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[How-To]N930T - Root, Mods, Everything Working - 9/29/16 - Updated to PI4 System.img

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By OvrDriVE, Recognized Contributor on 5th September 2016, 04:49 AM
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Here it is. Full T-mobile With root, wifi calling, bluetooth and volte all working - since this is t-mobile based all bands should work as well

Updated to use API4 System Image and API4 Modem - MyMods has also been updated for the API4 System - Whatever you do DO NOT FLASH the API4 BL file. you will be Stuck on the new firmware without root if you do this as you cannot go back

To Avoid Repeat Questons. READ! READ IT AGAIN! and then READ it once more! if you do not Understand any part of this. Do Not Continue!!!

This Guide assumes you have some basic knowledge and is for advanced users!!!!!!!!
This Guide also Assumes you have an sdcard inserted in your phone(however some of you may not and this will not work.)
i will post an update to this guide when we have a method working for those of you with no extsdcard

Read this entire post before doing anything to avoid issues and FOLLOW Directions - if you don't things will not work right.

Note! if at anytime during the following steps you see the samsung boot animation before step 11. start over cause you screwed up!

Step 1. download the following files bbx.rar API4 system.rar T-mobile APGC Bootloader T-mobile API4 Modem

Step 2. extract system.rar and bbx.rar and then copy system.img and bbx to your extsdcard(the sdcard you inserted into your phone)

Step 3. odin sprint userdebug firmware available here.

Step 4. Directly after odin is done with the sprint file you will immidiatly be presented with an update screen
Step 4a when this process of erasing your phone is finished it will reboot(this is the point you want to do the next step)
Step 4b. press and hold power, home and vol up to enter recovery
Step 4c If you see the samsung boot animation. you did NOT do this right and i would suggest you start over

Step 5. open a command prompt in your adb folder and do the following steps 1 at a time(these are case sensative)
Step 5a. adb shell
Step 5b. su
Step 5c. setenforce 0
Step 5d. export PATH=$PATH:/sbin
Step 5e. mount -o remount,rw /
Step 5f. on your phone, go to apply update from sdcard(this will mount your extsdcard as /sdcard and you should see the system.img file and the bbx file) do not select anything, go back to adb and continue(it is not a big deal if those files don't show. we just needed the extsdcard mounted as sdcard - the files exist, just continue to the next step)
Step 5g. cp /sdcard/bbx /sbin/bbx
Step 5h. chmod 777 /sbin/bbx
Step 5i. cd /sbin
Step 5j. ./bbx --install /sbin
Step 5k. umount -l /system
Step 5l. /sbin/dd if=/sdcard/system.img of=/dev/block/platform/soc/624000.ufshc/by-name/system
Note. you will see a blinking cursor. just be patient

Step 7. when it is done you will see something similar to this
11161600+0 records in
11161600+0 records out
5714739200 bytes (5.3GB) copied, 268.668086 seconds, 20.3MB/s

Step 8. if all went well you should be at your prompt and not in adb anymore

Step 9. from your command prompt simply type
Step 9a. adb reboot bootloader

Note! - if you still have odin open and the sprint file in the ap box make sure you uncheck it so it doesn't reodin the sprint firmware
Step 10. open odin and click the bl button and select this file - BL_N930TUVU1APGC_CL8706614_QB10376889_REV00_user_l ow_ship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5
Step 10b. now click the cp button and select this file - CP_N930TUVU2API4_CL9115549_QB10937257_REV00_user_l ow_ship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5
Step 10c. now click start. it will reboot when done let it fully boot this time.

Step 11. once booted and you have setup your phone, we need to add the root files or supersu as most of you know it

Note! pertaining to Step 12. these instructions were taken Explicitly from @freeza thread which is listed in step 3
Step 12. Now we need to add supersu and the needed files for it to work
Step 12a. download this file -
Step 12b. Extract the sun7 file to your adb folder making sure the files are in a folder called sun7(mine looks like this - c:/adb/sun7 and contains 4 files)
Step 12c. Open a command prompt where your ADB executable and sun7 folder are.
Step 12d. adb shell
Step 12e. su - Note! if your adb prompot changes from a $ to #(you are good and have root access)
Step 12f. type exit twice to get back to the command prompt. - Your Phone should be fully booted when you do this
Step 12g. adb push sun7 /data/local/tmp/su
Step 12h. adb shell chmod 0777 /data/local/tmp/su/*
Step 12i. adb shell
Step 12j. cd data/local/tmp/su
Step 12k. su
Step 12l. ./ - Note. this command begins with a . do not leave it out
Step 12m. Your Phone will now reboot

Step 13. when booted back up go to playstore and install busybox on rails or a similar app and install busybox to /system/xbin(if your given an option of where to install it)

Step 14. Thats Pretty Much it. install any additions i have included if you like. most of all enjoy it

Additional Notes!

If for any reason you do a factory reset. you will break root and need to redo this method to get it back
If you use shealth do not update it or allow playstore or galaxy appstore to auto update it or it will break it
If you plan on running the debloat/deknox file you will need to disable auto updates in google playstore as soon as you finish the setup wizard or you will be uninstalling the apps that managed to update
Note! Keep in mind that i remove alot of things(ie. allshare, knox, gear manager, game manager, tmo apps, google apps, facebook and alot of other things) if you need any of what i remove, you can simply open the zip and go to META-INF/com/google/android and open the following file "updater-script" in notepad++(do not open it with windows notepad as it will screw up the formatting on the entrys) you will see a whole bunch of lines that begin with delete_recursive, remove the lines with names of the apps you do not want removed. most of this stuff is self explanatory by it's name as to what it is and should be very easy to figure out. when done editing the file, save it. and flash the updated zip in flashfire. it's as simple as that.

Additional Files for those that want them(these are all flashed via flashfire) my modifications zip API4 Version(very minor mods to statusbar and a few other added features) debloat/deknox zip - Updated with remaining t-mo apps i missed initially beats audio installer(this is a blue themed version done by me) Dolby Atmos Installer Viper4Android Installer selinuxmodechanger.apk so you can set kernel to permissive for viper(this is an apk. just install it from your sdcard)

My Mods Contains the Following Modifications

3minit battery
battery bar - option is in rom control
potato clock
loud volume warning - toggle to disable or enable this via rom control
network speed on statusbar - option in rom control
aokp rambar in recents
added some additional toggles
ability to move the wifi and signal bar indicator to the left or right side via a toggle in rom control
a few csc tweaks
Applock Added - Thanks @TEKHD

FOLLOW Directions - if you don't things will not work right.

thank you to the following:

@freeza - for posting the original userdebug file
@ted77usa - for testing
@bajasur - for the initial idea which ultimately led to this
@Surge1223 - for the busybox installer and the adb help and android commands that make this work
@galaxyuser88 - for testing this and pointing out some flaws
@Hashcode - for inspiration

and anyone i missed

this was a complete collaboration and is only available because of those mentioned so be sure to give them thanks

Big Thanks to @galaxyuser88 for testing the mods for me as i can't
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5th September 2016, 04:50 AM |#2  
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for those that don't like PI4 update. heres the original PGC files - PGC mods - PGC system.img - PGC CP File(modem)

method is the same, just use these files instead of the updated pi4 files
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5th September 2016, 04:50 AM |#3  
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5th September 2016, 04:50 AM |#4  
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5th September 2016, 04:52 AM |#5  
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Ok here it is: Xposed still works with this new root method, Only one catch, you have to install this before you install any of @OvrDriVE Mods.

If you plan on using Xposed then do not install @OvrDriVE my modifications zip as this will crash your systemui.apk.

As with any custom rom's, root, add-on's, you assume all risks with modding your phone. You have been warned.

Make sure you read all of my directions below, before you start posting errors with the install. Worst case you just have to start over with @OvrDriVE s installation.

Here is the way you can install xposed on your phone after you have root. I in no way have made any files or apks, I am just posting ways you get this loaded on your phone.

Please Thank the devolopers and others that have made all these files and apks possible..

The way to install Xposed framework via FlashFire:

1. Download FlashFire, You can get it from the app store:

2. Download the Xposed Installer Apk: Xposed installer Apk

3. Download the Xposed Framework zip.<<< this is the file that you will be flashing via FlashFire: Xposed

4. Once you have all the files downloaded onto you computer/phone: you are ready to start. If you have'nt all ready copied all the files to your phone storage, do so now. If you did then you can move on to the #5.

5. Open FlashFire on your phone. Once it is loaded and open, click on circle with + button on the bottom right of the screen.
Then Click on Flash ZIP or OTA button.
Now select the xposed framework zip that you downloaded from #3.
Next you click the check mark on the top right of
the screen( do not change any of boxes on the left of the screen.<<< You Have Been Warned!!!!! .
Next scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the left button (flash button w the lighting bolt)

Sit back and watch FlashFire do its magic..

6. After #5 completes, you can now install the xposed installer apk from #2. Once installed open and check framework in the app and you should have this : Xposed framework version 86.1 (custom build by wanam / 2016709 is active.

7. Now go to Download in the xposed installer and download: XTouchWiz 1.1.2 or Wanam Xposed 1.3.0 Made for Samsung Android 5 and 6 Roms by Wanam. You can also download Firefds kit by firefds <<<<< this is just a modified version of XTouchWiz with more stuff added to it.. This works as well on samsung note 7 root method.

8. Once you downloaded it, installed it, then go into the Xposed installer app- modules- you select the the app in #7 by placing a checkmark in the box on the right to activiate the modules.

9. Reboot your phone to activate the module.

10. Enjoy your efforts and customizing your phone:

If you some reason you want to uninstall xposed : flash
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5th September 2016, 04:53 AM |#6  
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Video tutorial could be found in here make sure to download correct modified system.rar for your specific carrier.

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5th September 2016, 04:58 AM |#7  
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Thank you!!!!

Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
5th September 2016, 04:59 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by OvrDriVE

Ok all here it is. root, with wifi calling and volte along with a few modifications

1. Follow the guide here skipping the root method for now-
2. go through setup. add your google account but do not setup samsung account(you'll do this later)
3. once at the homescreen, open google playstore and go to settings and set it to not auto update apps(you can change this back later)(this is to prevent apps from auto updateing as i will be removing most of them)
4. now do the supersu install as instructed in the sprint post
5. once booted back up, open playstore and install flashfire
6. once flashfire is installed flash this zip
7. -
8. once booted back up. open themes and add your samsung account info.
9. exit themes and open galaxy apps and update all available apps(they should install without errors)
10. you can skip this if you want - install supersu2.77 apk
11. - superuser 2.77
12. when done. open shealth. and go through it's setup. when done flash this file - if you don't setup shealth it will not work once we remove knox.
13. - knox remover
14. when booted back up. go to your apn settings and reset it to default and then select the t-mo apn
15. boot download mode
16. and odin t-mo cp file only - This will flash the t-mo Modem
17. - t-mo cp odin file
18. once booted up, enable airplane mode, then enable wifi and wifi calling should turn itself on.
19. everything should work fine
20. if by chance you get a wifi calling error 0082 just enable airplane mode then enable wifi and it will fix itself

heres a few Extra Files for those that may want them
here is a beats audio installer - beats
here is dolby atmos installer - dolby atmos
and here is viper4android installer - viper4android
and here is selinuxmodechanger to set kernel to permissive - selinux mode changer

all 3 audio mods fully work together. make sure you have permissive set or they won't work


the mods included are battery bar, 3minit battery, potato clock, network speed statusbar mod, 5 way reboot, ability to toggle wifi/data on the left or right, and a few other mods. it debloats the rom as well.

FOLLOW Directions - if you don't things will not work right.

thank you to @jovy23 for the wifi calling files. and a great big thanks to all those who tested this. and a great big ty to @freeza for posting the original userdebug file
also ty to anyone i missed

i know this isn't a proper post and i will fix it later

Attachment 3865172Attachment 3865173

Wow nice job man!
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5th September 2016, 05:02 AM |#9  
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5th September 2016, 05:14 AM |#10  
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Nice job man!
5th September 2016, 05:16 AM |#11  
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