1. M

    Thread Mi TV Stick Root And Xposed?

    I want run the XPrivacyLua in my mi tv stick, but to that I must install the xposed and of course root it before, anyone can help me with compatible root tools/xposed version to the mi tv stick?
  2. K

    Thread SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+ with Android 10: XPrivacyLua issue with EdXposed-framework

    Hello to the forum, because my problem seems to be offtopic to the XPrivacyLua-thread, I try to find a solution via a seperate thread... I'd like to use XPrivacyLua and therefore installed all necessary software (configuration see below). But although EdXposed framework is activated and the...
  3. SmilingPerson

    Thread Does anyone have xPrivacyLua working on rooted stock Q?

    Rooted with Magisk Canary, using EdXposed YAHFA, since Sandhook causes bootloop (hanging at G eternally). xPrivacyLua says "Module Not Installed Or Updated" Same installing from inside EdXposed and as .apk. Other modules work if I install them, so EdXposed is generally working, but the only...
  4. S

    Thread Does Xposed work with Pokemon GO?

    I know a while back Xposed tripped Pokemon GO even with Magisk. Is this still the case with the most up to date version of Xposed and Magisk? I only want Xposed for privacy tools like XPrivacyLua https://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/xprivacylua6-0-android-privacy-manager-t3730663
  5. E

    Thread [APP][XPOSED][UNOFFICIAL][6.0+] XPrivacyLua Mod - Android privacy manager

    XPrivacyLua Unofficial Build This is an unofficial build of XprivacyLua with the scope to prevent privacy violations and tracking. Contrary to the official XprivacyLua release, this build provides the ability to block device specific IDs (Sensordata, IMEI, SIM-Serial number, SubscriberID...