1. pikachu01

    Thread [MOD][TWEAKS] ThunderBolt! v3.3.0 5/15/16 [Performance+Battery Life Mods & Tweaks]

    [MOD][TWEAKS] ThunderBolt! v3.3.0 5/15/16 [Performance+Battery Life Mods & Tweaks] News Fixed to be compatible with Android L and M. Introduction ThunderBolt! is a script package by me, pikachu01 that combines a few notable tweaks shamelessly modified to the max as well as hacks and scripts...
  2. pikachu01

    Thread [CWM][SCRIPTS][TWEAKS] ThunderBolt! v2.6.1 - 3/5/12 [Major Update Updated!]

    ATTENTION: Only the main CWM and screenstate_scaling addon is compatible with ICS for now. LMK only works half way and shouldn't be used until I can find out if there's a method to automate the services.jar (as used by Supercharger to lock down LMK settings. ATTENTION: 3G addon canot be used...