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  1. M

    Thread Integration of User Address by Huawei Identity Kit in Android apps (Kotlin)

    Introduction In this article, we can learn the integration of user address in apps by Huawei Identity Kit. The Identity Kit provides an easy interface to add or edit or delete user details and enables the users to grant permission for apps to access their addresses through a single click on the...
  2. M

    Thread Demonstration of different Layouts of Harmony OS in Fruits App part-1(Java)

    Introduction In this article, I have created a HarmonyOS Sample application to demonstrate its different types of layouts used in HarmonyOS to design the UI. It will helps to developers to create and design simple and complex design requirements. HarmonyOS is a next generation operating system...
  3. M

    Thread Expert: Search product by Image category label using Huawei HiAI

    Introduction In this article, we will learn how to integrate Huawei image category labeling. We will build an application with smart search feature where using image from gallery or camera to find the similar products. What is Huawei Image category labeling? Image category labeling identifies...
  4. M

    Thread Beginner: Integration of Landmark recognition by Huawei ML Kit in apps (Kotlin)

    Introduction In this article, we can learn the integration of landmark recognition feature in apps using Huawei Machine Learning (ML) Kit. The landmark recognition can be used in tourism scenarios. For example, if you have visited any place in the world and not knowing about that monument or...
  5. Y

    Thread Circles changing colour with status

    Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to make a few circles that change colour depending on a trigger? For ex. if the app is displaying temperature of the user, the circle will be green if the temperature is in a normal range, red if the temperature is a low grade fever and blue if a high...
  6. S

    Thread Beginner : Building Custom model using Huawei ML kit Custom Model

    Introduction Are you new to machine learning? If yes. Then let’s start from the scratch. What is machine learning? Definition: “Field of study that gives computer capability to learn without being explicitly programmed.” In general: Machine learning is an Application of the Artificial...
  7. SuperIronOut

    Thread Found Some Interesting Files in system/etc/sysconfig/

    I am on SM-G975U1 so needless to say I am not rooted, but whilst perusing the system files I came across 2 Samsung .cert files; both of which are not installed in security certificates, or user certificates, though they can be. The other is nfcee_access.xml, which I'll get into the details of...
  8. ThePiGuy3141

    Thread Working GCam and config for S20+ Exynos

    This is what the title say. Download the latest version on ZGcam here Download my config file below NOTE: Front camera and other cameras will not work with GCam because they do not support the Camera2API. At least that's what I think. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Another thing...please...
  9. Y

    Thread [APP] Xml parser

    Hello xda-developers members and visitors. I am very happy to present you my application xml parser. the application convert xml files or text to a json file and to a beautiful table. your suggestions to improve the application will be more than welcome. you can download the application from the...
  10. S

    Thread Xposed how to replace XML resource in framework-res android package

    I am trying to replace the xml resource "config_webview_packages" in android package. I've tried both systemWideReplacement and setReplacement in hookinit resource XposedBridge.log("Detected android package"); XModuleResources modRes = XModuleResources.createInstance(MODULE_PATH, null)...
  11. shadowtuy

    Thread Need help with installed 3minit Battery!

    OK so i have been working on moddifing my LGSystemUI.apk file all week. Everytime i go to compile i get XML errors. Can Someone help me and give me some pointers? the UI already has everything else to make 3minit work just not enabled in status bar and system icons xml.
  12. J

    Thread Editing /system with Magisk

    Guys, I'm sorry but I have an obtuse question. There have been a handful of mods that modify your ROM using Magisk systemless root. As I understand, Magisk roots without touching the /system folder to keep from breaking SafetyNet. Is that correct? I ask because I know Arise4Android has a...
  13. Q

    Thread Call UI Brightness Issue

    Hi guys, so I'm currently running a translated Norma rom and I've been having this issue for a while. When I make a call, the screen will dramatically dim 5 seconds into the call, then at 25 seconds the screen will go black like I put it up to my ear, but the phone is actually 5 feet away from...
  14. N

    Thread Shell command to edit variable in xml file

    Hi All! I'm trying get tasker to change the keyboard theme when I invert screen colors and to achieve I need a little help with the shell command. The xml file that stores the keyboard theme variable is in com.google.android.inputmethod.latin and the variable is keyboard_theme, which I'd like...
  15. M

    Thread How Do I Search and Parse a Large XML Index File in Tasker?

    As part of my wake up profile, (the tasks for which I have written or poached and modified) the profile resets volumes, display brightness, enables autosync, toggles radios, etc. When the alarm sounds and is dismissed, my phone greets me with well wishes while it retrieves a number of files...
  16. TimurAlaskara_TR

    Thread ✂ [MODS][COLLECTION] Mods For Lollipop [18/07/2016]

    Hi Guys, About one year ago I wrote this Thread for small mods on Note 4 Mini Rom. I made THIS thread for mods for all Lollipop Rom. I will do many Mods for this Lollipop and share these here. Note that I gave my Note 3 neo to my small brother, so working on this device for bigger mods I...
  17. ecrab1

    Thread Any way to create a flashable file to modify an XML file?

    I need to create a file to change <device name="SND_DEVICE_IN_HANDSET_MIC" acdb_id="40" /> in /system/etc/audio_platform_info.xml to <device name="SND_DEVICE_IN_HANDSET_MIC" acdb_id="4" /> Is there any way to create a zip file or something that could do this automatically when flashed in recovery?
  18. H

    Thread [Q] How to take a Backup of all AndroidManifest.xml's?

    Hello, everyone. :) Is there any way to take a backup of all AndroidManifests.xml on an Android Device? ALL Free Apps ALL Paid Apps ALL System Apps And where can you find them on the ES-File Explorer or any other File Explorer? The app „Android System Information" can actually view all...
  19. H

    Thread [Q] Two ways to define onClick method. What is difference between them?

    There are two ways to define Button onclick, one of them is to create instance for BUTTON which defined in XML, then use setOnClickListener() to define private method to deal with What BUTTON was pressed. Another is declare OnClickListener method in XML. I personal consider it is much easier way...
  20. io_gh0st

    Thread [Q] Implementing PIN-lock screen into Android app

    I've been searching restlessy for the past 2 days for a simple way to implement a PIN-styled lockscreen into my app. I already have the layout for it, but I don't know how to make it secure and I don't know how to make the damn keyboard to not appear when I touch the EditText contained in it. Do...
  21. ccheww

    Thread How to get Tasker-Exported App to show up on Home Launcher selection?

    Cant seem to find this anywhere, How do i set Launcher intents for my app that I exported from Tasker? I need to edit the manifest file if I cant set these intents through Tasker before exporting. Has anyone tried this? I havnt been able to successfully decompile the exported app, edit the...
  22. M

    Thread [Q] APN Defaults Wrong - Tricky Problem

    I have two Samsung Rugby I547 phones. One was originally on the Bell network, and the other was originally on Bell's sister network Telus. I have used ODIN to flash them both to stock Telus firmware. Both have been sim unlocked to work on the MTS (Canada) network. So far so good. However...
  23. Ticklefish

    Thread XML 101 - XML Modding Made Easy!

    http://tinyurl.com/xmlmadeeasy If you're modding Android, eventually you're going to have to edit some XML. Want to center the clock in your statusbar? Rearrange the icons in your navbar? Change the layout of your notification screen? Get rid of a carrier label? Change the colour of some...
  24. B

    Thread [Q] [Help!] Remove AT&T from Status Bar

    I've a lovely ZTE Z998, and I enjoy it very much. I've been modding it slowly, and I've come to a liking with its look and feel. I've installed the Xposed Modules, Gravitybox and Tinted Status Bar, and I enjoy the flush design. There is just one flaw in it. I can not seem to remove the...
  25. JT1510365

    Thread [Q] xml problem

    hey guys i want to edit twstatusbar.xml with notepad++ but every time I open the file i just get this weird wording or lettering is something wrong? Note this also happens with other xml files too! here is a screenshot:
  26. K

    Thread [Q] How to import/ restore vmg sms backup to android?

    I have got an old Samsung mobile that exports all the SMS in .vmg format ? How can I restore those messages on my android format ? Is there any tool to convert .vmg messages to .xml so I could restore using SMS Backup & Restore ? Or is there any app to restore from .vmg files directly like...
  27. Kdio

    Thread [DEVELOPING IDEA] Compiling XMLs Only

    Hi All I've received a request from a fellow themer if there is anyway we could compile a XML without providing its resources. At the moment, AFAIK (which is almost nothing), we are incapable of compile XMLs without providing all the resources addressed by them. XML resources are addressed...
  28. Dr. Globbyglob

    Thread [HTC] Help with adding settings to sense 4.1

    Hello, I am willing to add different options to htc settings in sense 4.1/4.0. Can anyone guide me please on how to do this. I have searched but i only found one for aosp roms. Those didn't work.. I have VTS Studio too. Thanks
  29. asdfasdfvful

    Thread [Guide] EvolveSMS Themes

    Like many other devs, I like to work hard and create new themes to separate myself from the others, especially to make back the $25 that I spent on getting the developer account. However, I myself have only started “developing” a few months ago, so I realize how tough it is to get help when no...
  30. D

    Thread Titanium Backup will not restore SMS & MMS

    I have a 68MB SMS database file and it failed restoring at around 30% now when I try to restore my messages it says: "Restoring data from XML Messages (SMS & MMS)" 0% 0/1 It has been there for about 1 hr and only comes out when I reboot. Any ideas how to fix this?
  31. oZo

    Thread [Q] Unable to save XML file after edit.

    Hello. I am trying to edit the platform.xml, to give me write capabilities to my SD card, on NAB stock bootloader. Running freeza's NABD, rooted. I have the TWRP from the NAB(D) leak thread. I can edit the file, I just can't save it?
  32. Dims_Camper

    Thread [ASK] Different between Gingerbread BBM and ICS BBM

    what xml codes that makes different between GB BBM and ICS BBM, as we know.. ICS BBM didnt work in GB. thanks. :D
  33. natezire71

    Thread [XML] Issues with a RelativeLayout/LinearLayout

    I've posted this over on StackOverflow but am still at an impass. I have the following code. (Pastebin for those who prefer it) <RelativeLayout xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android" xmlns:tools="http://schemas.android.com/tools" android:id="@+id/background"...
  34. J

    Thread [Q] .xml file unreadable

    I am trying to edit some android apk's with apktool and elipse. I successfully decompiled the app, but when I go to eclipse and look at the .xml files, they are not in English. Just weird symbols. How can I translate this into English? And if I do, Do I have to convert it back to the weird...
  35. rahimali

    Thread [Q] Trouble restoring data backed up with Titanium Backup

    Hello, I was handed an i9100 with stock Samsung GB on it and requested to migrate it to cm10.x. I backed up accounts, bt pairings, bookmarks, call logs, messages, and wifi access points with Titanium Backup, then flashed dorimax kernel and then cm 10.1.3 stable. now i'm trying to...
  36. MidnightHarvester

    Thread How to Edit XML Files on Your Device (AIDE/Axel)

    Here is a method for editing xml files directly on from your phone (as well as a fully functional Eclipse compatible IDE). I'm going to sleep so I'll post a reply I made in another thread first, and clean up in the morning. Have fun..G'night...
  37. P

    Thread i need a little help with this

    hey, i'm trying to make an app in android studio and get some errors in my androidmanifest.xml when using inspect code. This is my first app and i'm sure i missed something essential...pls help My xml file looks like this: <manifest xmlns:android="...." android:versionCode="1"...
  38. Roach_

    Thread [GUIDE][HOW TO]Create Android Menus

    Informations In an Android Application, the menu is one of the most important user interface entities which provides some action options for a particular view. In this Guide I'm discussing about Creating Android Menus. Below is a screenshot of the final output: Guide In this Guide we are...
  39. Exleh

    Thread [Q] [THEME Q]Issues Theming Kik Messenger?

    Hey everyone, I was not quite sure where to post this so I'll put it here. I recently took on the task of theming the KIk Messenger app. I sucessfully decompiled and edited images, but I want to change the chat background. There is no .9.png or .png for this in the drawable-xhdpi folder. So...
  40. Wetzel402

    Thread XML parsing-best method, general discussion

    I am relatively new to programing and have been teaching myself as I go. I am trying to now integrate ESPN's API into my app which outputs XML data. I have done enough research to understand that I need to use an XML parser and that the XML can be displayed as a list view or web view by adding...
  41. TheFixItMan

    Thread [Guide] [Apktool] [Drag2sign] guide for decompiling apks to edit xml files & sign apk

    [Guide] [Apktool] [Drag2sign] guide for decompiling apks to edit xml files & sign apk I know there is already an apktool guide here but I have created this one to link with my how to make any status bar transparent guide (link at bottom of this guide) Things you will need Java development...
  42. G

    Thread I need one file to make my I780 alive - please help

    Hi Could anyone of You post xml file for WM 6.5 with standard home screen configuration or HTC today screen, without any additional plugins or could You tell me how to unpack it from cab ? I understand that everything what is displayed on home screen is saved in xml file and when and at...
  43. G

    Thread [Q] I need one file to make my I780 alive - please help

    Hi Could anyone of You post xml file for WM 6.5 with standard home screen configuration or HTC today screen, without any additional plugins or could You tell me how to unpack it from cab ? I understand that everything what is displayed on home screen is saved in xml file and when and at device...
  44. R

    Thread XML serializer help

    Hi guys, I'm very new to programming (especially Android/Java) I was originally making a game using XNA/C# as I found a very good program called SpriteVortex and an example of how to animate irregular spritesheets. However, i've lost interest in XNA (even though I find it amazing and easy to...
  45. R

    Thread [Q] XML serializer help

    Hi guys, I'm very new to programming (especially Android/Java) I was originally making a game using XNA/C# as I found a very good program called SpriteVortex and an example of how to animate irregular spritesheets. However, i've lost interest in XNA (even though I find it amazing and easy to...
  46. J

    Thread [Q] Configure signal type icon on the status bar

    Hi. I'm using a custom rom based on Latin America Retail for XT860. It's set to show the signal type icon (3G/E) even when data is disabled. I want to set it to appear only when data is enabled (like in the stock roms), i know it can be set editing the xml files but i don't know wich file and...
  47. R

    Thread Help with XML NodeList

    Im a noob to Android programming but have some experience with xml in other languages, here is what i have.... This is my XML <myrooms> <room type="private" lastupdate="1347500059" roomname="03EBFDF4AB76E9599A979AB1FED4" roomalias="Ryan,,,chronic Chris"> <entry timestamp="1347493468"...
  48. bobfrantic

    Thread [Q] Help needed please with edit of systemui.apk please.

    I am trying to port the Status Bar Tweaks here (the deodexed version) to my systemui with 14 toggles. I copy all the required (to the best of my knowledge) smali files and make the correct edits to status_bar.xml and ids.xml in values (again to the best of my knowledge). APKtool will rebuild...
  49. F

    Thread [Q] How to edit, successfully, twframework-res.apk?

    Hi all! I try edit twframework-res.apk (some images + some xml's) but it has no effect. I try doing wipe dalvik-cache and wipe cache, but nothing, images no change... xml no apply... i dunno what to do. Any idea? Thanks!
  50. W

    Thread [Help] [Mod] Change Notification Color JB

    I want to change this To look like this so the notification that are grey and ugly will match the black pretty background like in gsxrdon ICS black mod for 4.1 (that mod makes me bootloop that's why I don't use it)I have already gone over all the images in systemui.apk so I have got to...