1. teble

    Thread [DexKit] Xposed Module Jni Lib | An easy-to-use, high-performance dex deobfuscation library

    Library: DexKit Project Link: https://github.com/LuckyPray/DexKit About: An easy-to-use, high-performance dex deobfuscation library. Easy to use your CMAKE/Android projects. Highlight: JNI multi-threaded processing Dex bytecode, more efficient than JVM implementation. It single search is ms...
  2. SharkB69y

    Thread Is there any possibility to add widgets on my lockscreen ?

    Hey, I recently created my own widgets with KWGT but I would like to add them to my lockscreen. I'm rooted with Magisk and have Xposed framework installed. My phone is a SM-975F and I'm on the last stock ROM of OneUI patched with Magisk. Is there any Magisk module for that ? Any Xposed module ...
  3. S

    Thread Module For Navigation bar tweaks

    Can any help out with a module that can change the navigation bar style on Android 12 (either LSPOSED, EDEXPOSED or MAGISK).
  4. K

    Thread Note 20 ultra N9860 Twrp help

    So ive been rooted since this phone came out like 2 years ago, but without recovery. Its my first android without twrp lol and it sucks bc if i ever bootloop i just have to factory reset. Thats the reason why i haven't been using xposed. When i try to install twrp in the rom flashing process its...
  5. I

    Thread Disable Android 12 location indicator permanently

    Hey guys, is there any way to disable the Android 12 Location/Camera/Microphone indicator PERMANENTLY. This is one of the most annoying features of A12 so far if you have apps that have to access your location on a regular basis (like every minute or so). I've been looking for a script or...
  6. D

    Thread [MOD][XPOSED][12-13] Let Me Downgrade - Add support for downgrading apps on Android 12 and 13.

    Let Me Downgrade Android's app installation system does not allow users to downgrade to an older version of an app when they already have a newer version installed. Let Me Downgrade is an Xposed module for Android 12 and 13 that enables users to bypass this restriction. As an added bonus, Let Me...
  7. Z

    Thread [APP][XPOSED][7.0+] WeiJu2 - Scriptable Xposed Module

    The first scriptable xposed module, provides a new way to change the application behavior. Powered by Lua and made with ♥ Features Lua scripting Simple and intuitive hook API Share your package with others by publish it at WeiJu2-Scripts Q&A How to write a hook? local Toast =...
  8. L

    Thread [Mod][Xposed] NoWakelock - Manage wakelock/alarm/service

    About With the update of Android version, doze mode is enough to suppress the power consumption of the background of the application, but some advanced users still hope to be able to control the wakelock alarm or service by themselves. Amplify is good enough to meet the needs of most people, but...
  9. NeonOrbit

    Thread [Dexplore] Obfuscated code finder | Develop portable Xposed module for obfuscated apps

    Library: Dexplore [Develop Portable Xposed Module] - [For Any Obfuscated Apps] About: Dexplore is a dex analyzing library for finding obfuscated classes and methods at runtime. There is also a command line tool for static analysis and app de-compilation. Highlight: Now you can develop...
  10. sppoh

    Thread Question connect to your own hotspot from the same device

    Can I connect to my own hotspot from the same device? (I have root) Sorry my English
  11. JayShortway

    Thread [GUIDE] How to install Xposed on the official Android emulator

    Whether you're using Xposed for modding or reverse engineering, it can be useful to develop your Xposed module on an Android emulator. You might not always have a rooted phone lying around. I noticed there's not a lot of info on how to do it, so here's a guide. This is adapted from my blog...
  12. C

    Thread Question Clarification help

    Been out of the rooting scene since the Droid RAZR HD, had a chance on my Pixel 1 but passed it up. Now im getting back into it and theirs a LOT of changes and some things dont have full guides or are missing pieces. Steps so far: Unlock Bootloader -> Patch image with Magisk -> Flash patched...
  13. Madara_96

    Thread Freezing Proximity Sensor Value at 5

    Hi everyone my Proximity Sensor is Damage so i want to Freeze it value at 5 , i tried an Xposed module it working but it need to be reactivated after each reboot and it not stable , my question is how can i Freeze it by myself manually to stay at the value 5 forever , thanks . Redmi Note 8 Pro...
  14. ElJaviLuki

    Thread [MOD][XPOSED][NEW] Grindr Plus

    Grindr Plus - Extend the limits of Grindr! I am pleased to present Grindr Plus, a mod for Grindr that adds new features to the popular dating app! Precedents A similar mod already exists (https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/mod-xposed-grindrmod-new.3807621/) although it hasn't been maintained...
  15. D

    Thread [MOD][XPOSED][12-13] MACsposed - Restore support for setting custom MAC addresses on Android 12 and 13.

    MACsposed Historically, setting a custom MAC address on Android was very easy for rooted users. Starting with Android 12, however, Google's implementation of MAC address randomization has made it impossible, as the MAC address is always changed when the network state is altered. If you have...
  16. AndroidX

    Thread [APP][XPOSED][8.1-12x] GPS Setter - Set Device Location

    [XPOSED] GPS SETTER As most GPS spoof apps not working anymore coz some are old and some are not proper implement with the current OS so I made myself a GPS spoofer called GPS Setter it will help you set the location where you want from malicious apps coz some bad apps collect user location...
  17. E

    Thread Do Magisk and Xposed actually root your phone? Or are they just tools for rooting?

    I just got an S22 Ultra, and I'm really missing the Now Playing feature from my Pixel (along with several others, but this is the biggest one). I'd like to try and install the Ambient Music Mod, which looks like it might be the only option for this, but it requires both Magisk and Xposed...
  18. roronoazi

    Thread How can I change icons without launcher?

    My phone is Samsung Galaxy J7 2016. Version is Oreo. My phone is rooted and Xposed is installed. I want to change app icons without launcher. I tried Unicon but got error. An alternative to Unicon would also work for me. I didn't like the X icon style apps on google play because it just creates...
  19. M

    Thread [CLOSED] Any discord or telegram group dedicated to Xposed modules development only ?

    I'm surprised, with the full power of Xposed Framework, I didn't find any chat group focused on developing Xposed modules. Long Story Xposed has a lot of unnoticed potential, it can accomplish a lot of otherwise impossible things, and I'm very sure many creative devs never heard of it, or...
  20. Ayaanbaig12


    I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE YOU MAKE TO YOUR DEVICE. IF YOU ENCONTER A BOOTLOOP BOOT BACK INTO TWRP AND RESTORE YOUR BACKUP OR TRY INSTALLING LINEAGEOS AGAIN. This will work on Amazon Fire 7 2019 (Don’t Try this in Any other device): Charge your phone up to 80% or 70%. Download and...
  21. VD171

    Thread [Discussion] How to bypass detections of rooting ?

    Did you have problems with some app that detects the root ? Here is your place. We will try to help you. Keep attention, this is just a help thread, nothing is guaranteed. Be patient and cordial. If there is acceptance of the community on the subject, certainly the thread will grow. Before...
  22. YuKongA

    Thread [MOD][XPOSED] MiuiHome - Hook For Miui Launcher

    MiuiHome Hook for MIUI Launcher - Xposed An easy-to-use Xposed module that unlocks a number of advanced settings of the stock MIUI launcher app. Feature: - Enable Smooth Animation. - Always show status bar clock. - Enable search bar blur. - Change task view blur level. - Gesture...
  23. siavash79

    Thread [MOD][Xposed+Magisk][13 Compatible] AOSP Mods - System modifications for AOSP-based Android 12+

    This is a mixed Xposed+Magisk module, which is made to allow customizations that are not originally designed in AOSP (Android Open Source Project). Features: Currently, AOSP Mods offers customizations on different aspects of system framework and SystemUI, including: - Status bar - Lock screen -...
  24. null-dev

    Thread [11+] UniversalAuth: Face Unlock for all ROMs

    UniversalAuth: Face Unlock for all ROMs This module brings face unlock (and possibly other authentication methods) to any ROM. Requirements - Xposed/EdXposed/Lsposed - Android 11, 12 or 13 DP (may also work on Android 10, but not tested) Installation Download the...
  25. Q

    Thread [APP]Question About WebView WebContentsDebugging

    hello guys. I hava some confused about this code can open all webview debug mode on android 5. on android 11, chrome works fine, but some webview embedded in app not working. hope some advice. thanks. XposedBridge.hookAllConstructors(WebView.class, new XC_MethodHook() { protected void...
  26. Quinny899

    Thread [APP][XPOSED] SIM Number Setter

    SIM Number Setter SIM Number Setter is a small Xposed module that invokes normally unused Android System code to set the "subscriber number" on the device's SIM card. This is the number displayed in the system settings, and used in apps such as Google Messages, as well as being available to...
  27. B

    Thread Hooking to native functions without JNI (Xposed API)

    Good day. I have a such question. Can I hook to native functions without JNI bridge with the help of Xposed framework API? I mean to the code written in C/C++. Another question is that am I able to hook to Unity functions if I know unity class name and unity method name? For instance I've...
  28. devzeus_ke

    Thread putting on or off an xposed module using a switch

    so i have been looking but there is no where i could find a way to switch on and off an xposed modules functionality using a switch or a button without using the xposed manager. How could i do this and save the status in sharedpreferences?
  29. devzeus_ke

    Thread Hooking string resources

    Is it possible to hook and change a of an app using xposed? For example if a string is unofficial can i hook the xml file containing it and change it to official
  30. M

    Thread Change internal IP

    Hello please im using my android 11. The xposed is installed and perfectly worked. I need to know if there any solution to change my ip as internal. Without using a vpn. The website does not allow me to use vpn. Also there is some offerwalls, if i come to complete an offer via my real IP, it...
  31. J

    Thread App detects Xposed, refuses to start. Even when cloaked

    I have the following annoying issue I want to solve: It is so annoying that everytime I wish to use the app "App Cloner", I have to disable Xposed, reboot, then the app starts. If Xposed is active, the app starts and then closes itself, giving the following message: Please deactivate Xposed...
  32. S

    Thread Need help with Device ID Masker or similar

    I welcome everyone. Need help solving my question. There used to be Android 10 Oxygen + Magisk + Root + TWRP + Edxposed, OnePlus 8 device, Device ID Masker worked great. But I upgraded to Oxygen Android 11, installed Magisk, Root, TWRP and LSPosed (tried also Edxposed), Device ID Masker module...
  33. xHookman

    Thread [LSPOSED] Matrix Rain (Add a matrix rain in notifications panel !)

    MATRIX RAIN THANKS TO @Hyper.Alvi FOR HIS HELP ! Hey ! This module allow you to add a customisable matrix rain in notifications panel ! Now open source at https://github.com/xHookman/MatrixRain ! :) /!\ SINCE RIRU V22 YOU MUST ENABLE RESOURCE HOOK IN LSPOSED SETTINGS /!\ /!\ BOOTLOOPS HAS BEEN...
  34. kww__

    Thread Verified Boot

    Hi! I opened Xposed Installer and it says "Verified Boot is deactivated". Does that mean I will not get dm-verity error related to /system changes? Or I am wrong and Verified Boot ≠ dm-verity? Android 7.0, Bootloader is locked
  35. ElJaviLuki

    Thread Casting and reflection issues in a method argument. okhttp3.OkHttpClient$Builder;->addInterceptor(···)

    Hi guys, I'm trying to hook the constructor of okhttp3.OkHttpClient$Builder in order to add an interceptor that converts any OkHttp call into a curl call and log it (see https://github.com/mrmike/Ok2Curl by MrMike). But I'm having problems with reflection, say I must haven't understood it pretty...
  36. R

    Thread Can I correct my IMEI with Device ID Changer?

    My phone has stopped logging to mobile network recently and I have found out it has incorrect IMEI number: 350000000000006. I would like to change it to the correct number that is printed on the phone cover. I have rooted the phone, installed Xposed and Device ID Changer Pro. The app says the...
  37. T

    Thread Old OP3 user looking how to root nowadays

    Hoi, just got a used SX 5 ii with Android 11. and it got some things that I just find annoying, like how you can't swap the back and recent button, or lock the buttons to always be there, and other small things like that. ik it's a tiny marked, so I don't expect full on roms oc <3 But like, is...
  38. Tausif882

    Thread I Can not spoof Android device with xposed framework

    Even after 5 days of trying I didn't manage to spoof an Android app. My configuration is: Lenovo Vibe P1 (P1a42_288_160721_ROW) + ROOT + TWRP + XPOSED. The thing is that android APP somehow tracks me and I get ban immediately. In Terms & Conditions is stated, that this app tracks: device and...
  39. E

    Thread Xposed updated?

    Hi, i have question, what xposed updated works good on android 5.0.1? with rom phoenix rom i9505.??? because i try to install the xposed but already installed, the phone has bricked :cautious::cautious::sleep:
  40. F

    Thread HELP!!! Who can tell me where I can find the Xposed API?

    I am doing Xposed module development. But I don't have its API document. I can't access this domain name "xposed.info" I saw this forum in the search engine, but my English is not good. Can you give me a solution? Thank you in advance.
  41. K

    Thread Riru (core) is causing random soft boot

    Riru core magisk module is causing random soft reboots in my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite (running Android 10). Can anyone help regarding this issue? I have tried both EDxposed and LSposed. Whenever I only tick the Riru core within magisk app then soft reboots occur randomly. The developer of...
  42. naivewinner

    Thread [Stable] SlimVXposed - New way to enable Xposed modules without ROOT or BL unlocking!

    SlimVXposed Official Post Powered by SlimHook What is SlimVXposed ? SlimVXposed is a software that enable Xposed modules on device without root and package modifying. Currently support modules like FakeLocationXposed, SPromoter, FaceBookXposed, Telegram helper, Android Faker, MDWeChat...... How...
  43. M

    Thread Mi TV Stick Root And Xposed?

    I want run the XPrivacyLua in my mi tv stick, but to that I must install the xposed and of course root it before, anyone can help me with compatible root tools/xposed version to the mi tv stick?
  44. nthp999

    Thread Change GUI in Xposed Module

    I want to use Xposed Module to display an AlertDialog and warn user whenever the target application is executed on the background, so how can I do that. I was using a thread to display dialog; however, it didn't work.
  45. nthp999

    Thread Get read/write permission for Android 11 in EdXposed Module

    In my module, I want to compare my string with string in a list of strings, which is stored as a .txt file in the SD card of Android 11. If my string is found in that list, the module should return the "true" value. But I cannot access this .txt file, I met "Permission Denied". So, Is there any...
  46. G

    Thread BlueStacks5RT v1.0.1.3 Tool for rooting BlueStacks 5

    BlueStacks5RT v1.0.1.3 BlueStacks 5 root / unroot automatically in less than 3 minutes! Note: Before using this tool, disconnect any device connected to the adb. Requirements * BlueStacks 5 (Android Nougat) * .NET Framework v4.0 Supported Versions v5.0.0.7230 to v5.9.500.1019 Tutorials...
  47. Z

    Thread question about hiding magisk and xposed

    hi , thank you so much for all the effort you do in this forum :) , i have a question :is there a way to hide magisk ( like you cant see it like an app like hidden from user interface ) i bought an xcover 3 and j3 from a guy who sell these rooted phone for delivery guys , they both have magisk...
  48. P

    Thread [XPOSED][MOD] Twitter Ad Eater

    Twitter Ad Eater is a module for the Xposed/LSPosed framework that attempts to remove ads from the Twitter Android application. Currently tested on Android 11 / latest LSPosed but should work on other versions as well. Downloads: https://github.com/ppawel/twitter-ad-eater/releases Source code...
  49. M

    Thread Device spoofing in emulator (the holy grail)?

    Has anyone successfully fooled safetynet in an emulator? Maybe it'd be enough to block application's calls to it. Way to do this would be: 1. Somehow boot OEM rom or copy init.rc and build.prop 2. get magisk working using https://github.com/shakalaca/MagiskOnEmulator 3. Trick GMS using some...
  50. Androz2091

    Thread Question JustTrustMe - SSL error using Charles Proxy

    Hello, I rooted my Samsung J3 2016 phone using an (unofficial) TWRP build and Magisk. I changed the ROM (resurrection remix), and installed Xposed. Then, I installed the JustTrustMe module. I started Charles on my computer (port 8888) and I connected my phone to it. I installed the Charles...