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  1. matisys

    Thread GoClever Zoom.Me (A23 Allwinner) image repack

    Hi Team, Recently I was asking you for help (successfully) regardingmissing adb in my android photo-frame (https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/goclever-zoom-me-adb-connection.4210165/) But I still didn't manage to edit build.prop file with success... I mean - I can edit it but it reverts to...
  2. matisys

    Thread Goclever Zoom.me adb connection

    Hi Team, Long story short - I have a problem with adb connection to Android device. And details below. I've got a Goclever Zoom.me - Android 4.2.2 based photo frame. Really crappy device by the way... but, I really need to install some apk to have a possibility of remote connection to this...
  3. C

    Thread GoClever Zoom.me and GApps

    I need some help. I own a digital photo frame GoClever Zoom.me which is based on Android 4.2.2. It is rooted and USB debugging is on. I managed to install standard launcher but unfortunately there is no GApps installed on this device. I'm able to boot it in recovery mode but there is no...