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xperia 1 mark 3

  1. lemon90

    Thread Question Rom Global Sony 1 III SO-51B DOCOMO JAPAN

    hi, i am using sony 1 mark 3 SO-51B docomo version.I have question is this version can flash global rom or not? Thanks a lot.
  2. S

    Thread Question Shutting down every time screen turns off

    Hi all, Received my 1 iii yesterday, spent several hours setting it up, tweaking, testing, transferring files--and love it. Been an LG V-series user for the last six years, but with LG bowing out and having moved toward radiused corners, rounded glass, notches, etc. anyway--I'm very glad Sony...
  3. D

    Thread Question Flash rom for XQ-BC72 (China)

    Hello Version China XQ-BC72 can flash rom HK international version ? Thanks!