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  1. S

    Thread Need help with Device ID Masker or similar

    I welcome everyone. Need help solving my question. There used to be Android 10 Oxygen + Magisk + Root + TWRP + Edxposed, OnePlus 8 device, Device ID Masker worked great. But I upgraded to Oxygen Android 11, installed Magisk, Root, TWRP and LSPosed (tried also Edxposed), Device ID Masker module...
  2. Jck0day

    Thread [XPOSED, LSPOSED] Matrix Rain (Add a matrix rain in notifications panel !)

    MATRIX RAIN THANKS TO @Hyper.Alvi FOR HIS HELP ! Hey ! This module allow you to add a customisable matrix rain in notifications panel ! /!\SINCE RIRU V22 YOU MUST ENABLE RESOURCE HOOK IN EDXPOSED/LSPOSED SETTINGS/!\ Changelog : V1.0 : Initial version : Added main color Added gradient colors...
  3. kww__

    Thread Verified Boot

    Hi! I opened Xposed Installer and it says "Verified Boot is deactivated". Does that mean I will not get dm-verity error related to /system changes? Or I am wrong and Verified Boot ≠ dm-verity? Android 7.0, Bootloader is locked
  4. ElJaviLuki

    Thread Casting and reflection issues in a method argument. okhttp3.OkHttpClient$Builder;->addInterceptor(···)

    Hi guys, I'm trying to hook the constructor of okhttp3.OkHttpClient$Builder in order to add an interceptor that converts any OkHttp call into a curl call and log it (see https://github.com/mrmike/Ok2Curl by MrMike). But I'm having problems with reflection, say I must haven't understood it pretty...
  5. R

    Thread Can I correct my IMEI with Device ID Changer?

    My phone has stopped logging to mobile network recently and I have found out it has incorrect IMEI number: 350000000000006. I would like to change it to the correct number that is printed on the phone cover. I have rooted the phone, installed Xposed and Device ID Changer Pro. The app says the...
  6. T

    Thread Old OP3 user looking how to root nowadays

    Hoi, just got a used SX 5 ii with Android 11. and it got some things that I just find annoying, like how you can't swap the back and recent button, or lock the buttons to always be there, and other small things like that. ik it's a tiny marked, so I don't expect full on roms oc <3 But like, is...
  7. Tausif882

    Thread I Can not spoof Android device with xposed framework

    Even after 5 days of trying I didn't manage to spoof an Android app. My configuration is: Lenovo Vibe P1 (P1a42_288_160721_ROW) + ROOT + TWRP + XPOSED. The thing is that android APP somehow tracks me and I get ban immediately. In Terms & Conditions is stated, that this app tracks: device and...
  8. E

    Thread Xposed updated?

    Hi, i have question, what xposed updated works good on android 5.0.1? with rom phoenix rom i9505.??? because i try to install the xposed but already installed, the phone has bricked :cautious::cautious::sleep:
  9. F

    Thread HELP!!! Who can tell me where I can find the Xposed API?

    I am doing Xposed module development. But I don't have its API document. I can't access this domain name "xposed.info" I saw this forum in the search engine, but my English is not good. Can you give me a solution? Thank you in advance.
  10. K

    Thread Riru (core) is causing random soft boot

    Riru core magisk module is causing random soft reboots in my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite (running Android 10). Can anyone help regarding this issue? I have tried both EDxposed and LSposed. Whenever I only tick the Riru core within magisk app then soft reboots occur randomly. The developer of...
  11. naivewinner

    Thread [Stable] SlimVXposed - New way to enable Xposed modules without ROOT or BL unlocking!

    SlimVXposed Official Post Powered by SlimHook What is SlimVXposed ? SlimVXposed is a software that enable Xposed modules on device without root and package modifying. Currently support modules like FakeLocationXposed, SPromoter, FaceBookXposed, Telegram helper, Android Faker, MDWeChat...... How...
  12. M

    Thread Mi TV Stick Root And Xposed?

    I want run the XPrivacyLua in my mi tv stick, but to that I must install the xposed and of course root it before, anyone can help me with compatible root tools/xposed version to the mi tv stick?
  13. nthp999

    Thread Change GUI in Xposed Module

    I want to use Xposed Module to display an AlertDialog and warn user whenever the target application is executed on the background, so how can I do that. I was using a thread to display dialog; however, it didn't work.
  14. nthp999

    Thread Get read/write permission for Android 11 in EdXposed Module

    In my module, I want to compare my string with string in a list of strings, which is stored as a .txt file in the SD card of Android 11. If my string is found in that list, the module should return the "true" value. But I cannot access this .txt file, I met "Permission Denied". So, Is there any...
  15. G

    Thread BlueStacks5RT v1.0.0.9 Tool for rooting BlueStacks 5

    BlueStacks5RT v1.0.0.9 BlueStacks 5 root / unroot automatically in less than 3 minutes! Note: Before using this tool, disconnect any device connected to the adb. Requirements * BlueStacks 5 * .NET Framework v4.0 Supported Versions v5.0.0.7230 to v5.4.50.1009 Tutorials...
  16. Z

    Thread question about hiding magisk and xposed

    hi , thank you so much for all the effort you do in this forum :) , i have a question :is there a way to hide magisk ( like you cant see it like an app like hidden from user interface ) i bought an xcover 3 and j3 from a guy who sell these rooted phone for delivery guys , they both have magisk...
  17. P

    Thread [XPOSED][MOD] Twitter Ad Eater

    Twitter Ad Eater is a module for the Xposed/LSPosed framework that attempts to remove ads from the Twitter Android application. Currently tested on Android 11 / latest LSPosed but should work on other versions as well. Downloads: https://github.com/ppawel/twitter-ad-eater/releases Source code...
  18. M

    Thread Device spoofing in emulator (the holy grail)?

    Has anyone successfully fooled safetynet in an emulator? Maybe it'd be enough to block application's calls to it. Way to do this would be: 1. Somehow boot OEM rom or copy init.rc and build.prop 2. get magisk working using https://github.com/shakalaca/MagiskOnEmulator 3. Trick GMS using some...
  19. Androz2091

    Thread Question JustTrustMe - SSL error using Charles Proxy

    Hello, I rooted my Samsung J3 2016 phone using an (unofficial) TWRP build and Magisk. I changed the ROM (resurrection remix), and installed Xposed. Then, I installed the JustTrustMe module. I started Charles on my computer (port 8888) and I connected my phone to it. I installed the Charles...
  20. T

    Thread Block YT ads without Xposed?

    Guys, I come from the past (2015), and back in my days, we used something called xposed with cool addons to block YT ads, and many more things... Now I am a dinosaur, and haven't thinkered with rooting for years. Is there any way to block YT ads on current Android 9, and 10 gadgets? (one plus...
  21. ayush.gl

    Thread LSPosed Xposed Framework [8.0-12.0]. Simple Magisk Module, EdXposed Alternative.

    Developers: LSPosed Developers Homepage: GitHub ✱ Requirements: • Magisk 21+ • Android 8-11 [Android 12(experimental)] • Riru Description: Riru module providing ART interception framework (natively for Android Pie) that provides consistent API -interfaces with OG Xposed, using YAHFA (or...
  22. HemanthJabalpuri

    Thread [GUIDE]Magisk, SuperSU and Xposed for MEmu 7.3.2 or LDPlayer 4.0.45

    Magisk Note:- This is a experimental feature. I made this guide only for SuperUser management in MEmu. If you want modules then don't expect it to work. Modules like MigiskHideProps are not working. So don't expect much. As of now there is no working way for passing SafetyNet for playing games...
  23. B

    Thread [Android 10] install EdXposed and Xposed without loosing safety net

    Hi, My question is simple, what is the difference between Xposed and EdXposed, and if there is a way to install it without loosing safety net. My phone is a Oneplus 7 with android 10. Thanks and best wishes for the new year!😊
  24. C3C076

    Thread [APP][R][XPOSED] GravityBox v11.0.5 for Android 11 [08/08/2021]

    GravityBox - all-in-one tweak box - Xposed module for devices running Android 11 Version 11.0.5 [R] Version for JellyBean is available in this thread: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2316070 Version for KitKat is available in this thread...
  25. firefds

    Thread [XPOSED][R] Firefds Kit Customize Samsung OneUI 3.x [14/03/21]

    Version for Marshmallow is available here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/app-touchwiz-6-0-firefds-kit-customization-for-old-touchwiz-mm-framework.3372401/ Version for Nougat is available here...
  26. przemoc86

    Thread Magisk + Xposed Framework is installed, but not active (XposedBridge.jar lacking)

    Hi, new member here, who happened to lurk into XDA a few times in the past, and finally decided to register, hoping finding someone that would be able to help with my problem. I have Nexus 7 (2012), which became unusable with Android Lollipop 5.0 update, so at some point I replaced it with...
  27. coderstory

    Thread [APP][XPOSED]CorePatch For Android R

    CorePatch For android R only A Module For Xposed Framework Disable signature verification For Android Features: you need install latest Edxposed and riru 23 you can download latest edxposed from EdXposed - AppVeyor [dev only] Download: Releases · coderstory/CorePatch (github.com)...
  28. J

    Thread Recording Voip

    Hello, I'm not familiar with Xposed module developement but I'm wondering whether it is possible to build a Voip recorder using Xposed framework and what could be the best way. In most cases the problem is that the Voip app (let's say Whatsapp) hold on the microphone and nothing works whatever...
  29. E

    Thread [xposed] fix 4k screenshot black border on pie

    hi it seems like there will have a black border on screenshot if set resolution to 4k by "wm size" command on Android pie, and this didn't happen on oreo, so i wrote a xposed module to fix it (remove the black border) this is a compare of screenshot of a 4k checkerboard with or without this...
  30. B

    Thread TWRP - ROOT - XPOSED Tutorial [Xiaomi Mi 10]

    Android 10/11 (tested on latest weekly rom MIUI 12.2 (20.10.16) Hello, i want to share with u a simplefied tutorial how to: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE, DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK !!! TWRP Before installing custom recovery called TWRP u need to unlock bootloader. Be sure that u enable...
  31. Jck0day

    Thread [XPOSED, LSPOSED] Notigif (Add a gif to notifications panel)

    NOTIGIF Hey ! This module allow you to add a gif or a picture of your choice in notifications panel ! /!\SINCE RIRU V22 YOU MUST ENABLE RESOURCE HOOK IN EDXPOSED SETTINGS/!\ Changelog : V1.7 : Added fade with notifs panel switch (Thanks @Hyper.Alvi) Added show on lockscreen switch (Thanks...
  32. E

    Thread [xposed] a xposed module to make video enhancement work for every video application

    hi i found that inbuilt video enhancament have a white list, if the player not in the list, video enhancemnet will not take effect, so i made a xposed module to bypass the whitelist verification here is the result. for comparison, i stitched the two screenshots together, im using...
  33. G

    Thread [Collector Thread][SM-G531F] Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

    DRIVERS & UTILITIES Odin [v3.13.1] Samsung USB Drivers [Link] __________________________________________________ STOCK ROM , BOOT & RECOVERY IMAGES [Link] __________________________________________________ CUSTOM RECOVERY [TWRP] TWRP 3.1.1-0 : img TWRP 3.0.2-0 : tar TWRP : img | tar...
  34. G

    Thread [Download][SM-G531F] Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

    Go & get all files here
  35. Quinny899

    Thread [APP][XPOSED][23/08] Discover Killer - Replace the Google Discover page on your home screen

    Discover Killer is an Xposed module that allows you to replace the Google Discover page of your home screen with whatever you want. Tired of garbage clickbait articles and ads? This module can replace the page with your favourite app, or the Google Assistant 'Snapshot' screen - with actual...
  36. T

    Thread [MIUI 12] [Android 10] MIUI Global Dark Mode Disabler

    Hey everyone! In MIUI 12, MIUI enables a system flag to forcibly "convert" light app resources and assets to darker colors. This causes graphical issue in several apps, which is why this is just a developer option in AOSP. Unfortunately, it seems Xiaomi don't care about third-party apps, other...
  37. Quinny899

    Thread [MOD][XPOSED] owoify - owo what's this

    owoify owoify This is an Xposed module that turns your system furry. It makes almost every TextView use OwOified speak. You don't want to use this on your daily driver. Seriously. Examples Screenshots Inspiration There's been a jailbreak tweak for over a year which does something similar...
  38. Jck0day

    Thread [XPOSED, LSPOSED] Samsung Messages Customiser (Change App Colors)

    SAMSUNG MESSAGES CUSTOMISER Hey ! This module allow you to customize colors of Samsung Messages app ! /!\ Samsung Messages must be killed after applying new colors /!\ /!\SINCE RIRU V22 YOU MUST ENABLE RESOURCE HOOK IN EDXPOSED SETTINGS/!\ /!\ THIS IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE ONEUI 2.x...
  39. Quinny899

    Thread [XPOSED][11/Apr][v3.3] OPAodMod - Always on Display with lots of options

    OPAodMod is an Xposed module that provides OnePlus devices on OxygenOS and HydrogenOS with an always on display like that on the Pixels (and other devices). It's existed for a while, but in the last few months stopped working due to the main developer (RetroX) moving on to another device. I...
  40. S

    Thread Xposed how to replace XML resource in framework-res android package

    I am trying to replace the xml resource "config_webview_packages" in android package. I've tried both systemWideReplacement and setReplacement in hookinit resource XposedBridge.log("Detected android package"); XModuleResources modRes = XModuleResources.createInstance(MODULE_PATH, null)...
  41. amazinglarry311

    Thread Android x86 9.0-r2 Xposed Framework Installer -[x86posed]-

    Android-x86-9.0-r2 Xposed Framework Installer Requires a fresh install with /system partition set as read/write, Extract contents of THIS zip file to the root fo your sdcard folder. Open Terminal and type: su cd /sdcard/x86posed sh install.sh Reboot and Enjoy Xposed framework on Android x86...
  42. serajr

    Thread [XPOSED] [ANDROID 10] Stock Call Recording (Q) - v1.0.0

    AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! Features: - Call Recording master switch (on | off) - Auto record incoming calls (on | off) - Auto record outgoing calls (on | off) - Recordings file format (*.amr | *.mp3) Requeriments: - Sony stock android 10 firmware - Magisk V20+ rooted Xperia device - EdXposed...
  43. @

    Thread [Xposed] Unlock Dual Sim + SD Card

    I usually customize and install stock ROM on my Note9 and wanted a simple way to fix dual sim cards + SD card problem. So, I decided to build this simple Xposed module and share it. https://repo.xposed.info/module/dev.yadev.samsungdualsimfix
  44. Jck0day

    Thread [XPOSED, LSPOSED] Samsung Music Customiser (Change app colors)

    SAMSUNG MUSIC CUSTOMISER Hey ! This module allow you to customize Samsung Music app ! This app works for versions higher than ! /!\SINCE RIRU V22 YOU MUST ENABLE RESOURCE HOOK IN EDXPOSED SETTINGS/!\ /!\ Samsung Music must be killed after applying new colors /!\ Note that three...
  45. mlgmxyysd

    Thread [OFFICIAL] EdXposed - The successor of Xposed [Oreo/Pie/Q/R, 2020/07/19]

    Say hello to... EdXposed, successor of Xposed!:laugh: EdXposed is a Riru module, trying to provide an ART hooking framework which delivers consistent APIs with the original Xposed, open-source, stable, low invasiveness and fast. Support Android Oreo, Pie, Q and R, that means you can use Xposed...
  46. X

    Thread Magisk mods / xposed

    Hey, whats everyones favorite, and go-to magisk modules or other root mods for the pixel 2 XL device? i have root and im really curious what everyone is using, and for what reason!
  47. J

    Thread S9+ (exynos) can't install edxposed on android 10

    So I have finally updated my s9+ (exynos) to android 10 and now I can't get edxposed (yahfa/sandhook) to work. After successfully installing them through either magisk manager or directly from TWRP it now boots to download mode?? However, I can successfully go back to TWRP and remove the modules...
  48. serajr

    Thread [XPOSED] [ANDROID 10] [XPERIA LAUNCHER] Xperia Home X (Q) - v1.2.1

    AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! Features: General: - Icon Pack (Stock icon replacement) - App Title (Shortcuts custom title) - Icon Size (Shortcuts icon size) Workspace: - Grid Rows (Up to 8) - Grid Columns (Up to 8) - Resize All Widgets (Make All widgets resizeable) - Widgets Vertical Padding...
  49. F

    Thread Xposed on Nexus 5 and LineageOS 15?

    So i recently re-installed Lineage OS on my old nexus 5 and i was wondering, how can i install Xposed on to it, with framework and app and all that? With the search results online i am not getting really far, i don't quite know what version to install , how to do it etc.... Note: i need Xposed...
  50. firefds

    Thread [XPOSED][Q] Firefds Kit - Customize Samsung OneUI 2.x [14/03/21]

    Version for Marshmallow is available here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/app-xtouchwizs5-customization-touchwiz-t3372401 Version for Nougat is available here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/app-firefds-kit-customization-touchwiz-t3692391 Version for Oreo is...