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zenfone max pro m1

  1. PeakyBlinder8090

    Thread Can't Flash TWRP

    Hi friends, I own one Asus Zenfone max pro m1 and I recently wanted it's bootloader to be unlocked and I tried the unofficial method but didn't worked. So I chose the official method. It wasn't a good experience because I was successful after several attempts. Don't know why... But after...
  2. dfantonio

    Thread Phone doesn't start after lineage OS update

    Hello guys, I had this zenfone max pro for almost two years and last week I decided to change the OS and then installed Lineage OS 18.1. Yesterday appeared an update screen on my phone because there was a new version of the lineage OS. Then it asked if I wanted to create a backup and I clicked...
  3. T

    Thread Kali Nethunter on Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

    Installing Nethunter 1. Download and install magisk module called KaliNethunter 2. Go to offensive security website and download generic arm64 nethunter image 3. Extract and install following apps from downloaded archive: NetHunter.apk, NetHunterTerminal.apk. 4. Extract kalifs-arm64-full.tar.xz...
  4. T

    Thread Kali nethunter kernel.

    Just darkonah kernel rebuilt with external adapter support for kali nethunter. I've tested it on 082 stock with alfa awus036nh (ralink rt3070), but it should also support other adapters. Many thanks to @travarilo for the original darkonah kernel. Kernel source...
  5. paglione

    Thread [REQUEST][KERNEL] Asus Max Pro M1

    Hey guys (sorry for my bad english) I trying to use nethunter in my zenfone and i have a problem with HID interface. Can anyone help me with a kernel that makes it possible to use this feature? Im using Magisk and TWRP, i already have nethunter installed, I just need the kernel
  6. M


    UPDATE: i found a new apk which is working absolutely fine on android 10 roms. negligible or no freezing issue or shutter greyout issues. (rarely- with flash on pic doesnt click, so turn off the flash and click again) personally i have tested it on Evolution x, Pixel Experience and Havoc ROM...
  7. C

    Thread Firmware Question

    Hi, I'm considering buying this phone and I was hoping you guys could answer a couple of questions. The hardware's really compelling for the price but, I have no idea how well Asus maintains their line of phones in regards to software. Also, if there's people that have used other Asus phones in...
  8. Sudeep Duhoon

    Thread [GUIDE]Dump all partitions and make complete backup

    Make complete backup of all partitions before rooting your device. So you can restore to stock condition and get OTA. Requirements: Asus Zenfone Max Pro with unlocked bootloader and stock condition (i.e. never rooted never flashed twrp) Modded TWRP image Backup Script A 32gb+ memory card...
  9. Sudeep Duhoon

    Thread [GUIDE][UNLOCK/RELOCK] Bootloader Unofficailly and Flash TWRP+Root

    DATA WILL BE WIPED SO MAKE A BACKUP (instructions are there in rar too) Unlocking 1. Download this rar and you'll get 2 folders namely unlock and ASUS_Android_USB_drivers_for_Windows 2. Install the drivers according to your OS and go the unlock folder 3. Reboot your phone to fastboot mode by...
  10. xcxa23

    Thread Curious about hardware, example storage using 2.0 or 2.1?

    Given the price/performance, it's very attractive but what's the catch? I notice they are not using gorilla glass so it might cheaper using ordinary glass? Huawei previously using mix storage type, 2.1 and 2.0 if not mistaken, din really follow up. If anyone already own max pro m1, can share SS...