1. M

    Thread [help] android 11 AOSP : install modified gboard.apk [apktool] [root]

    hello, and thanks for helping me. i have a redmi k20 pro with evolutionX on android 11, rooted with magisk 21.1 i modified the gboard.apk with apktool, recompiled sucessfully. the problem is i can't manage to install, it, for multiple reasons : (i added extractNativeLibs="true" to...
  2. jineshpatel30

    Thread [TOOL] [Windows] Batch APK Zipalign Tool v 2.0 (23/05/2022)

    What's ziplign ? Read,Android Developers site. Why this tool is needed ? There are a lot of APK modifications on XDA, most of which are done through APKTOOL (Thanks @iBotPeaches for this great tool) But after apktool compilation...
  3. manan001

    Thread [4.4.2][NH6] Deodex System : Update

    Guys I Had Deodexed & Zipalign The Android 4.4.2 H6 For Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102 I Have Tested On My Grand 2,Working Perfectly You Will Need Rooted Stock 4.4.2 H6 ROM & Custom Recovery On Your Grand 2 There's Only System App,Framework & Priv-App Included In The Zip (Bloats removed you can get it...
  4. la2o

    Thread [MOD] Zipalign And SQLite3 Binaries

    WORKS ON ALL ANDROID DEVICES Be sure to have busybox and init.d support, thank you. Hello everyone. Today, I present my first mod for you guys XD This installs the zipalign and sqlite3 binaries, also puts scripts in the init.d folder. These will improve performance and smoothness of apps :)...
  5. hell-zerg

    Thread (De)odexing, signing and zipaligning APK

    Let's say I have installed on my Nexus 4 the stock ODEXED ROM (also signed and zipaligned) and I want to edit just one system app (for example systemUI.apk). I did the following: 1. Deodexed the APK 2. Edited the APK Now should I RE-ODEX the APK, then sign and zipalign it? Or sign and...
  6. mbc07

    Thread [Script] [Unmaintained] Quick Deodex Tool (v1.0.2)

    Due ART changes, Quick Deodex doesn't work with Android Lollipop/Marshmallow/Nougat ROMs. I might update this script some day, but due other priorities and lack of time, this tool is currently unmaintained. Well, if you ever tried to deodex a single APK file you should know how tricky this...
  7. aureljared

    Thread [CROSS-PLATFORM] APK Sign/Zipalign/Install

    Hello all! Out of laziness, I made myself a Windows script for signing and zipaligning APKs I modded. Then I thought, why not make it available to others? :D So I added ADB support and user interaction, made a Linux version, and pushed my work to GitHub. Features User interaction Colorful...
  8. M

    Thread [Q] Proper steps for modding SystemUI?

    So, I've successfully (I think) modded my own SystemUI.apk to simply just get rid of the hideous VZW 4G LTE in the notification bar. I've watched videos, read threads old and new, and still don't know for sure if I'm doing everything correctly. Not just whether I'm doing it correctly, but If...
  9. 6

    Thread zipalign tool?

    Hi. I don't have eclipse. Can someone make me a zip align tool ? Something ... I don't want to download eclipse right now.
  10. F4bioo

    Thread [tool] 9compiler - batch process for themers android

    9Compile is a tool for automating Windows batch processes with the ability to work on the compilation of several files of type .9.png simultaneously. It has been developed especially for Android Roms theme makers. 9Compile also has extra features such as InjectTheme mode to...
  11. fsebentley

    Thread [Q] How to add Root, and Auto Zipalign to my Custom Rom

    I am working on a custom jb4.2.2 rom for the A13 SOC and wanted to add some features, ROOT By default - I added the su Binary and the SuperSU.apk however it does not work by default. If you boot into CWM Recovery then Reboot the device it offers to fix Root, when I select yes it proceeds and...
  12. nikwen

    Thread [GUIDE] Signing and zipaligning your app

    This is my tutorial on how to sign and zipalign apps for publishing: If you run an app in Eclipse or Android Studio, it is signed with a standard debug certificate. This is perfect for testing. However, do never release an app signed with the standard debug certificate. Users will be able to...
  13. Razvan

    Thread [Complete Guide] What is Odex and Deodex ROM?

    What is an ODEX file? In Android file system, applications come in packages with the extension .apk. These application packages, or APKs contain certain .odex files whose supposed function is to save space. These ‘odex’ files are actually collections of parts of an application that are...
  14. deepongi

    Thread [HOWTO] - Deodex & ZipAlign any ROM - More RAM, More Space, More Speed!

    Hi all, I have managed to deodex and zipalign my rooted I8190XXALL2_I8190OXXALL1 ROM in my smartphone, so thought i would share it here. Follow all the instructions carefully. I will not be held responsible in any manner if your smartphone doesn’t boot up or gets bricked due to not following...
  15. gharrington

    Thread [TOOL] ZipAligner

    Hey just a simple apk ZipAligner. If you like this tool pls click Thanks. Hope it can help you. :)
  16. C

    Thread Odex files deodexing and zipalign explained

    When dealing with custom ROMs the terms ‘odexed’, ‘deodexed’ and ‘zipaligned’ are encountered quite often. In this tutorial we will explain what they mean and how they can affect your device. In Short: Odex files: -Pre-optimized parts of application or library. Deodexing: - the process of...
  17. Orion78

    Thread [Q] How to Zipalign for NOOB

    Ive created some Live wallpapers with a paid for program. When I go to upload to Google play it says I should zipalign the apk. Ive searched numerous posts and videos and have not found anything to work for me. Ive tried SDK / Eclipse and have no clue what the hell im doing. In Eclipse when I...
  18. wildstang83

    Thread [Q] Zipalign not running in the Android Kitchen - Fedora16 x64

    Im having an issue getting the stock ruu to zipalign during the build process on fedora16 x64. This is what it looks like on my screen: Would you like to optimize the APK files by zipaligning them (y/n)? (default: y): Zipaligning ./system/app/AccountSyncManager.apk ... scripts/do_zipalign...
  19. liondroid

    Thread [Q] How to convert an official rom (.tar) into cwm flashable zip ?

    My question is that I want to convert a stock rom (.tar format) into cwm flashable zip having customised features like :- rooted with su busybox zipalign deodexd Can somebody help me pls........... really need to cutomise my stock rom myself:)
  20. pikachu01

    Thread [MOD][TWEAKS] ThunderBolt! v3.3.0 5/15/16 [Performance+Battery Life Mods & Tweaks]

    [MOD][TWEAKS] ThunderBolt! v3.3.0 5/15/16 [Performance+Battery Life Mods & Tweaks] News Fixed to be compatible with Android L and M. Introduction ThunderBolt! is a script package by me, pikachu01 that combines a few notable tweaks shamelessly modified to the max as well as hacks and scripts...
  21. mattmanwrx

    Thread [TOOL][SCRIPT] Simple Script For Signing + Zipaligning .apk for Market Release

    Hi, I have created a simple .bat script to sign + zipalign a .apk with the .keystore created for market release. The Reason... I made this as I'm lazy, and wanted one script to sign + zipalign my .apk with my .keystore key. What It Does... This opens, copies, signs, zipaligns, renames and...
  22. E

    Thread [PATCH] serious bug in LeeDroids automatic zipalignment

    Hi! I found a serious bug in LeeDroids automatic zipalignment that potentially damages installed apk files: The 97zipalign script does not check the return code of zipalign. So if aligning fails for some reason, the damaged result is used and copied back to /data/app! This happens for...
  23. K

    Thread IMPORTANT ZIPALIGN developers themers and all Pleas read

    Hi I noticed that lot of stuff here is not ZIPALIGNED and that can lead to undesired effects. The benefit is a reduction in the amount of RAM consumed when running the application, and wee are all here for better faster and optimized software Devs and mods: Pleas run zipalign on you apk and zip...
  24. wesgarner

    Thread [MOD][New Project] WG-Build Incremental for Hero ROMs

    Just an FYI, today and tomorrow I am going to be working on bringing an Incremental Update with my Mods in WG-Build Going to include: BFS 311 RAM Hack ZipAlign Updated A2SD ...more MODs as they come along