RAPHAEL]

    VoltageOS 13.0 | Tiramisu for Redmi K20 Pro ABOUT Greetings, interested users! You have reached the gateway of a simplistic, no frills pure AOSP experience that will not let you down in getting through every day uninterrupted by inconveniences, with just the right dab of customizations. Be it...