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  1. MrSalazar001

    Thread Security Error, how to solve?

    I tried to flash some roms, but it didn't work.
  2. I

    Thread ZenFone 2 eMMC replacement queries

    Hello everyone. I have a ZenFone 2 32 GB with a faulty eMMC chip. Also, I happen to have a donor 64 GB motherboard with a good eMMC but with fault on network and camera flash due to water damage. The 64 GB motherboard boots up but cameras don't work and there is no network. If I take out the...
  3. I

    Thread E: Failed to mount /cache (Invalid argument) - ZE551ML

    Hi All, I have a ZE551ML (4 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM) that belongs to a friend. Yesterday, he was using it when suddenly all apps force closed and the device rebooted after which, there's a bootloop. We tried factory reset and it is able to format /data but throws the error E:failed to mount /cache...
  4. E

    Thread HOPE THREAD: Lineage OS Support

    Hi everyone, I'm working on compiling Lineage to bring back support from Lineage. I'm quite near to a stable device tree, and I think that within a week, I'll be able to start mantaining this device for Lineage. :fingers-crossed: EDIT: I finally had time to build my first release through Amazon...
  5. M

    Thread Info about a new ROM

    Hi everyone! So... While for my usage this is still a great device, I'm starting to be kind of fed up with the stock firmware. And apparently there has been no big developments on the ZE551ML. So, an horrible idea came to my mind. Why can't I compile an AOSP ROM myself? Altought I don't have any...
  6. M

    Thread Stock Bootloader loop, can't go into recovery mode, tried everything

    I wanted to downgrade to 5.0 to unlock the bootloader and install a custom recovery and ROM. Used the official FW from the Asus page, installed it from within the OS (android MM stock). It all went as expected until at the end of the install it rebooted and got into the bootloader screen instead...
  7. M

    Thread Can't decrypt Z00A, what do?

    So besides being unable to connect to my PC or do ADB now I can't decrypt this Pressing the button on the security section does nothing, normally it would take me to the encryption menu and give me the option to decrypt I'm on stock MM with locked bootloader Any ideas? can I still downgrade...
  8. M

    Thread Where can I get an actual genuine OEM battery for my ZE551ML?

    I checked with asus and they refuse to sell me one, they want me to ship the damn thing to them and pay for everything (would be cheaper to just get a new phone) The ones I see on ebay and amazon seem sketchy, probably fakes
  9. M

    Thread Zenfone 2 z00a.zip file for the Zenfone 2 Toolkit

    Hey everone, is there a way to download the z00a.zip for the zenfone 2 toolkit file anywhere else? the tool keeps giving me downloading error and I can't ever download it to recover my phone which is soft-bricked because I had a 7.0 android ROM and did a recovery of a 6.1 ROM I had to recover...
  10. A

    Thread Not Receiving SMS Over 160 Characters

    I don't know how long this has been going on for, but I think at one point I had the ability to receive long SMS messages. I'm at wit's end after all my troubleshooting has amounted to no progress. I am receiving all SMS under 160 characters and all MMS messages. But if the sender does not...
  11. DarkAlpha.Sete

    Thread Is the Zenfone 2 series really going to get the Nougat oficially?

    https://www.asus.com/zentalk/thread-119606-32-1.html I have found this petition, and on the last page they say that "all petition demands with be met by 15th June"(2017). Is this fake or real?
  12. O

    Thread [SOLVED] Unable to copy TWRP Recovery Files to PC using ADB Pull

    EDIT: Through another thread I found a solution, if you are booted into recovery mode then the files transfer over to your pc no problem with ADB pull. They are only protected when the phone is not in recovery mode. I am trying to copy and paste a TWRP backup I created for my phone which is...
  13. R

    Thread Pixel launcher in Zenfone 2

    Can someone please give me a link to a flashable zip of pixel experience on zenfone 2 ..I cant seem to find it anyehere Thanks in Advance
  14. ayush.gl

    Thread [Help] How to modify a zip file to install it on x86 arch???

    I want to install a zip file which can be installed on arm 64 architecture but gives error on installing it on x86 arch i.e. on zenfone 2. How can i modify or install that file to work on x86 architecture????
  15. L

    Thread Android N - Zenfone 2 ?

    With Intel dropping the Atom chips and all x86 chipsets, Does anyone know if Android N will be compatible with x86 platform? I do believe we can't rely on Asus to deliver updates since Marshmallow hasnt been officially released to Zenfone 2 devices more than a year after it was first released...
  16. Kaleem Hunter

    Thread Zenfone Selfie Marshmallow Bootloader Unlock (NEED HELP)

    Hello, I have recently updated my phone to marshmallow complete stock, then I flashed pre rooted marshmallow system.img and boot files through fastboot and twrp.img too, but I cant get into TWRP, even tho If I flash stock recovery, i can go into it. So I flashed stock recovery and running...
  17. Q

    Thread Very very hard brick

    Hello .. I have a big problem !! I try to flash the Smartzen rom for try and after when my phone reboot..I have a bootloop But the problem it's -> I don't acces to the bootloader and the recovery I make power and volume + and i have vibration and just that :( When i put the phone with the usb...
  18. blazzer12

    Thread So what's stopping me from using x86_64 gapps for CM13 on ZE551ML?

    Isn't the processor 64 bit?
  19. xactor

    Thread [ROOT][MM][NO UNLOCKING REQUIRED][ZE550KL] How to root ZE550KL on latest marshmallow?

    If you tried rooting you ZE550KL then you must tried unlocking your device using official unlocker tool and you may faced force close. So here is how to root you asus ZE550KL without unlocking bootloader.. Prerequisite: Download Latest TWRP from twrp.me Download Download latest SuperSu Binary...
  20. J

    Thread About RAM Management on X86 platform

    Hello everyone! First the video link ( is in PT-BR, but my text has the translation of the point of interest ) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiS1463v92o Recently, the marketing manager of ASUS Latin America, Marcel Campos gave an interview for these guys to talk about the launch of ZF3 in...
  21. Russiamen

    Thread [Guide][Died bootloader] Problem with a black screen in twrp after installed stock MM

    the problem is that you have the phone rebooted to twrp ,but the screen is black and seems adb 1.Wait for 5 to 10 minutes until the phone goes into twrp 2.You can check the "back"button if it vibrates,then you are on the right track 3.To find adb sideload ,I personally enjoyed another device to...
  22. B

    Thread Zenfone 2 Tauri Wallet Case + Magnet mod to auto sleep/wake!

    I bought this case without realizing it didn't come with an auto-sleep/wake feature... so I modded it and added the feature myself with a spare magnet! I've attached a few photos to this thread, the fourth photo shows the bump where I shoved the magnet (in the bottom-right corner of the ID...
  23. blazzer12

    Thread [WIP]List of VR Cardboard Apps that work on CM13:

    Our phone sports x86 for mobile which has been recently abandoned by Intel. Yes I read that PR article where they claim they didn't, but they just made sure developers care even less of the x86 arch. I mean how many apps does our phone runs as an emulation thereby decreasing it's efficiency...
  24. I

    Thread How to unlock Bootloader. Currently running ZE551ML

    I've tried several threads here and none is working. I did all the downgrade, still not working. Please help.
  25. M

    Thread [Settings] In search of a White Screen

    Hey guys, as you may have noticed, Zenfone 2 (or at least the ZE551ML) has a warm-ish tint on it's screen colors. On CM13, I think I might've found the settings to get as close to pure white as possible. Here are my current settings: [CM13 4/22 Nightly] RED - 92% GREEN - 89% BLUE - 100% If you...
  26. A

    Thread Can't Install Viper4Android or Better Battery Stats into Z00AD After ROM Update

    Info: ZE551ML unlocked - WW to WW root - SuperSu Pro 2.67 busybox - v1.24.1 -Stericson SELinux - set to permissive As I usually do when there's an update, I edited the full ROM zip for 174 and then flashed with TWRP using AL_IRAQI's guide here. Flashed SuperSu...
  27. djole94hns

    Thread Tested Guides - Root, Unlock Bootloader and Tethered TWRP On ZE500CL

    Hello there! I've noticed the resources for us using the ZE500CL variant of the ZenFone 2 line of phones are few and far between, so I decided to make this list of methods I personally tested for rooting, unlocking the bootloader and temporarily flashing TWRP (tethered recovery). I apologize in...
  28. A

    Thread zenfone 2 gyroscope and g sensor are not working....neither running in games

    not running ..auto rotate mode is not working..no tilt calibration is working in anygames ....done cache clear and also factory reset...
  29. D

    Thread ze500cl Recover from bootloop while saving internal storage data

    correction. It was stuck at the boot screen. Boot freeze if you like... Not a bootloop. I got a bootfreeze on completely stock ze500cl zenfone2. I think a factory reset will solve it, since I messed with no system files. Is there any way I can back up my internal storage before I do a reset...
  30. C

    Thread [Games] Asus zenfone 2 It is not optimized for various games

    Fifa 16 not run NBA 2k15 run lags 10fps NBA 2k16 run legs 5fps Games Dead Trigger 2 run 12fps !!!! What to do ??? mobile exchange? NzjhAAz3DD8
  31. B

    Thread Radio signal tweaks?

    I've noticed lately my Zenfone appears to prefer a stronger 2g signal over a weaker 4g signal, and it's quite frustrating when I know the 4g is available and adequate even though it is weaker. Is there any way to tweak how the radio chooses which signal to use, and make it prefer a faster signal...
  32. M

    Thread Zenfone 2 Love

    Oh zenfone 2 sitting over there, Where has the time gone? It feels like just yesterday we met. You treat me oh so well. Gathering my emails, texts and more. Making me glad to have you in my life. Oh zenfone 2 thank you for showing me, True love of a cellular phone. May this winter spirit bring...
  33. A

    Thread Phone Not Detected In Windows When In TWRP ADB Sideload Mode

    I've recently unlocked my bootloader and flashed TWRP to replace my stock recovery. Before I unlocked it, I would normally use the temporary CWM to sideload files, without issue. Now when I go into "Advanced" and start "ADB Sideload" the device is no longer detected by ADB or my Windows device...
  34. M

    Thread [Q] Why is custom ROM support so low with the ZF2?

    Its a very popular model, it has tons of power (specially the 4GB/64 version) and can be easily unlocked, so why so few ROMs to choose from? Honest question, I thought this thing would be the phone for custom ROMs, but we don't even have an official CM image. What seems to be the problem here?
  35. M

    Thread [Q] What is the most stable ROM for the ZF2?

    Got a 64GB version, been waiting for an official CM ROM but I can't stand the factory ROM anymore and they are taking forever to update. What do you recommend for a better than custom but still more stable than CM nightly experience? Thanks
  36. B

    Thread ZE551ML: Extreme Battery Drain... battery failing ?

    Running the latest OS update. Never had this issue before...... If you look at the screenshot it seems to be charging and awake while the battery is draining... The phone was sleeping at least 90% of the drain time..... An ideas ? Thanks Battery was not being charged at the time.
  37. E

    Thread [Q] Android Auto Unavailable / Broken on AOSP

    Good Evening, I am having an issue with Android Auto with AOSP based builds, and only the Asus ROMs seem to work properly for android auto! I have tried Paranoid, the base AOSP, and Resurrection Remix LP. I know there are a couple others, but after 3 different ones have had the same issue, I...
  38. knoneNull

    Thread [ROM][OFFICIAL]Resurrection Remix 5.5.8 [Z00A][Z008]

    Resurrection Remix LP V5.5.8 Resurrection Remix the ROM has been based on Cyanogenmod, slim, omni and original Remix ROM builds, this creates an awesome combination of performance, customization, power and the most new features, brought directly to your Device Thanks to Cyanogenmod, slim omni...
  39. D

    Thread Camera failed to launch

    When I try to launch the camera app or any app that requires the camera I get the following message "camera failed to launch, please reboot your device" Model Number ASIS_Z00AD I'm running stock ww_2.20.40.59... I have restarted the device. I have un installed and reinstalled the camera app...
  40. T

    Thread So, Which Hardware Component of Your Zenfone 2 Would You Upgrade?

    XDA member TachyonGun has recently run a feature asking Which Hardware Component of Your Phone [You] Would Upgrade?. What about you? Are you satisfied with your phone HW? What would you add or improve? (Please, only stick to hardware components, e.g. NOT software-related issues)
  41. J

    Thread What would happen if I put a Linux distro in /system?

    Just a thought... the kernel command line just runs /init. If I removed Android from /system, put the files for Arch Linux and symlinked /usr/lib/systemd/systemd to init, wouldn't Arch just happily boot atop the Android kernel? (I know, I'd need to make a custom kernel with systemd support). I'd...
  42. T

    Thread [Official] ASUS ZE551ML Bug Reporting Thread

    Hi everyone - I apologize for not posting very much lately, but if you tag me in a post or send me a PM, I will read it. We have not forgotten about you guys. Anyways, this is the official bug reporting thread for the ZenFone 2 (ZE551ML) WW variant (North America). I will constantly check...
  43. Zspitter

    Thread [Completed] Zenfone2 (2.3Ghz,4GB ram) or Xperia Z2

    hi guys let me cut to the chase im planning to buy a phone and keep it for 2 years i care about performance the most and i really want this phone to last 2 years and still have a decent performance then i play games i use the camera often to take family pictures and scan docs i watch movies but...
  44. H

    Thread [Q] Clock did not show up at lockscreen after installing Gravitybox [LP]

    Phone: Zenfone 2 ZE551ML 2.3Ghz/4Gb RAM/32Gb ROM Firmware: / rooted / TWRP installed / Unlocked bootloader Kernel: Project T v42 / 3.10.20-x86_64_moor [email protected] #33 Xposed: 3.0alpha4 GravityboxLP: v5.1.4 My problem: After i installed GravityboxLP and active its xposed's...
  45. DroidMahn

    Thread [Q] Root for Zenfone 2

    Is there root for the latest firmware Also is there an official way to unlock the bootloader or just the rooted/adb method?
  46. OfficerJimLahey

    Thread [GUIDE/INVESTIGATION] Back up your EFS

    TL;DR ... please skip to the bottom for a step-by-step how-to. :p It is still a bit of a mystery on how easy it is for someone to lose their EFS data (including baseband/IMEI). It has happened a few times (judging by the forum activity). Even for more reason, especially since this data cannot...
  47. J

    Thread [POLL] What OS do you use?

    Just curious to see exactly how many people actually use Linux or OSX a.k.a the only OSes you can build Android on which IMO all Android devs should be using
  48. cmendonc2

    Thread [INDEX] Asus Zenfone 2 Themes

    Asus Zenfone 2 Themes Thread Leather Finish Find My Fox Happy Holi ZenDodge Galaxy Material Light ZenWin ZenShineTheme ZenFirefly Synergy Zen_Dewali Speed Theme (Purple, Gold and Green, Cyan, Blue) ZenAqua Blue Speed Rose Asus Theme Zen Silver...
  49. N

    Thread [Q] How to restore system apps?

    In anticipation of the upcoming 5.1 release, is there an easy way to restore system apps I might have deleted without losing data? I just want to make sure I can flash it the moment it comes out. Thank you.
  50. cmendonc2

    Thread [INDEX] Asus Zenfone 2

    Asus Zenfone 2 [INDEX] Helpful Information Welcome, this thread has been created to encompass everything you may need for the Asus Zenfone 2. Please only post in this thread with feedback on how to improve this document. Do not post "Thank you" type responses. If you have additional questions or...