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  1. Z

    Thread [APP][XPOSED][7.0+] WeiJu2 - Scriptable Xposed Module

    The first scriptable xposed module, provides a new way to change the application behavior. Powered by Lua and made with ♥ Features Lua scripting Simple and intuitive hook API Share your package with others by publish it at WeiJu2-Scripts Q&A How to write a hook? local Toast =...
  2. D

    Thread gmail registration without a number

    Which module will help register gmail without a number, I tried changing android ID did not help me, and completely reinstall the system
  3. boevleri

    Thread Where to find a good xposed developer?

    Where can I find a good xposed developer who can write a module for working with wi-fi? There are two modules with similar functionality as an example. I tried upwork - but my nerves could not stand communicating with programmers from India and Pakistan. They have their own atmosphere there with...
  4. Y

    Thread Using the mouse when applying full screen

    Hi, guys, when I move the mouse to the top of the screen when the software is full screen, the status bar will come out. It's very annoying. Is there any module that can prohibit this behavior? Especially when I use Rd client.
  5. SudoCode755

    Thread [MOD][XPOSED] Sudohide: Prevent apps from being detected by other apps

    This Module will prevent apps from detecting other installed apps on your device setting are done on per app basis. GitHub repository Xposed repository This is a continuation of Fatminmin's MinMinHide, I've done a completer UI rework, and did some code refactoring. Post your questions and...
  6. stormy_ugur

    Thread Battery Life Discussion Here

    Hi everyone what dou think about Note 3's battery life? I'm on Aryamod (n9005) and it's battery life better than other ported roms cause Aryamod most close rom to stock rom. i also using Dual boot App which is let you swicth between roms. i suggest this app to all of you. i also using...