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  1. D

    Thread [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Sony Xperia SP stock to Android 10

    [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Sony Xperia SP stock to Android 10 [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Sony Xperia SP (C5303 or huashan) to Android 10 Q / LineageOS 17.1 This detailed step-by-step guide helps you transform your Sony Xperia SP to a powerful one with Android 10 Q. To make sure you are with a Xperia...
  2. hannor

    Thread [ROM][7.1.2] MoKee ROM for Xperia SP (Huashan)

    I found this on the web & was surprised nobody shared it on XDA yet. Downloaded the latest nightly, and so far it is perfect: smooth, good battery, working wireless screen, working MHL HDMI, working light effects (obviously stolen from Adrian DC) - everything works just fine. Download from here...
  3. pepoluan

    Thread Finished self-repairing my XSP

    Yup, I've just finished self-repairing my Xperia SP. Basically, I just replaced the battery. But I had originally planned -- and prepared -- to replace the LCD and the touchscreen, too. Because there seems like this "oil spot" about one-third up the bottom of the screen, and sensitivity became...
  4. K

    Thread [PERFORMANCE] [TIPS] Sony Xperia SP - How to get the best out of your XSP?

    This tutorial will help you upgrade your old Sony Xperia SP like a new but much better version. Disclaimer I am not responsible for any damage done to your device/SD card/OTG cable/washing machine etc. You are responsible for what you do. If something goes wrong, it's on you! It's 100% Working...
  5. h4xw4r

    Thread Screen goes off Pro help needed

    My phones screen goes off when i make a call a doesn't turn on until the call is ended, i accidentally realized that this when the mini-jack port(mounted on a black cover) is connected. My question is can permanently prevent the screen from going off when i make a call is there any tweak of...
  6. I

    Thread Illumination Beat Effect App for Marshmallow ?

    Hello guys im just asking that, will be an app for CM13 like Discolight - or something like that ? Discolight' s developer has stopped working on the app, so is it means we cant get beat effect no more :confused:
  7. Diverti

    Thread Best ROM for LBL?

    Hello! I searched all the forum, but i didn't find much ROMs. I wanted to ask, what do you think, which ROM is the best now for LBL XSP? I Found CM 12.1, CM 12, and so on.. Someone please can give me some advice what to use or try? (Now i use bagyusz's CM 12 ROM. It's a bit slow. )
  8. Diverti

    Thread [Q] Xperia Music LED on album art

    Hello! I installed custom rom on my Xperia SP c5303 (LBL) and it was CM 12.0 It's very fast and good, but i wanted to ask, that is there any way to get the led flickering in walkman, on the color of what the album art of the current music. Is there any way to get this from the original 4.3 ROM...
  9. jamshadinho

    Thread Hi,how to move whatsapp internal storage data to sd card?

    Hi i am using xperia sp android internal storage is always full.i want to transfer my whatsapp data to sd card.i already rooted.tried Link2SD it doesn't work for there any way to solve my problem?.
  10. I

    Thread Xperia SP Marshmallow Bootlogo/Splash Images

    Xperia SP Android Marshmallow Themed Bootlogos/Splashscreens at 720x1280. Choose one, Rename it to "logo.rle" and place it in /data/data. SP Pink-White.rle SP BBlue-White.rle SP Gold-White.rle SP Vio - White .rle SP Noisy Red .rle SP Noisy Vio.rle more soon...
  11. Zeemanv2

    Thread Is this weird or normal?

    I searched high and low for solution of my problem but i couldnt find the right solution to my problem that's why I'm starting this thread. Phone- Xperia Sp C5302 Stock Kernel Rooted Philz Touch recovery installed Nandroid backup made using TWRP Tried to unlock bootloader- Problem starts from...
  12. H

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION][720p]Bios like text with Steph310's Pure black

    Credits: 1. Sony 2. Creator of bios like bootanimation for android 3. Steph310 (profile: ) Hello! fellow members, I am submitting my first bootanimation. It consists of three parts, first the XPERIA logo by Sony, second the bios like screen...
  13. J

    Thread [Completed] [Q] hope I'm posting in the right place:/

    Hi, I have an xperia sp lbl and the tactile stops working (I have to reboot). Do you know if there is a solution to my problem? when I try to access the cwm recovery I get a blue light and the sony logo becomes blink. I have tried another cwm recovery flash method but when trying to flash...
  14. LoizosAristides

    Thread [Q] Xperia Z3 transparent google search bar port?

    Hey, I am trying to make my Xperia SP look as close to the Xperia Z3 as possible. I already flashed the SystemUI port, a custom theme, the apps, etc... What I'm missing though is the transparent persistent google search bar from the original Z3 pictures...I've searched everywhere and didn't...
  15. Mrcl1450

    Thread [5.1.1] Cyanogenmod 12.1

    Mod edit: unknown source
  16. Adamer

    Thread [Q] Xperia sp root without unlocked bootloader

    Hello. Im new here. I wanted to root my xperia sp via this video: But i did not wanted to unlock bootloader becouse of some error that happened during unlocking it (cant solve it). So i found rooting tutorial without unlocked bootloader. I did...
  17. P

    Thread [Q] Battery Drops... Random restarting...

    Hi, guys... I`m facing the following problems with my XSP... Fully charged the phone. Then when the batt goes bellow 50% the phone starts to randomly reboot and when comes back to life the batt % is dropped down with more than 10%... Sometimes this happenes even with batt% over 50% but without...
  18. Marília de Oliveira

    Thread [MOD][Xperia Performance Max Ultra™]White Transparent and Honami Style Framework

    Hello good xdadevelopers another mod to let our xperias with style haha:D:laugh:. Enjoy :p ScreenShots How to install *Place the downloaded file on your Sd card *Enter CWM/TWRP *Flash>>[MOD][Xperia Performance Max Ultra™]White Transparent and Honami Style Framework<< >>Download...
  19. asanan1

    Thread [Q] Ask about Error on CM12 Compiling

    Hello , I Found this error about qcom-audio-caf error :crying::crying: Who can fix this
  20. Steph310

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION] [XHDPI] Xperia Lollipop Black or White

    My new Xperia Lollipop bootanimation, simple, sober and pure black or white style: For JB, KK, Sony and custom roms like CM11, CM12,.... To install bootanimation: Always make nandroid backup before flashing anything! 1. Put attached zip in your SD card, 2. Reboot recovery and flash zip...
  21. M

    Thread [Q] insufficient storage error inspite having enough space.

    my phone xperia sp has 2 gb of storage available then also at the time of installing app it shows insufficient storage. i just uninsatlled two 350 mb games then also it is showing the same.
  22. pepoluan

    Thread [Q] File system support in Xperia SP stock kernel?

    I think I want to format my SD card as one of the ext[2-4] file systems. Can someone tell me, what file systems the Xperia SP supports on stock kernel? (The phone is currently off while I backup the SD card contents onto my PC, so I can't check it myself...)
  23. detactiveh2o

    Thread Xperia SMS Smileys

    Hi guys, is it possible to port Xperia SMS smileys to Galaxy Note 3? I've attached a file for review. I know that both Samsung and Sony are using 2 different approaches towards their cell phones but still, I hope to get them on any android.
  24. Marília de Oliveira

    Thread [Finality Update][C530X][SP][4.3][.207][UBL][03/10/14] Xperia Performance Max Ultra™

    Hello friends here I am again to you guys to make available the final update of my rom >>Xperia Performance Max™ << I worked hard to improve the ROM more improvement as a whole, I hope again that you enjoy my work and approve :D Features and Changelog *Rom based on Jelly Bean 4.3 12.1.A.1.207...
  25. B

    Thread [Q] Xperia SP running 4.3 keeps randomly restarts

    I have Xperia SP running the same android 4.3. I use one, and my sister uses another. Anyway. it seems to restart alot. At first I thought it was my sister apps that keeps it restarting, as it doesn't happen to me. She even change SIM cards and remove the Micro SD card, but it still restarts...
  26. LoizosAristides

    Thread [Q] Flickering screen when switching to another kernel?

    Hello, About 2 weeks ago, I flashed a new rom on my Xperia SP (XperianZe 4.4 ROM). First thing I noticed is that the screen was flickering, much like the old 4.3 firmware versions. And so I flash CM11 as an alternative (official build). But, CM11 got my screen flickering too... Then I tried...
  27. Marília de Oliveira

    Thread [XPERIA SP .207][JB][4.3] Xperia Z3 X-Reality & Vivid

    Hello friends and visitors xdadevelopers good recently launched sony xperia z3 and clear that developers already took care of several things about his system for Jelly Bean and KitKat. Well today I'll post for you guys X Vivid reality and the xperia z3 now functional in Jelly Bean ;). Thank by...
  28. le grande magnetto

    Thread Preinstalled screen protector removal

    Does anyone tried removing screen protector as shown in videos bellow? I'd like to know it this is possible to do on SP, how it would affect screen and if removing screen film would remove SONY logo too? Idea of having all black SP is tempting. :D
  29. Marília de Oliveira

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION]Xperia Z3 to Jelly Bean 4.3

    Check out the new and beautiful bootanimation the xperia z3 for our android 4.3 Jelly Bean ;) Tested on my Xperia SP Jelly Bean 4.3 .207 Thanks By >> JanM RS << Screenshots How to install *Place the downloaded file on your Sd card *After using Root Explorer or similar app move...
  30. Marília de Oliveira

    Thread [MOD Xperia SP][JB 4.3]SystemUI with 3 buttons on navbar and without stamina icon

    Hello friends and visitors from xda, well I decided to leave a little more charming our battery haha I took the icon of stamina que is the end of battery When he activated the power manager. Now my and your battery had Been more bonitta and icons of your status bar had Been more organized. Now...
  31. Marília de Oliveira

    Thread [ROM ULTRA]Xperia Performance Max™[C530X][SP][4.3][.207][UNLOCK BOOTLOADER][01/09/14]

    Hello friends and visitors xdadevelopers good come here to launch the Ultra version of my rom Xperia Performance Max. This Ultra version it was based on the Stock firmware 207 it is totally clean, totally deodex, fluid system with high quality both in performance and in battery is also is all...
  32. Marília de Oliveira

    Thread [JB 4.3 .207] Xperia SP Honami Framework Syle

    Hello friends and visitors xda recetemente our good friend KuaQ made ​​a small guide to transforming our framework and leave it with the style of Honami I really liked the idea and decided to make available to you guys. Hope you enjoy ;) Thanks By >> KuaQ << :o;) Requirements: *Works only in...
  33. P

    Thread [UB][Kernel][Share][SP][.205] Update-22.08.14 TriWizard Kernel

    Hello guys, This is not built by me and I take no credit of it. I am just sharing it. Not as feature rich as Doomkernel. This is a stock based kernel.Based on .205 sources. Works On: paranoid nexus,PAC,Stock based roms. only for unlocked bootloaders Triwizard Update v3.7 Xperia SP...
  34. Tech N You

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION] Playstion 2 Boot Animation for Xperia SP!

    Hi all :) I am back with the awaited PS2 bootanimation [BETA] for your Xperia SP devices! :D Cool PS2 boot screen, now see the cubes in 3D on your phone ;) You can also convert it to live wallpaper and set as your live wallpaper :D:laugh::cool: Have a look at screenshots! How to Install this...
  35. Tech N You

    Thread Tweak your Xperia! Get your desired boot animation for your Xperia SP NOW!

    Hey Guys! I today bring you a great news :D :cool: Get your own desired boot animation :D Any boot animation you want may be video or any stock boot animation from any device.! It takes lot of time to build these files. Like my work then please support me by pressing thanks and leaving a...
  36. Tech N You

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION] [Xperia™ SP] "UP" Disney™ Studios Movie Boot Animation! [/B]

    [BOOTANIMATION] [Xperia™ SP] "UP" Disney™ Studios Movie Boot Animation! [/b] Like UP? :D Well I have always wanted a boot animation of this movie for my device :D It's totally cool and really great animation :cool::D If you love Disney Characters they are right here into your Smartphone :D :p...
  37. S

    Thread CM11 build from source

    Its my first time - can anyone guide me how to build CM11 ROM from sources? Some summary of steps involved. I was following the guide here: Is this the same for locked bootloaders?
  38. A

    Thread [Q] wanna buy M2 or not ? advice please

    please help me is xperia M2 really okay ? im planned to buy it but xperia SP make me confused rather to pick M2 or SP advice please ...
  39. Marília de Oliveira

    Thread [Font_Shortstack][JB 4.3. 205] Xperia SP Font Installer

    Hello friends and visitors xdadevelopers, will provide a pretty good font for your Xperia ... hope you like it, I loved it thought very pretty of course I will leave the link to download. Good Fun :good::victory: Installation mode *Download the file and put it on your Sd Card *Enter CWM...
  40. S

    Thread [Q] Unlocking Bootloader

    In the Xperia SP versions which don't allow bootloader unlocking (Bootloader unlock allowed: no) , does the phone not boot in fastboot mode? I can go to Flashtool mode but not to fastboot. Is this the reason why?
  41. S

    Thread [Q] IMEI keeps disapearing after flashing

    So after installing a rom my imei is gone, i have restored it BUT i do want a custom rom, i used CWM recovery to flash the rom (AOKP 4.4.2) so does anyone know how i can flash a rom to my xperia sp without losing my IMEI?
  42. S

    Thread [Q] Does Rom Manager backup my IMEI?

    Hello, i have unlocked and rooted my Xperia SP (C5303, 12.1.A.1.201), now i want to flash a custom rom on it, i've made a backup of the current rom using Rom Manager's 'Backup current ROM' option. My question is: Does this option also backup my IMEI and is it even necessary to backup my imei...
  43. Marília de Oliveira

    Thread [MOD][JB] Keyboard Xperia SP

    Hi friends and visitors xdadevelopers, well beyond the Xperia Mini Pro I'm also working on Xperia SP, my first thread to the XSP will be on the keyboard and the settling of emoticons, I had installed a few apks over the keyboard and the emoji was bug in both the apk as in emoji plus here is the...
  44. Dark Passenger

    Thread [Q] Does Gravity Box 2 work on 4.3 stock rom

    Hi, Well the header says it all just confirming since the thread states aosp or close enough rom's. want to use on stock .205 rooted using towelroot
  45. pepoluan

    Thread [Q] System apps safe to delete?

    Hello fellow XperianSP's ... I noted that there are so many system apps that I don't actually use, or apparently do not use. Take, for instance. Xperia™ with Flickr. I already have the Flickr app, and the latter allows me greater control of uploading. So, I do not need that app, right? Also...
  46. pepoluan

    Thread [Share] Xposed Modules you use

    Hello fellow Xperia SP users! I'm starting this thread so that we can inform each other of cool/useful Xposed modules that we use... and perhaps give each other some input on the proper usage of each module, or whether the module has been superseded by another, or... Well, you get the general...
  47. C

    Thread [Q] Is the screen used by xperia SP a pentile screen?

    I see some report saying the TFT-LCD screen used by xperia SP is Pentile. Is it really the case? If so, is it a RGBG or RGBW PenTile screen? And can someone please post a close-up photo of the phone's screen?
  48. M

    Thread Concerning USB OTG storage

    Hello all, I just got this device free from my operator, SIM free, and I would like to share this particular aspect. First of all make shure your X SP is fully charged and you are using a working USB OTG cable adapter (preferably tested on other devices). 1. USB pendrives, SD and microSD...
  49. T

    Thread How to take screenshot of your phone

    After the latest update for our Sony xperia SP, the option to take screenshots has been removed when pressing the on/off button. This is very annoying. However, SONY has only changed the way this is done: To take a screenshot or screen capture on the Sony Xperia SP: Hold down the POWER button...
  50. Q

    Thread [Q] New 16 GB Sdcard is recognized but not usable. android 4.4.2 Vanir Rom

    [Vanir AOSP is my rom] So I got this sdcard 16 GB big. Put it in my phone. It recognized it instantly. But it's not usable. I can't move any apps to it. App2sd says that I either have NO sdcard in my phone or it's simulated. I checked...