1. npiper05

    Thread [Q] Best Kernel for Ginger Yoshi 1.3

    Hi All I'm running ginger yoshi 1.3 with pershoots kernel. My battery life has not been great. Maybe lasting 4 or 5 hours on a full charge. Any suggestions? I am using SetCPU and do have a screen off profile enabled. I do have an extended battery, I just don't like the added bulk. I have a Cliq...
  2. D

    Thread [Q] Why are old apps already installed after fresh wipe and ROM install?

    Hey guys, I'm new at posting in the forums, so I apologize if I have put this in the wrong section. I read a lot of posts, but this is the first time i have posted a thread, ever. =P Anyway, I have a Rooted White T-Mobile G1, I was running the somewhat recent build of Roalex's COS-DS ROM...
  3. L

    Thread [Q] Ginger Yoshi 1.4 md5?

    Can anyone give me (or point me to) md5's of Ginger Yoshi 1.4?
  4. darkguy2008

    Thread [Q] How to measure ROM speed?

    Yeah! Since there's now some doubts between if COS-DS is faster than GY 1.1, I was wondering if there was a way to check which one is faster. I'm using Antutu Benchmark Tool, but I don't kinda trust its results very much. Is there a more reliable way of doing so? I'm looking for speed in terms...
  5. cellsafemode

    Thread accessing ext partition within phone

    Phone: mytouch 3g 1.2 rooted OS: ginger yoshi 1 RC7 SD card partitioned using recovery menu. Ok, I have a rather large sd card and my computers are all linux. So naturally i wanted a very large ext partition on my sd card and a small fat partition for compatibility when i'm on someone else's...
  6. djtar

    Thread BeatMod GingerBread vs Ginger Yoshi

    I know both of these devs have worked together and they both have great work of there on with different teams but which of these hard working devs has the best of the crop when it comes to Ginger bread roms you choose. edit yoshi has 6 beatmod has 1 Sorry no pole is at the top don't...
  7. B

    Thread [Q] ginger yoshi vs cos ds

    is ginger yoshi faster than cos ds
  8. mmaiolo81

    Thread [BUG FIX] For Ginger Yoshi for 32a/b and G1...

    READ THE FLIPPING MANUAL!!! (or RTFM for short) so please do us all a favor and read this in it's entirety.... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!... This thread is a listing of bugs both current and fixed for the Ginger Yoshi ROM line available HERE PLEASE READ THE |OP| IN ITS ENTIRETY AS REPEATED...
  9. yohshua

    Thread [Q] honeycomb on mytouch3g??

    would any one like to work on a sdk port of honeycomb for the mytouch 3g ?? if yes i do have a rom and some work set up all ready i just need some help
  10. yohshua

    Thread Ginger yoshi 1.5 (android 2.3.5) for 32b and 32a old and new radio ^_^

    ok guys here is ginger yoshi 1.1 for the mytouch 3g and g1 and 32a this rom dose need the new radio and spl 2708 for 32b no need to flash gapps they are built in as always here is the froyo yoshi/ginger yoshi team Froyo yoshi/ginger team: big thanks to them for all there hard work ^__^ yohshua...