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    Thread Pixel Experience ROM for yuga

    Developers could someone build a ROM system with Pixel Experience?
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    Thread Xperia Z C6603 Bootloop

    Hello, I have a problem with my Xperia Z. It's get freeze when it's updating [OTA]. Actually when I'm trying to turn on screen shows Sony logo. After this it shows information "The software update failed". Then turn off and on. Loop I'm trying repair it with Sony PC Companion but it always ends...

    Thread T9581 Light [ROM] 2019

    HI this is T9581 rom 2019 Edition Warning! Your warranty is now void. I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM...

    Thread [ROM] [V2] Xperia Z [8.1.0] [xperia] [ui] [XURP]

    Xperia Ui ROMS PROJECT ================================================== Warning! ================================================== Your warranty is now void. I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed...
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    Thread [Q] fastboot oem unlock with correct code fails with "command did not succeed"

    [Q] fastboot oem unlock with correct code fails with "command did not succeed" Hi, I recently got an xperia Z into my hands and wanted to unlock the bootloader. I checked the IMEI in the system settings and requested and received an unlock code for the device. I unlocked the bootloader with...
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    Thread Xperia Z will charge only when turned off, and even that, only sometimes.

    Hi. I have a Xperia Z c6603 that suddenly started to charge only when turned off. And even that, only sometimes. If I have the phone turned on, and connect the USB cable, the phone won't detect it, so it won't charge. And won't even be detected by a PC with ADB. Also, trying to charge it by...
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    Thread [Help] [C6603] Micro-USB port not working

    My uncle bought a new phone so he gave me his old Xperia Z, which I intended to use as a secondary device Here's the issue: -The Z charges only when it is powered off, and that too very slow. Charging it overnight brings it from 0 to 65% -I can't get my desktop to even detect the phone when it's...
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    Thread Xperia Z (C6602) not boot up Restart Constantly

    hello Suddenly my xperia Z turn off and i tried to switch on again but only sony logo come and shut off and i put on charger (Wall) then sony logo come and off again logo come and off i flash framework via flash tool but after successfully flashed but still same problem please hep me....
  9. mrdope16

    Thread [ROM] [8.0.0] [yuga] LineageOS 15.0 for Xperia Z (Unofficial)

    ROM was removed untill the stable build comes out
  10. T

    Thread Builds for Xperia Z (yuga)?

    Hi. Devs, do you can make builds for Xperia Z (yuga)? Last build is Nougat is supported on this forum, but you ROMs is better. Thanks
  11. N

    Thread anyone still use this phone as his daily?

    Sup, i'm using this phone for 4 years! :) So, im curious about your camera and battery life? Are you using auto mode, if not can you share some wisdom about manual settings and etc? How is your battery life, are you using any "hacks" or something? I'm using CustomiZed Sony 5.1.1...
  12. M

    Thread [HELP] Xperia Z Can't boot, stuck in locked bootloader without IMEI

    Hey, I have a Xperia Z C6602 running 5.1.1 and firmware version: 10.7.A.0.222 I was trying to root the device but got in trouble. I used this guide to root the device but soon after Super-SUme got installed & updated, the device was supposed to reboot but it just shows "Power off ; restart ...
  13. XperiaAwesome2000

    Thread Stuck in Headphone mode after updating to 4.4.4

    Hey, so I got my new Xperia Z today It arrived on 4.3 but I decided to flash a 4.4.4 FTF file. Everything worked fine but now the audio only comes through the headphone port. I tried cleaning it and everything but nothing worked so far... Hope someone can help me out Edit: It works normally on...
  14. S

    Thread Is there any possibility of porting MM apps to lollipop

    Can anyone please port the MM stuff like... 1. New camera ui 2. System ui And other new things.. for our beloved xperia-z stuck on lollipop Or Can give me links, that can help me port them.. :confused:
  15. dirty_smurf45

    Thread [Q] Would flashing a custom ROM remove phone's sim unlock?

    Hi guys, My brother purchased an Xperia Z not too long ago, sim unlocked, and is now wondering if I could flash a custom rom on his device without removing the sim unlock, if it does. Here's some device info: -originally on T Mobile network -c6606 -stock rom, build 10.4.C.0.814 -android 4.3...
  16. Kuciak

    Thread [Z] [LB/UB] [5.1.1] [.228] XROM 03/09/2016 [LAYERS] v1.2

    Note: Be a XROM translator! Features: Contextual Header Carrier Label Network Traffic Clock & Date Settings Album Art Settings Music Visualization on Notification panel & Lockscreen Layers support! Dualshock 3/4 support RRemix Changelog...
  17. pRakitik

    Thread Xperia M series is No more!!

    A few days ago we have been informed that Xperia Z series replaced with New Xperia "X" series. Now Sony confirmed Xperia M series and Xperia C series is No more. Xperia X will be the mainstay for Sony. Source...
  18. fiorezy

    Thread Xperia Z not charging after battery replacement

    I have recently replaced my Xperia Z C6602 battery, the guy at the store told me that i have to plug the phone on a wall socket charger for at least 24 hours sometimes it even takes 3 days in order to start charging because the battery was flat, I didn't believe him tho until I've read some...
  19. Paduretu Ionut

    Thread [Q] Is AOSP, CM13 Development dead?

    I'm not asking for a release date or something like that, but is Android 6.0 development dead for our beloved Z? I know Olivier was doing some progress with cm13 but the thread is closed now. Cheers !:)
  20. SaySayonara

    Thread Alien Theme for Stock Lolipop

    Hello everyone! I decided to make a theme for our Xperia Z running on Lollipop. Please note that this is version 1.0 and there are still a lot of things i want to change or add in the following version. (Test apk) Feel free tu use this theme and please don't forget to comment. Any kind of...
  21. Rocking Durgesh

    Thread Xperia Z reboot loop, sometimes weird lines, cant get out!!! Help!!

    I have my Xperia Z C6603 with Indian lollipop flashed. One day I told my sis to plug my phone to charger and I dont know what she doid, I think she pressed the power key and the phone rebooted. After a while when I checked my phone it had only black screen, no touch nothing was working. I force...
  22. Abrar123

    Thread Sony Xperia Z 5.1.1 root video tutorial (easy)

    Hey folks out there... I have made a step by step tutorial video on how to root 5.1.1 of our z... Hope it will help everyone
  23. ankitsxperiago

    Thread Post your Shots from Xperia Z(with details of the app & ROM)

    As I'm getting New Xperia Z in place of Xperia Z ultra, I searched about Xperia Z and came across the bad camera quality..... Its a software issue(i read it),Burst mode had better image quality than superior mode...and other things so people who installed custom rom ,did they also face the same...
  24. ankitsxperiago

    Thread How's Your Xperia Z doing?

    After my Z ultra screen cracked,the people at service centre are giving me a new Xperia Z as replacement with 1 yr warranty(FREE? ofcourse NOT,i paid 7500 INR for it) my question is how is the 2013 flagship phone performing now? Is it good for daily...
  25. cranknet

    Thread [FTF][STOCK] Xperia Z C6602 and C6603 4.4.4 & 5.0.2 stock firmwares

    Lollipop 5.0.2 Device: Xperia Z (C6602) CDA: 1271-0119 Market: USA Operator: Customized US Network: GLOBAL-HSPA Release: 10.6.A.0.454 / R2E Size: 1.19 GB Download: Amazon CloudDrive - AndroidFileHost - AndroidHost Device: Xperia Z (C6603) CDA: 1270-7689 Market: United Kingdom...
  26. S

    Thread [Q] Errors when flashing any tft on Flashtool

    Hi, I keep getting this error message when flashing any stock tft via Flashtool. Current Status of my Xperia Z (c6603) 1) Bootloader Unlocked 2) Not yet rooted 3) I think it's bricked now, after the Sony logo, it goes blank ( but the error also happened even before getting bricked) Error...
  27. R

    Thread [Q] Xperia Z CC063, boot loop after upgrading

    Hi all, Try to help my brother here, he's not that proficient with tech, anyway, he did a software update, and official one, something to do with Lollipop and now his phone keeps restarting. Sometimes it's a boot loop, sometimes it turns on, you get the Sony screen, the powered by Android...
  28. jsonexe

    Thread Z5 Ultra.. IFA 2015

    Hey guys.. I read this article and it makes me excited about The successor or our beloved Togari. Chrck this out..Sony Xperia Z5 release date, price and specs: Coming in September, also in Compact and Ultra models...
  29. B


    PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME, REBOOT EACH 30 Seconds IN MODE FLASH XPERIA Z C6602 I have a Xperia Z c6602 but its bricked.. In flashtool I can see that it is in flash mode but..... every 28-30 seconds was reboot indefinitely.. I could put in bootloader mode, I could put other kernel but in 28-30...
  30. S

    Thread Is Xposed for Xperia Z Lollipop working fine?

    I haven't seen any threads on this topic and as the subjects says: Is it working fine or are you facing major setbacks such as bootloops and what not? I am currently running CM12 unofficial ROM lollipop 5.0.2 and my model is C6603 from AuSSiELaMbChOpSs...
  31. Ryshic12

    Thread Screen Glitch occurring out of no where

    As the title says, my Xperia Z C6602's screen has started flickering and glitching where colours appear most. It has been occurring from the last 3 days. Not using it for a while and when battery is 70%< the flicking does not appear.. I am on stock kitkat .283 and locked bootloader. Never...
  32. bludsugah

    Thread [Q] Can't update firmware due to 'changed software on this phone'

    Dearest XDA'ers, i have the problem that I can't update my phone using pc companion to lollipop. I always get the error "This phone contains changed software". A few months ago I actaully did install custom ROMs but I changed it back to original software using Emma bc pc companion didn't work...
  33. M

    Thread Install latest official lollipop 5.0.2

    Works on all windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10. Install FlashTool and flashtool driver(according to your device). Link: Detailed Guide: Download the latest firmware Link...
  34. NegoDrama

    Thread [Q] Xperia Z audio issue

    Hi guys, I went revive my old Xperia Z (4.2.2) today , updated to 4.4.4 and 5.0.1 later, and the audio is bugged, no audio through earpiece and speaker, only on headphones. BUT, when i flashed back the 4.2.2, all works fine. Someone can help me? Sorry for my poor english. Thanks :)
  35. dogsly

    Thread [STOCK ROM] [C6602] Lolipop 10.6.A.0.454

    [STOCK ROM] [C6602] Lolipop 10.6.A.0.454 CDA: 1271-0119 USA Download: Torrent Google Drive Other: C6602_10.6.A.0.454_Taiwan [Stock][Lolipop][ZIP][C6602]C6602 Customized US 10.6.A.0.454 [Prerooted]
  36. C

    Thread [Help][Q] Keep getting bootloop after UB

    okaay so i rooted my phone again and decided to unlock my bootloader, i have verified that i am able to unlock my bootloader and follow all the instructions on the official sony website on how to unlock the bootloader. i get no errors during the cmd process either, i turn my phone on and it gets...
  37. L

    Thread [Q] Xperia Z C6603 Bootloader Locked .. Help

    hi guys, I've a Sony Xperia Z C6603 with locked boot-loader. I'm an IT technician and I've done my best since today morning like 9 Am but no joy. I've downloaded and installed Emma flashtool and it said ( This phone is locked ) and i've downloaded flashtool for xperia and again said ( this phone...
  38. B

    Thread [Q] Useless Phone , Lost NavBar Controls!! C6616 (Bell)

    Hi everyone Im with this C6616 (Bell) Xperia Z and tried to install a app from the store wich Is Lollipop Screen Buttons[root] , after Following the steps in the app I had to reboot the phone and when it light up there was no background (It was black!!) then I clicked on the app's shortcut that...
  39. Deleunes254

    Thread [Bootanimation][All Xperia Devices][720p][1080p] Xperia Liquid

    Xperia Liquid - Bootanimation Please click 'like' if you like my project :) Hello everyone, I finally made my second bootanimation for the Xperia series. This one Is called Liquid Z and is intended for sony's flagship series, but I can add Liquid X (Xperia) also if you want (Other devices)...
  40. neressh

    Thread xperia z 4.4.4 keeps shutting down

    Hi there, i'm using a xperia z c6603 4.4.4 for about 10months. Suddenly since last week i'm encountering a problem with my device which is my phone turns off itself while i'm talking and it restarts itself while i put it in my pocket. Otherwise my device is fine to use. I think it's a problem...
  41. C

    Thread [HELP] Network problem after installing new LCD Display

    I recently bought a new LCD (LCD+Digitizer+Frame+buttons) from aliexpress for my Xperia Z. I disassembled the phone & installed the new display myself. It works perfectly. There's only one problem - it cannot connect to any network at all. The only time I get a signal (1-2 bars) is when I get...
  42. B

    Thread Xperia Z - Brick, vibrate and red light weak

    Hello, a need a help with my Xperia Z, My phone had problems with water, I sent for assistance, they cleaned, and returned me, but the phone does not on again, its a very weak red light when I put the charger, and vibrates 3 times, even if I leave 24 hours charging, already tried the soft...
  43. R

    Thread [Q] Xperia Z boot loop after update failed

    Hello, I tried to update Xperia Z from 10.5.1.A.0.283 to 10.5.1.A.0.292 but I got an error in flashtool and after reboot I`m stuck in a loop. The device only show Sony logo, then a message Update failed... and stop and the Sony logo again. I can connect in flash mode and in fastboot mode but...
  44. psycmos

    Thread Flyme OS Flyme For Sony L36h lollipop 5.0.2 [2015-08-10]

    This rom is not developed by me!! Offical Port at Sony L36h Download: LINK Xperia Z Keyboard: Xperia Z keyboard --------------------------Install GUIDE------------------------------------------- *Recommended backup your files...
  45. S

    Thread [Q] Network Mode LTE option

    So I took a screenshot of my Xperia Z(c6603) of the list of currently available radio bands. I've read somewhere that LTE_BC1 is 2100MHz frequency(which my phone has LTE_BC1,3,5,7 etc) and so by looking at the list my phone is missing that frequency radio band to have LTE enabled. How would I...
  46. S

    Thread [Q] Java issue

    Fixed, can a mod delete this thread?
  47. Bc1151

    Thread [Q] Unlocking bootloader in a unconventional way...

    (Sorry for the misleading title, Could not think of anything better :P ) I am perfectly willing to rip my phone to crap, its completely broken and I can fix it but only if the bootloader is unlocked. (Don't ask why its a long story) I was under the impression from some surfing I did way back...
  48. venkat kamesh

    Thread [Tut][MoD][Xperia devices] Bravia/Supervivid/x-reality

    Tut on how to Add Bravia/ X-reality/ Super-vivid Hello Guys Every one asked me on how to add These engines to settings SO here i got a very small tut on how to add these settings to you app as shown in the Picture below Requirements :- 1. Apktool or you can try one of my tool here 2...
  49. R

    Thread [Q] Phone starts and sounds but screen remains black, with backlight on!!

    Hello all, My Xperia was in a serious bootloop that I couldn't fix, not with pc companion not with flashtool flashing stock roms. So I gave up and sent it to the closest Sony Mobile certified repair store, it took them one month to tell me they couldn't fix it, they said they opened it, changed...
  50. A

    Thread Every WiFI gets connected and disconnects quickly

    Hi, My wifi gets connected and disconnects quickly. I can see connected and after some while disconnected. 4.3 C6603 Please do help me with this...