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  1. B

    Thread Xz1 compact SO-02K nfc replacement?

    Hi all. Old phone to ask for help, I know. I don't know if it would be possible to get the nfc working on the japan (SO-02K) version, in Canada? From what I've read, flashing any rom doesn't seem to be the answer. Maybe I've missed that, though. I got the idea of purchasing a nfc replacement...
  2. M

    Thread Changing language to a pseudolocale and restarting bricked my XZ1

    Hi, I have already posted the full description here in the noob-friendly help thread but I thought I might get a few tips directly here. TLDR: Developer options enabled -> Language settings -> Add language cibarA [XB] (Arabic in reverse) -> Set it as the top / main language -> Restart the phone...
  3. M

    Thread (Finished/closed)entire music dissapeared suddenlly?

    Hello guys I have a strange problem but first this is what i have. sony xz1 compact stock firmware android 9 latest security update of september (fu sony) Yesterday i wanted to play some music when suddenlly i got this message that said i can not play it or something like that and then tried...
  4. oF2pks

    Thread [10][microG] Los17.1 ufOFFICIAL with WakelockBlocker (cve July 2021)

    [17.1 cve 202107] download : https://androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=306432 All-in-one: "Regular" #derf elot Los17.1 build with microG patches, extended 2x permissions, #ale5000 implementation and multiple foss apps: microG: GmsCore(mapbox) GoogleServicesFramework DroidGuard addons...
  5. K

    Thread Factory Reset locked Device?

    Hello all I wonder if someone could help me in a tricky situation. My girlfriend got a Sony Xperia XZ1 from her brother, because he forgot the Device PIN. So the phone is with us currently but we can't unlock the phone because nobody knows the PIN code for the device (IT IS NOT SIMCARD...
  6. T

    Thread How does locked bootloader protect the device?

    Hi everyone, I recently flashed my G8342 to another region android 8.0 (yes, downgrade) through flashtool. The ftf files that i downloaded is not come from XperiaFirm, since there is no way to download old firmware from official sony website for this device. In this case, is the device still...
  7. oF2pks

    Thread [TWRP] 3.3.1 Aroma/Busybox compatible (ultra-low brightness)

    Aroma compatible twrp (recovery.img) : https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=6006931924117889478 (tested on latest April Xperia Pie : 47.2.A.10.45) BASIC guidance : Be sure to read NewFlasher thread carefully first (Widevine L3 instead of L1 for locked bootloader). 0) recovery download 1) fastboot...
  8. L

    Thread Help with identifying SIM for TPG mobile Singapore

    Hi My country singapore has a new Telco called TPG that supports VOLTE calls only. It does not sell sony phones so finding an oem.sin file with that setting isn't going to work I am able to get volte working with the following settings on my xiaomi redmi note 4 qualcomm phone apn settings are...
  9. A

    Thread Xperia XZ1 , XA2 , L2 and other Compact Models

    I've been checking out the Xperia models, mainly the compacts. They seem like the only compact phones available with decent specs. Well, besides,the iPhone, but I'm not a big fan of those. I was advised against buying an Xperia model over at another thread because repairs can,be expensive. The...
  10. I

    Thread Does anyone else experience intermittent stuttering / lag?

    I have a question. When generally using the device, it randomly becomes very slow and the framerate of the interface (e.g. in the (stock or pixel) launcher or Chrome) drops to 5-10 FPS and after a few seconds all is normal again. I have already tried to factory reset the devices to see if it...
  11. U

    Thread Questions Before Buying XZ1 Compact

    I’m about to purchase a XZ1 Compact and have some questions before jumping onboard the Xperia bandwagon; 1a) The phone supports UMTS 1700/2100, Bands 4, 7, 13 and 66, all of which are what I need for Freedom Mobile (Wind) compatibility. As far as I know, LTE switching on the Freedom network is...
  12. PolliSoft

    Thread Charging disconnects when adding a QI wireless charging module

    Sorry, wrong part of the forum. Can a moderator please delete this thread?
  13. VegasRooted

    Thread Protective Cases For The Sony Xperia XZ1

    I am starting this thread to facilitate the sharing of information on Sony Xperia XZ1 protective cases that are available out there (or soon to be released), and the usage experiences related to XZ1 cases. Please let us all know what you've tried and your opinions, thanks! Cheers, VegasRooted
  14. paulle

    Thread Anybody has his XZ rooted?

    Anybody has his XZ rooted? Without caring for drm. How did you do it and how is your experience?
  15. L

    Thread Camera quality gets me thinking to switch to another phone.. Any inputs?

    Hi all, So it has been a week that have XZ1 Compact, but as most of you aware from the forums camera is not very satisfying. I got a chance to use Galaxy S8 for two months prior to XZ1C, which is also a great phone, however I get the XZ1C just like most of us here; for the phone being in a...
  16. P

    Thread Xz1 loops 2 theme and live wallpaper!

    First of all - this is not my work!! All credits goes to marioz17 These r not modded or ported!! Just extracted from system!! ####Changes I observed so far#### *animations r soooo buttery smooth * more deeper colors than the older one * now loops follows the touch when swiping across screens!
  17. kevindeoz

    Thread [LP 5.0.2] [DEODEX] [v3] 14.5.A.0.270 + SUPERUSER MOD

    Hi Z1 users! I bring you lastest .270 update from Sony for our Z1 Requirements - Stock ROM .270 installed and rooted - Working Recovery (UB or LB) This is a PATCH for Stock ROM, this flashable zip contains only /app /framework /priv-app and /vendor apks and jar files. NOTE: Only the apks...
  18. J

    Thread [Q] Can somebody help me with a semi broken power button

    Hey guys, good night/morning (or whatever) :P :silly: ,i'm here because i need help with my phone, months ago i was with the phone under the water, then one/two weeks later my power button got broken, the phone lock and unlock itself so many times,the volume buttons won't work correctly (but...
  19. jacker60

    Thread After KitKat overheat with magnetic charger, someone else?

    Ok So I bought some adapters (see attachments) to charge mi Z1 via the magnetic port, So far I dont have problems, until the KitKat update, in all JB versions I can charge it without any problem, I have one charger in my room and I use another for the school (different cable, different power...
  20. dafuc-k

    Thread [PORT][ICS] Xperia Z1 Home 6.1.1.A.0.8 by Alex_rac

    Xperia Z1 Home & Widgets This Home.apk is from the 4.3 update of Z1 and was ported by Alex_rac, so all thanks and credits are for him I only did the 4*4 app drawer and fixed some png in drawable-hdpi & mdpi folder. I also fixed colorizing in ClockWidgets.apk ;). This is working in...
  21. K

    Thread Xperia Z1 Motion Shot[updated to latest version 2014-01-31][ICS/JB/KK]

    Latest version 1.2.6 This app allows you to capture a short movie by automatically rendering the movement into a single still image so that it appears to be a continuous picture. It is perfect for creating animated images with unique expressions in action scenes involving sports, animals, kids...