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  1. ajiththiruvatta

    Thread [Guide] Sony Xperia Arc LT15i Stock ICS (4.1.B.0.587) [ROOT, CWM]

    After the official ICS (4.1.B.0.587) update, I searched a lot in XDA forums inorder to root and install CWM Recovery on Xperia Arc. I looked everywhere for a solution but I can't find any threads related to ICS Rom. But somehow, i rooted successfully and installed CWM. So i decided to share it...
  2. H

    Thread Help with new ROM LewaXperia

    Hi, Greetings to all,I have been trying to get my hands dirty (learn a thing or two on ROM development) for a very very long time but never had the courage to take the plunge ! Finally I have decided to do it albeit a safer way,I have tried to port latest LEWAOS to Arc using the porting tool...
  3. 3

    Thread [ROM][4.4.4][Official] NamelessROM [NIGHTLIES]

    What is NamelessROM? NamelessROM Gerrit Review ANNOUNCEMENT: We are looking for Device Maintainers to expand our support, please visit our IRC channel or PM Evisceration, or jumoog for information. Disclaimer Got a bug report? Want to request a feature? Need extended...
  4. 3

    Thread [ROM][Cyanfox] [ CM-11 | KITKAT 4.4.2] [FEB20] | Unofficial | [Xperia Arc/S]

    CyanFox is a free, community built distribution of Android 4.4.2 kitkat which greatly extends the capabilities of your phone and to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. * Cyan Fox is a light-weight Android 4.4.2 custom ROM, which is based on AOSP/Android...
  5. CedArctic

    Thread [KERNEL][Sense 4.1][ALPHA][DEV-Only][11 Sep] // xSense Kernel // Sense 4.1 Compatible

    xSense Hey guys ;) . Welcome to my latest kernel for the Xperia Arc / S. This kernel is created to be able to run the HTC Sense experience on your Xperia handset. Many people will say: What do we need this!? We have no Sense ROM! . They are absolutely correct and that's why I am working on a...
  6. CedArctic

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] SlimBean 5 [MR3][4.2.2]

    SlimBean 5 Brought to you by CedArctic & Akateha - Team Pear Crew Well our device needed a light and fast Android Build. So I bring you the only port of SlimBean 5 (4.2.2) for our device. This is a port based on the ROM besttt and his friends. It's actually a nightly but it is stable enough...
  7. TheJurassien

    Thread [Q] Xperia Arc learnt how to swim and failed

    Hi everybody! My Xperia Arc felt into water. I put it in rice 2 days, and screen started, but black. But yesterday, the phone started, and worked, but touchscreen bug :It seemed to have fingers on it. But after some minutes, at times it works. The screens bugs a little when luminosity is low...
  8. N

    Thread [SOLVED][Xperia Arc]Playing recorded video causes Album and Camera app to crash

    Okay as the title suggests Previously I had rooted my friends Xperia Arc (Ignore my signature, that indicates my phone) and here is what was done: Unlocked Bootloader Flashed Vengence Kernal Installed Xperia Ultimate HD 3.0.2 So it worked Everything was fine, smooth and all but my...
  9. E

    Thread [Q] Contacts not viewing contacts after root and installing custom roms

    I have currently 2 problems with my Arc. When I rooted my phone and tried to export my contacts from Drop box, it would say that it finished importing but when I go back to contacts there is no contacts inside. I also tried adding contacts but that wouldn't show. Secondly I tried to install...
  10. mr_torture

    Thread [Q] Hardware Buttons Backlight Extremely Bright - Anyone?

    There is this weird bug I'm encountering every once in a while, like once in 20 days or something. And there is no way to reproduce it forcefully, as it happens randomly in different situations, with no defined pattern at all. So here it is. From time to time, something is causing buttons...
  11. hamry

    Thread [ROM][ICS-.587][PRO][Arc (S)] SK-CZ XPERIA TEAM EDT-2 Fast and Stable

    Click on image to view more pictures... Installation guide for phones with locked bootloader
  12. intruderj

    Thread TUTORIAL*LWW Hack-Turn your lww into Xperia Arc,Play HD Games (Supported,Unsupported)

    Hi Guys, Ever dreamed of playing HD Games on your lww like those on the Xperia ARC? And wanted to try those apps compatible with only ARC on your lww?,Well now thats possible :) Follow the steps WARNING:I am not responsible for any damage you caused to your phone. NOTE:Do a NANDroid Backup...
  13. Tabish Quadri

    Thread Play Store not Working at high resolution(DPI)

    I'm on CM9 after changing the resolution of my phone(Arc S) using DPI Changer App. play store has stopped working properly. Lots of applications are missing in my Play Store, its showing only 30 apps in each section. Any kind of help will be appreciated.
  14. H

    Thread When's the XPeria Arc (LT15i) on Orange UK getting ICS ?

    When's the XPeria Arc (LT15i) on Orange UK getting ICS ? I think it's coming, from talking to Orange and reading the SonyMobile forum posts, but does anyone know when ? Orange are characteristically tight-lipped on the subject.
  15. mr_torture

    Thread Benchmarks: GB vs ICS vs JB

    Just for the curiosity sake, I did Antutu benchmark this morning on last ICS update, (unrooted, untouched bootloader). So, completely clean ICS with few applications installed, but nothing spectacular or heavy on resources. It would be nice if someone could do the same benchmark on stock (and...
  16. vito8916

    Thread [Mod] [Update] Amazing framework-res with awesome effects[for xperia Arc/Arc-S]

    Update!! 17/09/2012 hello everyone! I would like to share with you this amazing framework-res for our xperias arc this framework-res has very good transparency effects Jelly Bean Style :victory::victory::victory:new update...!:laugh::laugh::laugh: This time I bring four different...
  17. wahsauce

    Thread Arc s pxts trouble

    Arc s LT18i ICS 4.04 - 4.1.B.0.431 Rooted ArcKnight Kernel Hey guys, I'm on 2Degrees(which goes through Vodafone i think) in New Zealand, and I'm not on a data plan, just prepay. I can't seem to send pxt's unless I enable 'data roaming' and 'mobile networks', which if I'm correct uses data and...
  18. C

    Thread Wifi Issues on Stock ICS

    Hey guys. I recently got the Arc and I am quite happy with it (coming from an x10). However I've came across a very frustrating issue with wifi. After a few days using ics my wifi has stopped connecting to the internet! It still appears in the status bar with the symbol as if its working but...
  19. nessusman

    Thread Google Apps Device Policy

    my company will be migrating from lotus to google... the problem is when it comes to setting up your google account on your device, it will install a program called; device policy apps. then it will encrypts ur device ( from what i saw on motorola xoom) the real problem is on my xperia arc...
  20. danisariandi

    Thread [ROM]Smart Xperia™ROM JB/ICS_[ Discontinued for 2011 lineup ]

  21. I

    Thread [Q] Will LT15i Custom ROMS work with LT18i?

    I want to install CyanogenMod 7.2 for my Xperia Arc S -Version 2.3.4 Gingerbread (NOT ICS) -Model Number LT18i -Build 4.0.2.a.0.42 But i dont know if the LT15i CyanogenMod ROMS will work with my LT18i Arc S does anyone have a answer to my question cause i dislike the stock ROM of the Xperia...
  22. D

    Thread [Q] Xperia Arc hangs up immediately when trying to do a call

    Hi, I am experiencing a strange problem with a Xperia Arc, LT15i, which one of my friends asked me to 'fix'. The scenario is as follows: - The phone has no warranty - The phone had a stock ROM from 3 here in Denmark, 2.3.6, not sim locked, not rooted. - Whenever I try to make a phone call, it...
  23. SS4Serebii

    Thread [q] aokp/aosp

    Ok, Ive falshed many roms and have got to know many things about roms, kernels etc. I'm still confused with one thing though.... What's AOKP & AOSP?? Ive seen many roms with that written and a few with Not AOSP Written on them. Anyone Help me out here? Thanks! :)
  24. G

    Thread [Q] Official update for rooted Arc

    Hi, Can I update my rooted Arc with the official ICS update ? I have already removed several system apps with Titanium Backup.
  25. jimbo77

    Thread [KERNEL][ARC/ARC S]ArcKnight Kernel_4 (ICS)/ Update October 29th!!

    Please note the Kernel Will only Work in ROM based on ICS for Example: JJ's ROM, ICS Beta, ICS Official, MIUI V4, Arconium ICS etc... but not in CM9 since it uses its own Kernel. Hi Guys! First and foremost i'd like to thank all the great developers for the Sony (Ericsson) phones specially FXP...
  26. VECTUS

    Thread [Closed] AnaKonda Rom [TW/Sony ICS4.0.3] [][TeAm VeNuM][updated 04-04-2012]

    Banner by Paiyne A TW/SONY ICS ROM by VeNuM in collaboration with dazednconfused, FEATURING the SYNERGY REMIX THEME Get The Syngery Remix Theme HERE Features the Sony Xperia Arc Launcher and Touchwich ICS. Contains several tweaks for network speed. Also has Odex Me to REALLY make your...
  27. giorgobiani554

    Thread [Q] Custom ROM (4.0.2.A.0.42)

    Hi everyone, I refleshed to 4.0.2.A.42 from .62 and did everything so that I would install any custom rom later. I rooted it and installed CWM which works 100% perfect. But the problem is I don't know which custom rom I should install, please advice anything, hope it helps others too. :rolleyes:
  28. ChaosFirZen

    Thread [.587][ROM][4.0.4]MooDeD JB 1.0.2 [AROMA][OmegaEngine][JellyBreak!][Team-Cha0t1c]xFAQ

    Hybrid MooDeD JB-ICS 1.0.2 MooDeD JB-ICS 1.0.2 { Click The Download Icon To Download ROM } DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE CLICK THE DOWNLOAD LOGO! TO DOWNLOAD ROM! "Download The Latest ROM Here By Clicking - Click Here - Above And Don't Forget To Donate Or Vote For 5 Star...
  29. morenoro

    Thread **[THEME]** COOL Xperia Fran Mod v.1 [01/03/2012]

    THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE GONNA FIND IN THIS MOD....... [/URL][/IMG] Thanks to Jamesgary (this mod is based on Aniking Rom) DOWNLOAD Requirements • ROOT • Baseband 58 (people tested in -36, -56...
  30. AW Visual

    Thread [Q] Cannot load custom rom

    I'm using a Xperia Arc Android 2.3.4 Build-nummer 4.0.1.A.0.283 I've unlocked the bootloader, and rooted the device. Now i want to use ROM manager, but nothing seams to work, Any one some idea on how to continue ??? I would like to be able to load custom roms
  31. B

    Thread [LiveWallpaper] Xperia S Cosmic Flow [Updated ICS]

    An updated version of the original Cosmic Flow Live Wallpaper from Xperia S with 7 different colors is available for our phones. Gingerbread download link here. Ice Cream Sandwich download link here. Anyway it is touch and scroll sensitive. Installation guide: 1. Uninstall any previous...
  32. S

    Thread Xperia Arc S Sim Unlock

    Hi everybody, Happy to share that I just unlocked the Sim of my new Xperia Arc S with success. It was blocked on Orange France and open to every carrier now. Done with in some minutes, with the tespoint method. Someone will help you in case of problem (as I had with drivers). If...
  33. A

    Thread [KERNEL][ARC/ARC S] StockPlus v1.9 [2012-02-23]

    Hello everybody, Based on the kernel from DooMLoRD and FXP and wanting to make a more clean kernel in relations to Stock Kernel and add some personal changes, I make my own kernel that I am posting below. He is based on 4.0.2.A.0.61_62 source kernel, and adding the follow changes: v1.0...
  34. krabappel2548

    Thread [Q] Dutch Tutorial Xperia phones

    Hey, I can't post this in the developer section so here is my question. Is anyone interested in a package with a Dutch tutorial about rooting, unlocking the bootloader and flashing kernels and roms? The package contains all the files you need and an easy to use tutorial. :p
  35. nabgangsta

    Thread Youtube Force Close :(

    after i watch one video on youtube i press the back button or go on related video's etc. and a window pops up saying " Force close " & " Report " HELP PLEASE :):):):)
  36. z-vet

    Thread [Q] (Solved)InfiniteView — how to restore?

    Hi all. I did a mistake and uninstalled InfiniteView without backup. Now i want to restore it but each time i try to install the .apk it says «Application not installed». Can anyone guide me how to properly restore it, please? Xperia Arc LT15a, build 4.0.A.2.368. Thanks!
  37. S

    Thread [Advice/Reference/Guide] The Definitive APK Modding & Theming Thread... [12/08/13]

    [Advice/Reference/Guide] The Definitive APK Modding & Theming Thread... [12/08/13] After reading jacknb1ack's comment I felt compelled to re-write this whole thread to accommodate for the various PC Programs that you use to do all of your apk modding which can and do make things a hell of a...
  38. G

    Thread HELP - My XPERIA went dead during update 2.3.4

    Hello guys. My xperia arc went dead during update. I tried unpluging it and leave it for 30 min, and when i press the power button, nothing happens, no light, no vibration, no connection to the PC. Literally DEAD. I already tried Flashtool as some of the guys suggested, but no luck. My phone...
  39. A

    Thread Connect xperia arc to pc usb = not working

    So. I have been rooted for a while. But today i desided to do a hard reset and i lost my root. When i tried to connect my phone to pc through usb to see my sd card nothing happens. Phone is working good! though. Everything seems to work nice. execpt to connect my phone to the pc! Its really...
  40. W

    Thread [Q] Xperia Arc won't connect to PC in mass storage mode

    Hello everyone, I (well, more likely my PC) seem to have developed an issue, causing me to be unable to access the SD card in my phone (see attached image). I tried plugging my Arc in different USB ports, which made no difference at all. I then tried with my sister's HTC Desire and my other...
  41. Zedd.

    Thread [Q] Duplicate icon in app list

    Hey, all. I installed an app named Juice Defender on my Arc yesterday (2.3.4, .42 FW, rooted with zergrush via DooMLord's one-click root V1, bloatwares removed), to take it out for a spin. Now the problem seems to be that there are two icons for the same app in the app list (not the home...
  42. H

    Thread [APP] Fail to install anyconnect on Xperia Arc 2.3.4

    Hello all, I fail to install the anyconnect application on my Xperia Arc (2.3.4, From log I can see: 11-05 18:13:25.696 I/vpnandroid( 1780): NetworkComponentHostService: Installing to: /data/data/
  43. blackhats

    Thread [Q] Xperia Arc 2.3.4 (4.0.2.A.0.42) latest update bugs

    hello,everyone,recently i got my Arc updated to 2.3.4 official firmware using Sony Ericsson Update Service without wiping the data i have some annoying bugs and i think it connected to Arc latest firmware update: 1.If i want to shut down my Arc,sometimes it don"t shutting down properly...
  44. J

    Thread [Q] How to avoid Xperia Neo/Arc 0% battery problem.

    After getting a replacment phone back from S.E. repair, I am now trying to root my Neo gain. I was actually extremely unfortunate to have encountered the problem in the first place, but that's a story for another time. Earlier today after a bit of messing around I accidentally updated to 2.3.4...
  45. J

    Thread [Q] Xperia Play Games on Arc using a wireless game controller via the new Live Dock?

    Hi! I just wonder if anyone knows if it will be possible to play Xperia Play games, or touch controlled games like Backstab, N.O.V.A, Guerilla Bob, etc., using a wireless game controller attached to the new Live Dock Multimedia Station? Or do we have to use emulators like FPse to play games with...
  46. addictivesundew

    Thread [Q] Contact picture size problem.

    okay so the scene is, whenever i choose a contact picture from gallery, it comes out perfectly, big size (almost takes up half of the screen). but after i save it and return back, i see the picture size is now smaller and goes to the top left corner of the screen. why wont it keep settings at...
  47. E

    Thread [Q] Install Cyanogen 7.1 Xperia Arc [ORANGE UK] - Bootloader locked?

    Hi all, Great news on Cyanogen 7.1 making it's way to the Arc, the process doesn't seem quite as simple as it did back when I put Cyanogen on my HTC Hero. Is it even possible on an Xperia Arc locked to Orange UK, has anyone had any luck? I think I have issues around the locked bootloader...
  48. mr.alawi

    Thread [Q] CM7.1.0 and Bravia Engine ?

    hi i'm wondering if Bravia Engine will work on CM7.1.0 ROM or any other ROMS beside stock ROM ? and if it not working is there a chance for it ?
  49. P

    Thread [Q] SE Xperia Arc not booting

    I recently tried to unlock the bootloader on my Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc (HK/AUS). I did so without any problems, until I unplugged it and tried to switch it on. It is now stuck in a boot loop, only displaying the Sony Ericsson Screen continuously. I have scoured the forums and downloaded...
  50. F

    Thread [ROM] ARC/ARC S |Team Xperia/SE.TWEAKED| V1.0 |23/02/12|

    TeamXperia Presents SE-Tweaked V1.0 {Released} Hello fellow XDA members! This is a Highly customized Rom based on Sony Ericsson's 4.0.2.A.0.62 Firmware Some of the features Included In This Rom are: -= Based on .62 FW =- -= Bloatware Removed =- -= Stripped of some useless SE apps =-...