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  1. EpicMedz

    Thread Anyone got Xperia M2 D2303 18.3.C.0.37 FTF file Customized UK?

    I need the 18.3.C.0.37 FTF firmware file (the customized UK version) for my Xperia M2 D2303. I want to unlock my bootloader and install a custom ROM. I found this firmware version for Vodafone UK but I don't have/want a Vodafone SIM. Does anyone have the unlocked version? Thanks! :)
  2. KbZonFS

    Thread Unlock LTE bands?

    Hi, I was searching and i have found this: But I'm not sure if will work on my Xperia M2 D2303. I need to unlock the Band 4 for LTE connection. Anybody know if this works? Thanks and sorry for...
  3. linuxct

    Thread [DEVELOPMENT STOPPED][ROM] EagleXperience 5.0b1 (LOCKED / UNLOCKED BL)

    Hello there! The day has come. Today, I'm very glad to introduce to you all my new work, EagleXperience, for the Xperia M2. As it's predecessor, Xperia Z5 STYLE, this rom has a pretty unique feature, and it's that it's made keeping in mind users of both locked and unlocked bootloaders...
  4. C

    Thread xperia m2 help

    hi, my xepria m2 d2303 wont take any charge, i have replaced the battery and it still doesn't receive any charge, i did root the device before it stopped working and i did install multi recovery, but i cant even boot into recovery, no charge lights show red or blue, the problem happened whilst...
  5. D

    Thread Xperia M2 Tempred Glass

    Hi, so i am from Argentina and i got a Tempered Glass, and with the pass of 2 or 3 days, i noticed that the sensibility of the screen was reduced by a lot, i had to press harder the screen or it wouldn't even know that i was touching the screen. The question is: Did anyone else had the same...
  6. linuxct

    Thread [WALLPAPERS][FLASHABLE] Xperia X (540x960 - qHD)

    Title says it all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ DOWNLOAD (13.8MB) Enjoy! :)
  7. 420 Ghost

    Thread [Q] how to use secondary mic for phonecalls

    A while ago i ripped off the protective sticker for the mic and speaker on the botom of the phone as it was far too quiet, now lots of dirt has got in as i anticipated but rather than killing the speaker first the microphone is really really quiet so i have to shout like dom joly* even on...
  8. aeroflyluby

    Thread Xperia m2 won't charge with custom microusb charger

    Hello, The problem I have is that I can only charge my xperia with USB connection, but its painfully slow. I lost my original charger and I tested both some custom bought charget which works fine with my Lumia 520, and also I tried raspberry pi official charger, and it just make no reaction at...
  9. rasikreality

    Thread Marshmallow ROMs?

    English (Sorry if you don't understand something :( ): Hello everyone! You see, my boyfriend has a Sony Xperia M2 and recently I rooted it so that he could enjoy the possibilities that has being superuser. I changed the stock ROM for other of the many ROMs that exist in XDA, but I saw no...
  10. P

    Thread (SOLVED) Flashtool: error flashing. Aborted

    I forgot to NOT wiping system when installing Linuxct Z5 Style, so I tried flashing through Flashtool. I used D2306_Customized-GEL_1286-8354_18.6.A.0.182_R1C first, but I couln't flash properly. Then used the XperiaFirm option in Flashtool and downloaded D2306_18.3.1.C.1.17_1281-2430_R3B but...
  11. linuxct

    Thread [UBL][NOOB-Friendly] Xperia M2 Bootloader Update FTFs (New update available)

    Hey guys! Since there was no thread about it yet, and since Sony released recently a new bootloader update for the Xperia M2, I decided to open a new one, and explain a little more how it works. The bootloader update is used, in the Xperia M2, to unlock the R/W features in the recovery...
  12. linuxct

    Thread Collection of 18.6.A.0.182 FTFs [ALL MODELS]

    COLLECTION OF FRESH FTFs ; ) There we go! D2303: DOWNLOAD: D2306: DOWNLOAD: D2302: DOWNLOAD: D2305: DOWNLOAD...
  13. Jimmy Thrashmetal

    Thread [FTF] Latest android 5.1.1 D2306_18.6.A.0.182_Customized Generic Latinamerica

    As tilte says this is the latest lollipop firmware appeared today at Xperifirm, I brought it to you in another mirror so you can have access without waiting OTA , enjoy it and hit thanks if this helps you! DOWNLOAD
  14. linuxct

    Thread [FLASHABLE] Camera Blobs + Morpho Settings from 18.6.A.0.182 (UPDATE)

    Again, this is a self explanatory thread, but I'll try to explain it so that anyone can understand it. Xperia M2 upgrade 18.6.A.0.182 is, at the moment of writing this, only available via OTA, which means that if you don't get the notification about the update, you can't get it in any way...
  15. linuxct

    Thread Camera Quality Comparison - 18.6.A.0.182 vs 18.6.A.0.175 [PICS]

    I think it's pretty much self explanatory. Before you ask, yeah, it has improved waaaay much. Please check here if you want to patch your current rom (Stock .175, deodexed, or Z5 STYLE) with Sony's Camera Fixes. Near object:Before NOW Not-so-near object:Before NOW Computer Screen (very...
  16. linuxct

    Thread XPERIA M2 Headphone Quality Improvements

    Hi! Really brief post, I'm very asleep :eek: I'm using a lot Spotify on my device since weeks ago, and I just compared the sound quality to my SHIELD tablet and it sounds somehow better, so I just had a look and modified some values thanks to some Dolby mods out there, and here's the result...
  17. linuxct

    Thread [UBL] TWRP 3.0.2 - Multilanguage + TA Backup Support

    Hello guys! Today I'm bringing you a new style for TWRP, as seen on the latest compilations from the Nexus 5X & 6P, with a touch of Material Design. The original TWRP image was made by erikcas, I just added the theme & the Trim-Area backup support to it :) PREREQUISITES: Update your Bootloader...
  18. IMZihad21

    Thread [UPDATE: 19/6/16] [Odex] [M2] SystemUI Mod and Bug Fixes [.182 Firmware Supported]

    All Xperia M2 Models :D #New Update Available! #Go Here For New Version :laugh: #>>I have modified systemui for bug fixing in album/quick settings selection and Added some Mods :laugh: #Whats fixed? >In stock,when we launch album app,navigation buttons changes to defaults. Now,with my...
  19. IMZihad21

    Thread Advanced Framework Mod For Latest Firmware .175

    Advanced Framework Mod :laugh: #What is it? >Most of the Sony Xperia user likes Sony UI. But in stock framework we see Sony UI only in Sony Apps. This is why making this framework. By flashing this framework you can enjoy Sony UI in Non-Sony Apps. #Requirements: >Stock Lollipop 5.1.1...
  20. Abrar123

    Thread How to root M2 when 5.1.1 arrives... (video tutorial of root)

    Hey folks out there... I have made a step by step tutorial video on how to root 5.1.1 of Xperia... Which will be same for Xperia M2 also when 5.1.1 update arrives... Hope it will help everyone in advance...
  21. fubofo

    Thread Need assistance with backup and restore to new device

    Hey guys, I have a damaged Xperia M2 (D2303) that I need to backup (nandroid) and restore to a new Xperia M2 (D2303). I was hoping to simply flash CWM Recovery (broken device) > Nandroid backup > flash CWM (new device) > restore Nandroid . However I'm seeing information about flashing these...
  22. linuxct

    Thread Flashing counter on the Xperia M2 (YES, IT'S REAL)

    Before anyone says anything, I know, there's no 'counter' itself, but what I found it's quite similar. For those who enjoy flashing their devices like me, I'd like to show you how all flashes we made are stored in the TA Partition. It doesn't matter if we have open or closed bootloader, they're...
  23. Th3 Ant

    Thread [Q] Android M from FXP (D2303)

    Hi everyone Has anybody tested an "AOSP M Preview" build from FXP on D2303? Is it good? I mean, what is working and what is not (ex. camera ofc). I'd like to test it out but I don't know if it's worth. Or is there anybody who builded such rom from source (dev-prev 3)? Thanks for answers
  24. linuxct

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION] Android Marshmallow (Xperia M2)

    Hello everybody! I've just "ported" the bootanimation from the Android Marshmallow Preview from Nexus 5, I've resized every picture one by one so that they match the screen resolution of our smartphone :D Also, I've inserted a bootsound with the song Go! by The Chemical Brothers, used in the...
  25. L

    Thread Lenovo Vibe X2 VS Xperia M2

    Hello XDA! I wanted to ask you for your opinions, I need to get a new phone (last xperia e :c) and I can't decide whether to get Xperia M2 or Lenovo Vibe X2. I need your help to tell me which option is the best, because with my financial state I can either get M2 on a 2yr contract or X2 on a...
  26. Jimmy Thrashmetal

    Thread Flashable zip - [D2306] Prerooted Kitkat - Movistar Mexico

    Hi everyone As title says,this is a flashable zip MADE BY ME for the D2306 model, prerooted and containing latest Android 4.4.4 18.3.1.C.1.15 rom available from Movistar Mexico, all you need is to follow this simple steps: Warning: I will not be responsible in any way for any kind of...
  27. linuxct

    Thread IMAK Clear Case for Xperia M2 (& M2 Aqua)

    Hello there! Today I just received a case I ordered, and I saw it quite interesting so I decided to take some photos for you. The case is a IMAK Clear Case. And I also made a video (remember to turn on the captions as I speak in spanish): XqYxpPCC2GQ Also, take into account that...
  28. S

    Thread [Q] [D2302] Xperia M2 driver for Windows 10 - Insider Preview

    Flashtool doesn't detect Xperia M2 dual [D2302] on Windows 10 - Insider Preview (Build 10162) I already installed Google USB drivers and the bundled Flashtool drivers, but nothing helped. I need to flash stock firmware immediately, can any body help me to get through this? How can i install...
  29. psichokillah

    Thread [Q] Rooting Android 4.4.4 18.3.1.C.1.15.[SOLVED]

    Hi guys. Is there any possibility of rooting Xperia M2 Android 4.4.4 18.3.1.C.1.15? I can't seem to find anything available. Previous method doesn't work anymore. Updated to the version mentioned through PC Companion. I am desperate! :( Later Edit: There are people who will encounter this...
  30. N

    Thread [MOD] [D2305] [4.4.4] Eagle-05 Stay Living v3!!

    Assalamu'alaikum :D Eagle Stay Living is updated! Check previous thread here New Features : New Framework Style UI VP 7 Tab XZ3 Setting Extended Power Menu Option Progress Bar Crt-Off Animation Enable Screen Record on Lockscreen Getsure Anywhere Visualizer Effect On Lockscreen TV Off Effect...
  31. N

    Thread [MOD] [D2305] Eagle Stay Living Style For 4.4.4!! v2

    Hi guys! I'm back with something that will make your M2 looks amazing! here is some feature from the modpack: Features: Accent Colour Dynamic Top And Navi User Interface Settings (Many Features in This Settings) Autostarts Circle Sidebar Heads Up Notifications LCD Density Application Manager...
  32. C

    Thread [Q] Problem when using video recorder of Xperia M2

    When I tried to use the video recorder, I got this problem. Please help. It is the same when using different modes. Video:
  33. Miche1asso

    Thread [Q[Minimum frequency switching to 787MHz after screen unlock?

    This is driving me crazy. I just noticed that after locking/unlocking the screen the minimum frequency jumps from 300MHz (value at boot) to 787Mhz. I did some little digging and I've found out that the script /etc/ does indeed set the scaling_min_freq at 787Mhz: echo...
  34. Linq'z QIrls'z Chinese

    Thread Dolby Mobile & 100% Volume Bass Boost Sound For Xperia M2 D2305 D2302 , D2303 ,D2306

    Dolby Mobile & 100% Volume Bass Boost Sound For Xperia M2 D2305 D2302 , D2303 ,D2306 :fingers-crossed::laugh::o
  35. Miche1asso

    Thread [Q] Root BL M2 from 4.4.4 downgrading just the kernel?

    I would love to achieve root without unlocking the BL. Like it is described in this post for the Z1. The idea would be to flash the FTF for the (stock) JB kernel with Flashtool, apply Easyroot and then flash back the original kernel. At least on the Z1 it seems to work. I would be willing to...
  36. SharpnShiny

    Thread [Q] (D2306) US/Canada Generic SI Code/FTF

    Hi I'm looking for either the SI code or an FTF of the unlocked D2306. I have searched all of the FTF threads and Xperia firmware downloaders and Google, and haven't found one yet. If you have an unlocked version of this phone, would you mind listing your SI code? You can do it like this...
  37. N

    Thread [TUT] Fix Mount System in Kitkat After Root

    Hi Me again :p I heard You can't mount your system after root. Here is tutorial after fix it : NOTE : I WON'T GIVE A LINK WITH REQUIREMENTS APPS!! JUST GOOGLING YOU WILL FIND IT!! Requirements : Xperia M2 :p BACKUP ROOTED!!, How to Root UBL Root Explorer or etc Busybox Installer (Download in...
  38. A

    Thread [Q] wanna buy M2 or not ? advice please

    please help me is xperia M2 really okay ? im planned to buy it but xperia SP make me confused rather to pick M2 or SP advice please ...
  39. N

    Thread [ROOT] Root Your Xperia M2 !! (Update: For Kitkat!!)

    :laugh::laugh::laugh: Hi guys I'll share tutorial how to Root Your Xperia M2 Single & Dual I just n00bs here, need to share my knowledge 4.3 JELLY BEAN LOCKED BOOTLOADER Using Towel Root (Download) download & click Root, Your device will rebooted. After that download SuperSU in Play Store...
  40. ChinmayKunkikar

    Thread [INDEX] Xperia™ M2 Themes & Apps

    Update: 1st March 2014 (Mods Are not alive yet, will update as soon as the phone and mods come :) )