zenfone 8

  1. Lividmatter

    Thread Question Removed audio bloatware still processes audio

    EDIT*** I realise I probably posted this in the wrong spot. Sorry, I am new to XDA. If you would be so kind to move this post if possible, instead of removing it that would be much appreciated. So I got myself a ZenFone 8 the other week and noticed the heavy audio processing done by an Asus...
  2. ASTR05

    Thread Question Does Zenfone 8 support LHDC ?

    Can anyone here who owns a Zenfone 8 please tell if it supports LHDC bluetooth codec. U can check it in settings>system>developer options>bluetooth audio codec>see if there is an option for LHDC (it can be greyed out option as well) I'm currently using Zenfone 6 and want to upgrade to Zenfone...
  3. GamingOnGadget

    Thread Question Poor gaming experience after december updates

    Hi! Have you noticed bad gaming experience after recent updates? Previously I was able to reach about 40+ FPS on Geshin Impact (highest settings) but nowadays barely 30 FPS. I am using dynamic profile since Performance is even worse. Benchmark scores are also lower. Software version is...
  4. O

    Thread Question Stuck in a boot loop, can't load recovery

    Picked one of these up on the weekend and was looking at going to linageos. patched upto latest, and went through the linage install steps but missed the step on after installing the bootloader unlock software going into options and unlocking. Went ahead and installed the linage recovery but...
  5. Captain_Throwback

    Thread Development [RECOVERY] TWRP for ZenFone 8

    *** Disclaimer *** All flashing is done at your own risk! While nothing from this thread should break your device, don't come back here blaming anyone if it does! Introduction Images Prerequisites Installation instructions Device Changelog TWRP Official Change Log Downloads...
  6. Freak07

    Thread Development [Kernel][07.05.2022][Android 12] Kirisakura 2.0.0_S for Asus Zenfone 8 aka "Sake"

    Kirisakura-Kernel for the Asus Zenfone 8 Hello everyone, To keep it short: Here is Kirisakura - Kernel for the Asus Zenfone 8 aka Sake. The Zenfone line-up internal codenames are traditionally derived from alcoholic drinks. Two years ago the Zenfone 6 bore the title "Kirin". The Zenfone 7 was...
  7. SM26

    Thread Question AR Core compatibility

    Hello folks! really loving this phone so far, but AFAIK it doesn't have AR capabilities out of the box. I've tried to install the Google Play Services for AR but it doesn't work. does anyone knows if it's a hardware limitation? or some kind of software one (that magisk should have a module for)?