1. ayush.gl

    Thread Best Xposed Modules for ZF2??

    I want to know which modules may bring something great to our zf2. Please suggest me some good modules.... I'm currently using these modules as shown in ss
  2. B

    Thread ZOOA / ZE551ML Official RAW Firmware file.

    Hi Guys! You can use this to return to stock and re-lock the bootloader (if you unlocked it the xda way. Not sure with the asus way). No fancy procedures. Just use the Asus RAW Firmware flasher with the right settings and that's it. You can then do the official OTA update to get the latest...
  3. J

    Thread Status of ROM Development?

    First off: I am NOT asking/telling developers to hurry up. I totally respect that ROM development takes time and will gladly wait for the next releases. I am simply curious about a pattern I noticed. In early August it seemed like ROM releases were more frequent (5-7 days) whereas for PA and...
  4. blazzer12

    Thread Fast charging => Fast discharging? What is your experience with you ZF2?

    Is seems logical on the surface. Will fast charging mean discharge will also be faster? Did you ever use a 'non quick'/ normal charge adapter? Did you find that the battery charge lasted longer?
  5. blazzer12

    Thread Any batteries available for ZF2 with higher capacity?

    That would be great! Not just from ASUS but even from a 3rd party vendor.
  6. blazzer12

    Thread Rate audio quality of ZF2!

    So which earphones / cans do you use to listen to music. On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best, how would you rate the audio quality? Have you used ASUS earphones/headphones with ZF2? Discuss!