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[ROM][NH5][4.4.2] AllianceROM v5 - Lite Available - 23+ Themes - Private Mode -5/12

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By Goldie, Inactive Recognized Developer on 5th December 2014, 11:10 PM
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We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone as a result of installing custom roms and/or kernels. you do so at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself.
AllianceROM intends to give the user what THEY want. Tired of flashing Roms and having to ask for little changes to suit your taste? Tired of having to manually change colors of the toggles or the battery or move your clock or make statusbar transparent or any of the other multitude of other little color and style tweaks that Android users love? Tired of flashing AROMA installer for every little change you want to make? Tired of having to add your favourite images everytime a new rom comes out?

If you answer yes to any of these then AllianceROM is for you! We have a huge array of "on the fly" options for you to play with. Make your phone to YOUR style. YOUR color. YOUR perfection.

Available in Stock, AOSP or Black Glass themes selectable on install, the majority of modifications in AllianceROM are OPTIONAL. Many you wont find on any other TW ROM and some you wont find anywhere...Xposed, AOSP or otherwise! You can turn them on and off at will. We try not to impose many things on people because we realise that Android is all about INDIVIDUALITY. Make YOUR Rom and YOUR phone how YOU want it and change it on a whim.

Choose from over 25 preset Themes and change them with a click. No rebooting

AllianceROM - Designed to be Individual....

Changes in 5.0:

  • Any color/transparency popups (e.g powermenu bg) with toggle - make your own tinted glass backgrounds!
  • Any color popups text with toggle
  • Any color/transparency list menu bg with toggle
  • Hold statusbar and slide for brightness with toggle
  • Ime animations
  • Totally new statusbar clock from Liquid
  • Clock seconds toggle
  • Clock font style choice (font dependant)
  • Statusbar date style choices
  • Statusbar date format choices
  • Pulldown right/left/center access quicksettings
  • Radio button color linked to checkbox color
  • Ime animations
  • Ime cursor control with vol buttons with toggle
  • Extended reboot follows powermenu color
  • Headsup Blacklist
  • Action bar text color with toggle
  • Actionbar bg color with toggle
  • Custom Carrier in statusbar with toggle
  • Double tap statusbar sleep with toggle
  • Overscroll type - none/bounce/glow
  • Overscroll weight...i.e how far it bounces or glows
  • Working Private Mode - clear data of personalpageservice if you face problems
  • Added option to use private mode with insecure lockscreen
  • Added option to disable the ongoing Private Mode notification
  • Added private mode toggle back to dropdown - download OTA update
  • Added 2 dropdown panel animations and option for none - thx to @NunHugger and @Tired Storeman
  • Fixed settings fc on pressing notification panel
  • Fixed keyboard fc on changing button to comma
  • Fixed icon for custom app 7 - download OTA update
  • Fixed heads up ongoing causing fc on making a call
  • Added Nfc option for screen off, onlockscreen or unlocked only and nfc icon type
  • Added 3rd color for Statusbar Gradient
  • Added 3rd color for Dropdown Gradient
  • Added Option for custom wallpaper on Notification Items with alpha slider
  • Added 3 color gradient for Notification Items
  • Added Omni traffic meter with options for left or right side, update interval, hide when inactive and download/upload colors
  • Added Settings text color
  • Added Settings Icon color
  • Added 4 sets of icons for settings and powermenu and custom settings to OTA Thx @Tired Storeman
  • Added HeadsUp Notifications with toggle
  • Added options for HeadsUp Notifications - Include Ongoing, When Locked, Limit to High Priorty only
  • Added slider for HeadsUp Notifcation fade speed
  • Added colorable glow for Heads Up Notifications
  • Added option to diable screen dimming on pulling down dropdown panel
  • Added CM Ram bar in recents with mode selection and 3 colorable bars
  • Added Quick Unlock with toggle
  • Added option for custom lockscreen carrier text
  • Added Reboot and Recovery dropdown toggles
  • Added more dropdown date formats and custom entry
  • Added color picker for recent items background
  • Added 2 extra batteries to selection
  • Added floating message apk to enable floating messages
  • Changed Black Glass settings icons to match theme Thx @Tired Storeman
  • New Bootanimation - Thx @NunHugger
  • Added Alliance Overscroll glow - Thx @Tired Storeman (Stock is in OTA)
  • Fixed typos and default values in Custom Settings and had a bit of a rearrange
  • Fixed Alliance App Panel FC if uninstall custome app
  • Fixed Alliance App Panel custom apps 2 and 3
  • Fixed some email content text colors
  • Fixed Settings block list FC
  • Fixed Pull Up in Alliance Settings so app can be changed
  • Fixed TW Themes all app icon not changing
  • Fixed hide battery when charging
  • Fixed Alliance Theme contacts FC
  • Fixed Alliance Theme tab selected to white
  • General clean up of code to remove some old unused stuff
Base Rom Feature's:
  • Based on Samsung 4.4.2 NH5
  • Rooted, Deodexed, BusyBox, Init.d, Sqlite3, Zipaligned
  • Build.prop tweaks
  • ROM Customizer with root browser, widgets, and for OTA Updates
  • Alliance Manager Theme/Backup Engine
  • 17 Preset Styles to change theme in 1 click!
  • Ton of Alliance wallpapers courtesy of @Tired Storeman
  • New bootanim courtesy of @NunHugger
  • Enhanced Swirliness on Ripple Lockscreen
  • Adjusted Launcher Animations for MoaR Speed!
  • Modified Toolbox to allow up to 10 shortcuts instead of 5
  • Choose from 9 functions for long press back - Default, Now, Custom App, Kill, Screenshot, Lock Screen, Torch, Recents, Menu
  • Choose from 9 functions for long press home
  • Choose from 9 functions for long press menu
  • Choose from 9 functions for double press home
  • Choose from 9 functions for short press menu
  • Power longpress timeout choices
  • Double tap timeout choices
  • Long Press Volume Music Controls With Screen Off
  • CRT Animation Speed
  • CRT Animation Colour
  • Killed Syscope Root Detection SystemStatus = Official
  • Total toggle amount is 34 data/flashlight/Rom control/Torch/etc
  • Enabled Quick Glance
  • Added System bg image to contacts and dialer
  • Added Asian S5 Touchwiz Theme Engine And Themes
  • Pull up in launcher to launch custom app @txr33 - Thanks fake_japanese_guy for posting the app to try in other roms which saved adding to our app picker
  • Slide left in launcher to launch custom app @txr33
  • Added About Alliance To about phone
  • Added Custom Extended Power/Reboot Menu
  • Added A ton of Open Source FlipFonts
  • Added Cyanogenmods Torch
  • Removed Knox/Carrier IQ Completely
  • Disabled Flipfont Verification Checks
  • Disabled Signature Verification Checking
  • Disabled Scrolling cache Systemwide
  • Disabled Samsungs Secure Storage
  • Enabled Hidden Lockscreens
  • Ported Brilliant Cut Lockscreen From Tab S
  • Added Sliding Gallery for Lock Wallpaper
  • Added Lockscreen Festival Effects
  • Added Notification Panel Festival Effects
  • Added Selectable Fingerprint style
  • Enabled app ops permission management
  • Enabled Call/Message Blocking
  • Enabled External Sd-Card Read/Write Functionality
  • Enabled functionality
  • Enabled Camera while on a Phone Call
  • Enabled Camera Shutter Sound Menu
  • Enabled custom longpress options on samsung keyboard
  • Enabled By Default Package Verifier OFF
  • Enabled All disabled Settings widgets
  • Enabled Clear Font Option in Settings
  • Enabled Launcher app menu list functionality
  • Added TW Launcher Rotation Toggle
  • Added Chinese IME with dark/light theme chooser (supports only english and chinese languages)
  • Added Alliance AOSP TW Home theme to tw theme chooser
  • Added A ton of Open Source FlipFonts
  • Enabled Air Wakeup
  • Enabled and Themed Floating Assistant Menu
  • Camera Lockscreen shortcut
  • Enabled Lockscreen widgets
  • Enabled Secure widgets
  • Enabled any widgets to lockscreen
  • Always maximise lockscreen widgets toggle
  • Selectable Aosp Lockscreen
  • Increased message limit per hour
  • Enabled Scheduled Messaging
  • Enabled Scheduled Messaging
  • Enabled Save Restore Messages (sms only)
  • Enabled Group Conversation Messages
  • Enabled Split View Option For Messaging When In Landscape
  • Up to 200 contacts for messages
  • Message sent time shown
  • Increased sms-mms threshold
  • General Battery and Performance Tweaks

Alliance Custom Settings:
Color Options
  • Option to link all color options toghether or color seperately
  • Color-A-Day Option to let The System Picked Your Main Linked Theme Color randomly everyday at midnight
  • Option to Set System Background Color and/or Gradient Type
  • Option to Set System Background Image and Transparency
  • Option to Set StatusBar Color and/or Gradient Type
  • Option to Set StatusBar Background Image and Transparency
  • Option to Set Notification Panel Color and/or Gradient Type
  • Option to Set Notification Panel Background Image and Transparency
  • Option to Set Dropdown Header Color
  • Option to Set Toggle Background Color and/or Gradient Type and Circle Color
  • Option to Set Brightness Slider Background Color
  • Option to Set CPU Info Background Color
  • Option to Set Clear button Background Color
  • Option to Set Notification Headers Color
  • Option to Set Notification Items Background Color
  • Option to Set Drag Bar Handle Background Color
  • Option to Set Clock Color, Dropdown Clock Color, Date Color
  • Settings icon colour option
  • Settings text colour option
  • Settings text colour option
  • Colour keyboard background
  • Colour keyboard text
  • Colour keyboard function key bg
  • Colour keyboard main key bg
  • Colour keyboard disabled key bg
  • Some stock email text content colour options
  • Clock size slider
  • Battery size slider
  • Carrier size slider
  • Date size slider
  • Option to set alpha level of statusbar elements
  • Option to Set Battery Icon from about 20 types
  • Option to Set Battery Icon Color, Battery Text, BatteryBar Color, Battery Graph Color
  • Option to Set Wifi Icon Color, Signal Color, Settings Button Color
  • Option to Set Notification icons Color, Notification Text Color, Ticker Text Color, Carrier Color, Drag Bar Color
  • Option to Set Ongoing Color, Traffic Color, CPU Color, Alliance Logo Color, ASU Color, Brightness icon and text Color
  • Option to Set Toggle On Color, Toggle Off Color, Toggle Dim Color
  • Option to Set Toggle Text Color
  • Toggle background style -* Thanks @TiredStoreman for images
  • Option to Set Phone Text Color, secondary text color, in app button text color popup header color, in app list text color all with toggles to return to default
  • Option to Set Power menu text Color, Settings Text Color, Toast Text Color, Launcher Text color, Browser url color, Lockscreen text Color
  • Option to Set Power Menu Color, OverScroll Color, Dialer Color, CheckBox Color, Switch Color
  • Option to Set Spinner/Slider Color, Battery Chart Color
  • Option to set Dialer numbers and tabs any color

Clock, Notification Panel, StatusBar, Toggles
  • Option to Set Clock Position
  • Option to Set Am/pm Style
  • Option to Set Day of Week Style
  • Option to Set Dropdown date Format
  • Option to Set Dropdown date shortclick/longclick action
  • Option to add Aosp Clear Button, Lock Button, Recents Button, Settings Button, hide Dropdown Header, Cpu Meter,
  • Option to enable/disable Sfinder, Sfinder Button, Brightness Slider, No Notifications Tile, Notifications Title, Alliance Logo to Notification Panel
  • Option for any app for sfinder button
  • Option for alliance button in expanded header to launch alliance settings or any app
  • Option for alliance logo on left side dragbar handle to launch alliance settings or any app
  • Option for alliance logo on right side dragbar handle to launch alliance settings or any app
  • Seperate sfinder, recents, lock, clear and alliance buttons in header to set its own colour
  • Alliance custom app panel 11 apps default or custom choice
  • Alliance custom app panel toggle on/off background colour and icon colour filter
  • Option to Set Custom Carrier Text
  • Option to select Custom Battery, Custom Charge Battery, Battery Bar, Bar Style, Bar thickness, Bar Anim
  • Option to hide/display Network Speed, Asu Meter
  • Option to pick Data Icon Type (Att/Tmo)
  • Option to pick number of signal bars used 4, 5, 6
  • Option to pick Signal Icon Type
  • Option to enable or disable signal in/out icon
  • Option to pick Wifi Icon Type
  • Option to enable or disable wifi in/out icon
  • Choose from 6 on the fly toggle themes (stock s5, aosp, triune, shiznits, buttons, original samsung)
  • Option to hide/display toggle text, circle background, toggle gap
  • Option to set number of toggles in view
  • Option to set Location of toggle Top, Bottom, Off
  • Option to hide Blocking Mode Notification, Ime Icon, Low storage notification, Unstable Wifi Notification
  • Option to hide Alarm Icon, Bluetooth Icon, Sound Icon, SmartStay Icon, Nfc Icon, Wifi Calling Icon

Extended Power Menu Options
  • Option to Hide/Show Data Toggle
  • Option to Hide/Show Airplane Toggle
  • Option to Hide/Show Accesibility Shortcut
  • Option to Hide/Show Power Off Shortcut
  • Option to Hide/Show Restart Menu
  • Option to Hide/Show Sound Mode Toggles
  • Option to Hide/Show Emergency Mode Toggle
  • Option to Hide/Show Screenshot Toggle
  • Option to Hide/Show Screen Record Toggle)

Phone Mods
  • Enable/Disable Record Button/Add Call Button In Phone
  • Option to enable/disable increasing Ringtone
  • Option to restart Phone and InCallUI

LockScreen Mods
  • Option to choose stock, scanner or OTA Flashed fingerprint style
  • Option To Select Between Aosp Lockscreen And Galaxy Lockscreens
  • Option to enable/disable Aosp Lockscreen Vibration
  • Option to turn ink effect on/off
  • Option to Select Custom Ink Effect Color
  • Option to Enable Random Ink Effect Color
  • Option to Enable Lockscreen Torch and Timeout value
  • Option to Enable/Disable Lockscreen Sounds
  • Stock Lockscreen Settings Shortcut

General Mods
  • Screen off animation option(CRT, Fade, Stock)
  • Listview Animation Style Picker
  • Listview Interpolator Picker
  • Toast Animation Picker
  • System Animation Picker
  • System animation duration slider
  • Disable home key wake toggle
  • Full charge noti toggle
  • User selectable Dialog Popup style i.e holo , holo-light, default etc
  • Enable/Disable Wake when plugging
  • Enable/Disable Wake when unplugging
  • Enable/Disable Low Battery Popup
  • Enable/Disable Full Charge Notification
  • Enable/Disable USB Connect Sound
  • LED with Screen on Toggle
  • NFC With Screen off Toggle
  • All rotation toggle
  • Lockscreen rotation toggle
  • Enable/Disable Earphone Protection
  • Scrolling Wallpaper Toggle
  • Infinite Launcher Scroll Toggle
  • Theme Chooser for TW launcher with 10+ themes
  • Enabled Festival Effects for TW Launcher
  • Restart Launcher Toggle
  • Time Stamp Sent Toggle (actual time recieved or time sent)

  • Fix for black glass theme contacts fc
  • Fix for rom customizer not rebooting when selected to
  • Fix for extra locks not staying after reboot
  • Fix contacts fc while in call
  • Moved position of asu to not cover signal bars @txr33
  • Sdcard fix @BeansTown106
  • Cog battery fix @txr33
  • 4 bar signal fix @txr33
  • Antenna WiFi icon fix @txr33
  • Double clock fix @txr33
  • Quick connect greyed out fix @txr33
MD5 Sum:8320296107b185260d98a4f5b44ac48d

Step 1-
Install Rom Customizer from Playstore
Step 2-
Make Sure You Have a Custom Recovery - TWRP or Philz
Step 3-
Put ROM on sd. Open rom customizer. Select install from zip. Choose whether to install samsung bloat, google bloat or blackglass. Choose install. Press reboot now and wait....
Step 4-
Once booted open Alliance Manager from app drawer to create needed folder structures
Step 5-

For Feature Requests and bug reports please post in the Xda DevDB Section Up Top

This thread is from the Alliance Team and was posted in accordance with the Alliance rules which can be found here


Alliance Color Guide:

The Alliance Crew - You guys ROCK!!
Sparky b for helping me out with base files
Chainfire for root
Ficeto for ROM Customizer, Custom Settings and countless hours of help
Gravitybox for the app picker source
AOKP for clock source
Liquid for animations and clock
kimdalanxa for fingerprint images
Tamerlan2009 for Note 4 Weather
Tenxo for testing LOTS!!!


XDA:DevDB Information
AllianceROM G900T, ROM for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S 5

Goldie, txr33
ROM OS Version: 2.3.x Gingerbread

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 5.0
Stable Release Date: 2014-12-05

Created 2014-12-06
Last Updated 2014-12-05
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5th December 2014, 11:10 PM |#2  
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5th December 2014, 11:13 PM |#4  
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In before the rest of em

Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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5th December 2014, 11:13 PM |#5  
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5th December 2014, 11:15 PM |#7  
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First or Close enough!

This looks awesome.

Been building an update for my ROM using your smali guide for ROM control and its been very helpful.

Thank you for what is obviously been many, many hours of hard work
5th December 2014, 11:26 PM |#8  
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Here for the party!

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More is up....enjoy
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5th December 2014, 11:48 PM |#10  
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Awesome job folks. Looking forward to using it.
6th December 2014, 01:08 AM |#11  
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Downloading now
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