1. I

    Thread YouTube Vanced causes random reboots

    Specs Redmi 5 plus 4/64 Custom ROM MIUI 12.5 Android 10 Xiaomi.EU by PaintYourAndroid for Vince Latest Magisk Latest YT VANCED When I try to watch some videos using YT VANCED the phone restarts out of nowhere and the MIUI logo starts flashing on the boot screen and it comes back to the lock...
  2. Cabeção-Flu

    Thread Question Miui 13 + Bluetooth AAC

    Hi, everyone. I bought a speaker that supports AAC codec but i only give SBC connection. I tried force it in Developer settings without success. I'm in Xiaomi.eu 13.0.3 with BALAAM Kermel and don't know if is a Miui, Xiaomi.eu or Kernel issue. Did anyone connect correctly a AAC device with...
  3. D

    Thread Miui xiaomi.eu 10 PIE debloating guide/informations

    General informations I have returned to miui xiaomi.eu 10.3.17 10.3.16 PIE (care your sensors break from downgrading) as i get really good results for battery and performance. I propably will stay on this rom until i get a new device, because of that i wasted a lot of hours to debloat my device...
  4. aalakib07

    Thread Best MIUI based Custom Rom?

    Hi guys, Please suggest the Custom Rom that you like the most, based on MIUI/Xiaomi.eu ... With OTA update enabled, better battery life, smooth performance... Currently, I am using Xiaomi.eu Beta Rom. But Beta for Mi 9 has been shut down. That is why searching for a good Rom to switch. Thanks...
  5. M1KTA

    Thread Question How to clean flash xiaomi.eu

    I came from lineageOS to xiaomi.eu, and after some time i started to see small bugs. Now i want to flash clearly xiaomi.eu rom through TWRP. What do i need to do? I know that i shouldn't wipe system and vendor partition. And i attach one bug for example.
  6. M1KTA

    Thread Question How to correctly flash xiaomi.eu

    Now I'm on LineageOS, i want to flash latest xiaomi.eu stable. I have an LineageOS recovery, not TWRP. I don't know how correctly install xiaomi.eu, without bricking my device. Please give me small instruction, this will really help me.
  7. D

    Thread Question Android 12 beta vs Xiaom.eu

    Guys, I need help here. Should I try android 12 beta? M using xiaomi.eu right now. Thanks in advance.
  8. C

    Thread Question Alarm Clock failure

    If the alarm clock or countdown starts during an application in the background, it cannot be ended. Only a restart will end the alarm. Xiaomi.eu stable 12.5.11
  9. vinhvinh2008

    Thread Faulty Xiaomi errors

    My phone is passing some very serious problem and it all happened in ONE DAY! First, it rebooted itself several times before I got it to boot again into the system. Then it automatically opens the shutdown menu and automatically locks itself. Then boom, it got itself into a bootloop and I...
  10. M

    Thread Question How can I get the euROM to show the 5g logo in the boot animation?

    起動アニメーションに MIUI ロゴのみが表示され、5G ロゴは表示されません。バージョンは、xiaomi.eu ウィークリーの 12.6 最新バージョンです。何か私にできることはありますか?
  11. V

    Thread How To Guide How to UNLOCK Xiaomi Mi 11 & Install Custom TWRP & Xiaomi.eu MIUI 12.6

    Hi guys, I ve created a thorough guide on how to: 1. Unlock Xiaomi Mi 11 2. Flash custom TWRP recovery 3. Install custom Xiaomi.eu MIUI 12.6 MOD EDIT: LINK REMOVED Hope this might be useful for someone decided to go that route.
  12. jericho246

    Thread Question Is installing Xiaomi.EU ROM on Global model worth it?

    First of all apologies for my ignorance. I only had one Xiaomi phone in the past, which was a Mi Mix 3 now the Mi 11 Ultra will be my second. From my understanding, Xiaomi.eu ROMs are derived from the official CN ROMs. But is it worth the effort to install the EU ROM on a Global model? I guess I...
  13. D

    Thread [Guide][MIUI] Fastest Mi 9 Lite in the World with long battery life

    Hi everyone! In this thread I want to share all the mods that I’m using on my Mi 9 Lite. After a lot of search, I made this phone really fast, and I really recommend to give a try. You need: - Mi 9 Lite with unokcked bootloader - Patience First, the ROM. What rom for a low supported device...
  14. ReyvaJ86

    Thread Flashing Firmware DOUBT

    So, Poco M3 Firmware have been updated last March 21st and I've just flashed the Xiaomi.eu on my Poco M3 and I'm wondering if flashing the new updated firmware is needed? Is the Xiaomi.eu compatible with this updated Firmware? Does anyone know at all?
  15. ingbrzy

    Thread [ROM][MIUI][citrus] Xiaomi.eu ROM for POCO M3

    wew very quick tho... Gonna install this when my brother's Poco M3 will arrive... He's an IPhone SE 2020 user and just purchased Poco M3 because he thought the smoothness of the X3 (its 120hz Refresh Rate) (I have Poco X3) will be the same on the M3... he's really obsessed with my X3 tho because...
  16. A

    Thread [Magisk] Eu+Evg Mod for weekly firmware from xiaomi.eu

  17. A

    Thread [Magisk] Eu+Evg Mod for weekly firmware from xiaomi.eu

  18. A

    Thread Eu+Evg Magisk Mod for weekly firmware from xiaomi.eu

  19. A

    Thread Eu+Evg Magisk Mod for weekly firmware from xiaomi.eu

  20. ingbrzy

    Thread [ROM][MIUI][apollo][apollopro] Xiaomi.eu ROM for Xiaomi MI10T / MI10TPro / Redmi K30S Ultra

    How to install Xiaomi.eu ROM for Xiaomi MI10T / MI10TPro / Redmi K30S Ultra [apollo][apollopro] We will release fastboot ROM versions until TWRP for apollo is released TWRP is released so we will release only TWRP versions from now.. Steps to install our ROM for FIRST TIME from China ROM...
  21. S

    Thread Mi Messaging and Phone App in xiaomi.eu ROM

    Hello, I had recently purchased mi 9 lite and noticed that xiaomi has replaced mi messaging and phone app with google messages and phone app now. I want to know that, if anyone is using xiaomi.eu ROM, does xiaomi.eu ROM too has google messages and phone app or they have mi messaging and phone...
  22. vinydasilveira

    Thread Top 50+ Bloatwares safe to remove from MIUI12/12.1 Xiaomi.eu.

    Tested on Poco F1, Mi 8, Redmi 5 Plus and Mi 8 Pro. I am not responsible for damage to your device or soft bricks. All apps and files are optional. I am not forcing you to remove them. You can do this through Custom Recovery TWRP (Mount system) and if you have root you can remove it through...
  23. vinydasilveira

    Thread Mi 8 Pro Antutu Benchmark

    After these years This device is still in good shape. I did this test with MIUI12.1 - xiaomi.eu 20.8.20. No custom kernel, no root. Mi 8 Pro
  24. 0

    Thread HELP! I Flashed a corrupted ROM and now I can not unbrick my phone

    A few days ago I bought a Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, I unlocked its bootloader successfully and installed OrangeFox Recovery Project. After that, I installed xiaomi.eu ROM EMUI 12 - Android 10, the latest version of the weekly ROMs for this phone. Since it was a beta ROM, I found some bugs, so I...
  25. ingbrzy

    Thread [ROM][MIUI][joyeuse] Xiaomi.eu ROM for Redmi Note 9 Pro Global

    How to install Xiaomi.eu ROM for Redmi Note 9 Pro Global [joyeuse] We will release fastboot ROM versions until TWRP for joyeuse is released TWRP is released now: - Download ROM zip - Install in TWRP - Reboot Steps to install our ROM for FIRST TIME from China ROM (All your data and files on...
  26. P

    Thread Magisk v20.4 what's wrong

    Hi all, i just rooted my phone (mi9t) and installed Xiaomi.eu and magisk and i was researching for modules to download. And i stumbled upon a wall. Every single module that i tried to install has failed because it need Magisk version 17-19. What's happening ? Have the devs stopped updating their...
  27. X

    Thread Microphone clipping in audio and video recordings

    When i record any audio or video, the audio is clipping, like if there is a lowpass filter on it. This especially happens in loud environments, or when there is an high presence of low frequencies. For example on Instagram stories the audio is really bad even if it's not loud and it's really...
  28. h8Aramex

    Thread How to flash Xiaomi.eu firmware on Xiaomi Mi Note 10 - step-by-step guide

    So this guide was written by DeathByArmadillo who partly copied it from user "Danmue" from an old post. Anyway, it works. Tested on Mi Note 10 with Global rom. Just re-posted it in it's own thread because the information was a bit scattered among the threads. What you will need: - An unlocked...
  29. Rockmadeofrock

    Thread Can you downgrade from MIUI 11 (any version) to MIUI 10 if necessary?

    I am looking to flash Xiaomi.eu 9.12.12 (based on android 10) from global stable (based on android 9) but before I do I want to make sure I can go back if I need to. On the Xiaomi.eu page the MiMix 3 is not listed as having ARB enabled but other sites like the Mi forums and Reddit say...
  30. Rockmadeofrock

    Thread Xiaomi.EU compatibility in the United States

    Is anyone using any version of Xiaomi.eu in the U.S.? I am on global stable and want to try out Xiaomi.eu to try Android 10 and (hopefully) have working bluetooth codec support, but I'm a little nervous of trying out what is technically a China based ROM in the US when the global...
  31. M

    Thread [ROM] [Stable] MIUI 11 xiaomi.eu -

    XIAOMI.EU ROM based on MIUI 11 Stable China (Android Pie) For Redmi Note 5 Pro (Whyred) Version dated 04 Nov 19 Direct Download SourceForge OR AndroidFileHost File name: xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote5Pro_V11.0.2.0.PEICNXM_v11-9.zip I will try to update this thread as & when new...
  32. C

    Thread Google Pay with unlocked Bootloader without root (Android 10)

    Hello, I just flashed Xiaomi.eu ROM 9.10.17. How can I use Google Pay with it? I guess the unlocked Bootloader is preventing Google Pay? When I install Magisk Manager to check if I pass safety net it passes.
  33. MarvinMe

    Thread Revolution OS vs Xiaomi.eu - which one would you recommend?

    I've heard good/bad things about both of them. I've used xiaomi.eu on my former RN5pro and was very happy however if the experience is better with revolution OS I would give it a try (regarding battery/performance/bugs etc.) Thanks guys! Have a great day :highfive:
  34. I

    Thread Installing xiaomi.eu Rom after running pixel experience

    i was running pixel experience rom and i wanted to switch to xiaomi.eu rom. I wiped internal storage, data etc. , but the rom says device is locked and asks for my mi account password. It always says wrong password , i cant unlock it.
  35. P

    Thread eu 8.12.13 - Lockscreen notifications

    9.1.3 seems to pretty flawless so far. But there is one issue. Most apps don't get lock-screen notifications. Does anybody else have this issue too? You can test this with the open source app (no ads) Radiodroid2. It is not possible to get a lock-screen notification for that app, despite...
  36. kngharv

    Thread navbar's home/menu and statusbar's setting doesn't work

    Dear all: I've been using xiaomi.eu ROM since very beginning. At the time I received xiaomi Mix 2 Feb of 2017, the xiaomi.eu ROM was the only ROM that is stable enough for daily use. because MIUI's confusing number scheme, I*accidentally upgraded to Android Oreo. In that process, many of...
  37. T

    Thread Questions regarding xiaoumi.eu ROM

    I made the update from stable global to beta global last week, because I needed to unlock bootloader. Now my plan was to wait for the first stable release of Lineage, but I didn't know about Xiaoumi.eu rom and that headphone volume was so bad on this stock (beta) rom... Now my questions are...
  38. yshalsager

    Thread [ROM][MIUI9][7.8.24] Xiaomi.EU Multilang + Global / China Developer ROM Downloads

    Hi guys, Here is latest miui9 ROMs official developers / EU Xiaomi.EU :good: For those who don't know EU ROM, here's some features: ROMs features (Whats not in Global): Based on China Stable / Weekly builds (except HMNote3SE) Enabled search gesture (swipe up) on the desktop Enabled MiDrive...
  39. M

    Thread Xiaomi.EU ROM patches for DPI change & replacement of Xiaomi apps with Stock apps

    Hi all, I have created a few TWRP installable Zip files to modify a Mi Max 2 (or indeed any other MIUI8 phone) in order to make the Max 2 more closely resemble a Stock Nexus or Pixel phone. There are three sets of zip files, all of which patch Xiaomi.eu firmware: MIUI to Google Apps - this...
  40. xdadevet

    Thread What happened to Xiaomi.eu?

    Their website is still listed on google but I can't access it. I tried multiple devices, browsers and a VPN and still no luck. It seems to be down from the server side. Does anyone know what happened to them and whether the fault is on my side?
  41. bad_request

    Thread [ROM][OFFICIAL]Xiaomi.eu[RN4/mido]

    Features: Enabled search in statusbar Enabled search gesture (swipe up) on the desktop Enabled MiDrive in File Explorer Added landscape mode for SMS app Sunrise/Sunset in the weather app Google apps support integrated No useless Chinese bloatware apps More free RAM due to less background...
  42. a.cid

    Thread Xiaomi.eu ROM Discussion Thread [Snapdragon/kenzo]

    I couldn't find any threads in this forum for discussions on the Xiaomi.eu rom releases. What is Xiaomi.eu? Xiaomi.eu is a custom ROM based on MIUI. Per my knowledge, Xiaomi.eu roms started off as a way to get a more "European" experience out of MIUI, which was predominantly Chinese. This...