1. The Bearodactyl

    Thread [MODULE] [TEMPLATE] Custom App Systemizer

    Since Magisk won't let me install terminal systemizer, i decided to make my own module template that'll install any apk of your choice as a system app. Instructions to customize it are in the zip file (i made them as easy as possible lol)
  2. easyjoin

    Thread [APP] zipNship - Zip and Share

    This is a basic app for zipping files to send them via email or messaging program. You can download it from the Play store: Does not requires any permission to run. How it works • Select one or more files using your favorite...
  3. P

    Thread How Can i Batch Sign Zip Files On Windows?

    I asked this previously. But i did not specify the problem correctly When i unpack the: to the C drive i get this: C:\android-11\ If i try to use the ApkSigner.JAR in the: C:\android-11\lib\ Folder Directly through those two commands: cd C:\Program...
  4. H

    Thread HELPP! Can´t open my deivce file to extract boot.img.

    Hi, so i got a simple tablet, Multilaser M7S Lite, and i want to root it, my main goal is to be able to edit System folder, i want to change the boot animation, mainly. So , since there is no TWRP recovery for this brand, i decided that the only way, was with magisk patching boot.img. So i...
  5. L

    Thread Patch an old version of android to run modern apps that don't support it.

    Could it be to patch an old version of android, say Kitkat to run an app written for android 10? For instance I have an old phone with TWRP installed, but the modding community has no interest in porting a new version of android to it. If I could flash a zip file that works with any kitkat...
  6. K

    Thread My Rom Zip File Isn't Signed Can Anyone help me?

    Hi... I just download ota zip upgrade for vivo v5 @ 1601 on official vivo website.i have edited the updater-script and now its not signed Can anyone help me sign this ota zip flash file?Please i really need help.Because i dont have laptop / PC's to do that Any help will be appreciated🙏🙏🙏...
  7. DanHoliday

    Thread How to properly compress Magisk module .zip

    Hello, I'm trying to create my own Magisk module based on working modules and referencing the module instructions. Before getting too far, I wanted to make sure that the compression process worked correctly. So, I downloaded a .zip module from the Magisk app (e.g. Wifi5ghzdisabler), moved .zip...
  8. infected_

    Thread [ROM][STOCK IN2011_11_C.21][FASTBOOT] Easily return method to OOS from custom ROMs or simply reflash OOS

    Oneplus 8 Fastboot ROMs DOWNLOADS: Mirror: Current version: IN2011_11_C.21_202205172355 PASSWORD: XDA2021 or XDA2022 (newest files)
  9. 0

    Thread unpack and repack / Android Kitchen 0.224

    Hello, I trying to unpack and repack the system.img and boot.img / i use stock ROM just unpack and right after repack (i use the stock ROM and nothing change inside that unpacking) I'm useing (Android-Kitchen-0.224) I'm useing: TWRP -> Install -> select file (zip) -> Swipe to confirm Flash...
  10. K3V1991

    Thread [OOS][EU][HD1913] Oxygen OS Updates + Extras | February 2022

    NFO: Europe Version: Version Name: OnePlus7TProOxygen_14_2202120232 Version: (Oxygen OS Android Version: 11 API: 30 Build: HD1913_14_220212 Kernel: 4.14.190-perf+, Sat Feb 12 Security Patch: February 1, 2022 Changelog: System: • Updated Android Security Patch to...
  11. ksant0s

    Thread [RECOVERY] [OFFICIAL] OrangeFox Recovery for Galaxy S8/S8+ (Exynos)

    OrangeFox Recovery Project /* * Your warranty is now void. * * We're not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this recovery * before...
  12. mayker05

    Thread Pixel Master Port (UN-OFFICIAL) :

    Pixel Master Port (UN-OFFICIAL) DISCLAIMER: I wont be held responsible for bricked devices or dead MicroSD and USBs. Modifications comes with no warranty, by installing this you agree doing it at your own risk. TESTED ON ZENFONE 5z EVOLUTION X 5.3 !!! TESTED ON ZENFONE 3 SUPERIOR OS ...
  13. soyimparable

    Thread Build.prop editing (flashable zip)

    Hi, I made a flashable zip but i need it to be able to edit some lines in the build.prop and I would like to delete some lines in the build.prop from the recovery, not manually... I have tried several scripts, but none works, thanks :)
  14. avidichard

    Thread Custom ROM edit zip file bootloop problem

    In the Aroma installation files, I changed only the updater-script by removing the following lines: ===== package_extract_dir("commands/Root", "/tmp/Root"); run_program("/sbin/busybox", "unzip", "/tmp/Root/", "META-INF/com/google/android/*", "-d", "/tmp/Root")...
  15. B

    Thread How Can I Get Ahold Of The OTA ZIP File For Android 10 for the XT1970-1 (RETBR)?

    Motorola for some strange reason is taking forever to update all phones. Mine and and a bunch of other devices didn't get the update (only very few people got it). Is there a way I can connect to Motorola's server and just manually pull the zip, so I can install it on mine and also share it...
  16. Swapnil Soni

    Thread [MOD] Thanos MOD - Snap your System!

    !! BigDaddy Thanos Mod !! THIS MOD WILL DELETE RANDOM SYSTEM FILES WHEN YOU FLASH Download : How to Flash: Download the File Flash it! and Enjoy! NOTE: This mod wont harm your device! It's just printing Text to your Recovery! This is just a prank!
  17. Fusseldieb

    Thread Google Screen Call port for other phones

    Hello everybody, I saw that Google is planning to release their new "Screen Call" to the Pixel 3 soon (or it has yet happened - not so sure) and I was thinking: Could this feature possibly be ported to other phones like Samsung or other brands? I already saw people replacing the IncallUI of...
  18. J

    Thread [OTA] System fingerprint needed!

    As it's Android One device, it probably uses Google OTA service. If you would be able to provide me with system fingerprint, there's a chance for me to get full OTA link to start up the development for this and possibly other devices. How to do it? Install Terminal Emulator from Google Play...
  19. shadowstep

    Thread [CLOSED][COLLECTION] shadowstep's Android Essentials [APKS][DRIVERS][RECOVERIES][TOOLS][ZIPS]

    General Information Hi all! So basically, I just wanted to have a single thread with links to my personal collection of Android stuff, which includes both, stuff I've created and stuff other developers have created (that I use). The only reason behind creating this thread is to make it easier...

    Thread AROMA GUI zips

    does anyone has any idea why we can't flash aroma zips on U12+ ? same thing applies to OP6 :confused: I know AROMA is an abandoned project from almost 4 years ago, but popular devs like Team Venom LeeDroid flar2 etc... still use it for custom ROMs and kernels for the ability to provide...
  21. A

    Thread Flashing zip files from firmware finder

    I'm using the indian variant of Honor 8, haven't yet recieved oreo but i wanted to install whatever the latest emui version is available through firmware finder. When downloading from firmware finder around 2-3 months ago i had to download two zips mainly and region zip. I installed...
  22. W

    Thread How to make update-binary file

    Hi guys Is it possible to make a fresh 'update-binary' file that is located in 'META-INF/com/google/android' or will an existing file previously downloaded from these forums work? I am simply making a zip that debloats some app from the Lineage OS ROM and also installs some APK's to the...
  23. S

    Thread Android P DP3 emoji and fonts (Magisk and traditional flashable ZIP)

    Hello, everyone! Here are the latest emoji and fonts for your device, in two flavours: Magisk and traditional ZIP. Don't know how to deal with GitHub, so I can't submit it to the official repo. If anyone can submit it for me, I don't care about credit. So, without further ado: Magisk...
  24. T

    Thread [Guide] [Stock] (Oreo available) Moto G5 updates - Download & install

    What is this? First of all, hi everyone :) I decided to try my best to archive all the possible OTA updates (paths) that a Moto G5 (cedric) users can take. With the various risks of clean / factory flashes in mind, I thought that some users might prefer using ZIPs to update their device...
  25. jineshpatel30

    Thread [TOOL] [Windows] Batch APK Zipalign Tool v 2.0 (23/05/2022)

    What's ziplign ? Read,Android Developers site. Why this tool is needed ? There are a lot of APK modifications on XDA, most of which are done through APKTOOL (Thanks @iBotPeaches for this great tool) But after apktool compilation...
  26. K

    Thread can anyone make stock rom with magisk 16 for frd-l09

    ive been trying to flash magisk but it keeps boot looping i dont know why what do i do can anyone edit stock rom of frd-l09 and make flashable for twrp and built in magisk
  27. C

    Thread [Guide][TWRP] Lets make Blackphone 2 great again

    IM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU BRICK YOUR PHONE. Hello there. I own bp2 since last year. So in order to avoid lags and poor battery performance im gonna write this guide. So thanks to this i achieved a new phone, without battery drain, a very good battery and cpu temp, and almost root access. These...
  28. A

    Thread create flashable zip to write data partition

    i am stuck with a problem and need your help, i created a data partition backup from TWRP, but when i tried to restore it gives an error extrac(tor) fail 255 i understand the data win files got corrupted, but i used winrar to extract all the data win files & got /data folder with most of the...
  29. SahilCrazy

    Thread Question about creating flashable zip

    Hi, I build aosp for my Xperia X, the output are 3 .img files, system.img, boot.img, userdata.img. So I wanted to ask if it's possible to create a flashable zip for those .img files instead of flashing them using fastboot. If yes, what should the folder structure look like? Also could I use a...
  30. S

    Thread Android Oreo Pixel Launcher

    Hi, Could anyone create a flashable zip to install the Android Oreo Pixel Launcher? I can't install the apk itself because I have installed a previous version of Pixel Launcher that I installed by TWRP (zip). As I have no root I can't delete through TWRP the previous pixel launcher unless I do...
  31. Mehul.S

    Thread [MOD] Debloater for LineageOS & LineageOS Based ROMs

    Debloater Zip This is my first MOD. I just made a zip for my own use and I'm sharing it here. I personally don't like the system apps which come with LineageOS and LineageOS based ROMs. We all flash GApps and then end up having double apps like Calendar (Google Calendar and Stock LineageOS...
  32. aeroxy

    Thread Creating flashable zip on macOS

    It looks like on macOS, the compression command `zip -r rom` doesn't create a flashable zip for recovery (TWRP 3.0). Not sure what I am missing here. How do you guys create flashable zip under macOS sierra 10.12.6?
  33. TENN3R

    Thread Flashable zips

    Hi guys, I searched a bit but I didn't find anything. My question is: since pixel has A/B partition system, normal zips doesn't flash. I tried look in existent zips but they are aroma or kernel zips which makes difficult to understand (at least, for me). Can someone tell me how (or post an...
  34. M

    Thread [Flashable ZIP] Oneplus 5 camera app

    I create a zip flasheable with the camera application of the new oneplus 5 and I share it with you Portrait mode doesnt work for obvious reasons :P Do a full backup just in case Downloads!dIFgHQSA!Bj66l6xryEZQ88GxCUCqxdDgV_tlMdMaOKtsXImJSHw Tested on LineageOS 14.1
  35. balamu96m

    Thread [APP][4.4+] SendAnyFile - WhatsApp, FB Messenger (Updated in Google Play)!

    Hi all! I just made an app to send any file via WhatsApp, Messenger, hike and what not! Features: -------------- * THE ONLY APP that allows you to send files via Messenger! * Send uncompressed full quality images! * Send .zip, .rar, .avi and all types of videos. * Easy file retrieval. It's...
  36. K

    Thread [MOD] [FONT] [4.0-4.4.4] Custom Lockscreen Clock Fonts for AOSP and CM based ROMS

    I am new to XDA and this is my first MOD for Android 4.0+ I am sure you guys have heard about custom fonts fonts for ur device but this is somewhat different from that.. it changes ur lockscreen clock fonts and not the other fonts.. so u guys can add more personality to ur ROMS.. Screenshots...
  37. 32dave

    Thread Please help

    Could some dev out there make a flashable w8 zip file? Nothing fancy just stock I like to theme but its a pain when I screw something up and have to odin it back to stock when I try to restore a back up the systemui doesn't work and odin is the only way to get it back, but I'm thinking a...
  38. nhmanas

    Thread Creating a flashable zip file to delete and migrate files

    I have a GM5 Plus which is an Android One 3rd Generation device. Every month google sends to my device security patches like nexus or pixel devices. I like stock rom with my modifications but I also like to have security updates. So I think about it and said "if I make a flashable zip to delete...
  39. pvineeth97

    Thread [NEW!][TWRP FLASHABLE] Latest Stock MM ROM for K420N

    Hey guys! :) I have created a TWRP flashable zip of latest Stock MM Rom for K420N. ONLY FOR K420N Requirements: (1) Unlocked Bootloader (2) TWRP Steps: (1) Download the ZIP here (I am searching for it). (2) Copy it to your phone. (3) Reboot into TWRP. (4) Select "Install". Select the zip...
  40. B

    Thread [REF][ROM]Recovery Flashable Stock SM-N900V ROMs

    As a convenience to the users here, I have created recovery-flashable versions of the SM-N900V (Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 3) Stock ROMs from the following releases: NC4 NJ6 NK1 OB6 OF1 PL1 These flashables are ONLY INTENDED FOR SM-N900V OWNERS WITH UNLOCKED BOOTLOADERS AND STANDALONE CUSTOM...
  41. V

    Thread [Flashable][ZIP]Camera Light painting for every firmware

    Hey. I think I found a way to install Camera Light Painting Mode known from the sokoban ROM. Its a flashable ZIP that you can flash with TWRP. It will add some files in the /system/etc/camera directory and replace your camera apk. Please let me know if it works! Here is the Link. To...
  42. andip71

    Thread [FIRMWARE+MODEM] Collection - Flashable Zips! [28.02.2018]

    Hi all ! As I did not find a similar thread yet for the OnePlus 3T, I am starting one now. I put some flashable zips together, which contain the modem and firmwares (NOT the complete rom, only other parts like bootloader etc.) of several OOS versions. This allows you to change modems and...
  43. savagezen

    Thread Zip Made from AOSP Source Fails to Flash in TWPR - Invalid Format

    I'm taking my first stab at developing and have successfully built AOSP from source (aosp_angler-userdebug). The boot.img and system.img flash fine over fastboot, however, the .zip created from: $ make updatepackage passes an error in TWRP when I try to flash it. Something to the effect of...
  44. X

    Thread NEED OTA Update zip to flash SM-G350 !!!!

    Please my friends a really need you, After a bad trick (Root + use Device Spoofer), my Galaxy core plus won't boot: black screen after Samsung Logo! so i tried reset via stock recovery Nô Success !! beside my phone isn't detected by PC only charge (tried more than 5 câbles, 4 Laptops, 1...
  45. F

    Thread can`t change bootanimation on my S4 :(

    hey! I got a S4 i9515 I think its nearly the same as i9505 (LTE/4G) ROOTED 5.0.1 + TWRP I made myself a boot animation and it works fine, I tested it on my Xperia Z5 but the S4 doesnt accept it :( the resoluion is correct 720x1280 30FPS loop normally you have to replace the...
  46. ganeshkmr21

    Thread New OTA .Zip Update NPJ25.93-14

    Download: Anyone who want to create mirror links are welcome. Note: 1. You have to be on Build NPJ25.93-11 to flash this update. 2. This update can only be flashed through Stock Recovery.
  47. bogarty

    Thread Tester needed for Honor 8 boot animation.

    UPDATE(02/04/17): Testers with Nougat installed needed. More info at this post here. Thanks! ----------- UPDATE(01/20/17): Animation is finally working guys! You can check it out here. Thanks! :)...
  48. T

    Thread [MODEM][VoLTE] Lollipop Firmware

    Hi guys! After numerous requests, i have made a flashable zip package to install Lollipop modem and firmware on your Xiaomi Redmi 2. IMPORTANT! Make sure you make backups of Firmware, EFS and Persist before flashing! I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DATA LOSS IF YOU GO FORWARD WITHOUT TAKING PROPER...
  49. J

    Thread M6E69N to M6E69S

    Hello all, Heres the You may need to rename it to remove the space and (1) before flashing.
  50. N

    Thread [ZIP][OOS 4.0.1] Flashable Stock ROM/Firmware/Modem

    I'll keep a list of firmware and modems here, with TWRP flashable zip files and images. If using stock everything or your recovery won't boot, you may flash the images with fastboot, and the complete rom is flashable with stock recovery! Information Complete ROM - Flash in stock or custom...