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[GUIDE][root+s-off]$10/month phone with GV, native dialer and sms support

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By blumpkinblake, Member on 20th August 2014, 03:47 AM
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Hey everyone, this is my first tutorial, and I'm going to show you how I get free calling and texting through Google Voice as well as a data plan for only $10 a month. Yup, that's correct, my phone bill is only $10 a month now. However, to do this, I ended up dropping Verizon and buying a T-Mobile tablet sim, which is data only. They said it wouldn't work, but I am going to show you that it does.

Table of Contents:
  1. Introduction
  2. Disclaimer
  3. Limitations
  4. Prerequisites
  5. SIM Card and Phone Setup
  6. Calling Setup
  7. SMS/MMS Setup for Native Messaging
  8. Sources and Thanks

i. Introduction

This all started out since I traveled to Spain for over a month and had to get a prepaid data plan. While I was there, I wanted a data only plan so that I could still get calls and texts from Spain numbers as well as wanted to call and text with my U.S. Google Voice number. After much research, I finally figured out how I can do it. This took a ton of research, but my phone is proof that it works. I hope to be able to help you all achieve what I have from the method below. Thanks for reading!

ii. Disclaimer

Like any other tutorial, by following these directions, you claim sole responsibility for whatever happens to your device. If for whatever reason your device doesn't work, I will not be held responsible for your, or anyone else's actions. This tutorial is my gift to the community and may not be subject to work in all cases.

iii. Limitations

By using this method, there are some limitations.
  1. The first limitation is when switching from network to wifi and vice versa. If you are in a call while using the mobile network and your wifi connects, your phone call will be lost.
  2. Since you will be using multiple services to make it all work, there will be some lag with the voice
  3. Adding to above, since you will be using VoIP, calls may appear to "stutter" based on how good of signal you have in the area. (It doesn't stuter the majority of the time)
  4. With google voice changing throughout this year, this method may not work in the coming months

iv. Prerequisites

  1. root and s-off for custom roms
  2. Any custom rom, my preference is ViperOneM8 1.8.0 (2.1.0 didn't work correctly with it). Main thread here. Download 1.7.1 full and 1.8.0 OTA since there isn't a 1.8.0 full
  3. The radios. The reason for this is the network wouldn't switch cell towers correctly. Radios available here. Support thread here.
  4. xposed XVoicePlus 2.4.2 available here. This handles sms+mms (provided GV supports the MMS). Main thread here.

You are also going to need a tablet data plan. Below are some options I have researched:
  1. T-Mobile prepaid data. You can buy a sim card online, or in store. $10/1gb*, $20/3gb** Allows roaming to Canada and I think domestic roaming. At least, I was able to use Rogers HSPA+ in Canada

  2. Redpocket (Tmobile 4g, AT&T 3g, Sprint 4g, Verizon 3g) $10/1gb, ***$30/3gb available online. I don't believe they allow roaming.

  3. StraightTalk (Tmobile, AT&T, and possibly Verizon) $15/1gb, $25/2gb. I put this last in the list since there are lots of complaints of customer service and the network not working properly.

*This promotion goes until 2015. Once the promotion is over, it's $20/1gb and $30/3gb
**$20 plan is unlimited in the sense that you get bumped down to 2g speeds after you hit your limit. The 1gb plan doesn't offer "unlimited"
***Only this plan allows "unlimited" where you get throttled after your limit.

v. SIM Card and Phone Setup
  1. The first step is to flash the .0321 firmware which is the one that will properly hand-off between 2g/3g/4g connections. Otherwise it will get stuck on 4g and when you switch towers it won't reconnect unless you toggle airplane mode.
  2. Insert your SIM Card
  3. Install ViperOne and in the aroma settings, select your preferences, then choose Tmobile as your carrier (If you chose an mvno on a different networt, select the option accordingly).
  4. Update ViperOne immediately to 1.8.0. It will automatically restart the installer, so hold power+VolUp for 15 seconds, then power+VolDown to boot into bootloader, then recovery.
  5. If you are on wifi or have data, sign into your google account, otherwise skip it.
  6. Go to settings, and click mobile data. You may have to wait until the sim card is detected until you see that setting. If it show up, go to the alternative settings below, then when done go to the next step.
  7. Click network operators and select search automatically, or search for your own if it doesn't register.
  8. Click access point names and select T-Mobile US LTE. If that isn't there, click options, and reset to default. If it still doesn't work, keep resetting to default until it appears. Otherwise, create your own with APN="" and APN type="default,supl,admin,hipri" and name it whatever you want and save.
  9. For network mode, choose "GSM/WCDMA/LTE auto"
  10. Restart your phone again and you should be connected to the 4g network provided you are in an area that receives it.

Alternative Settings (If above doesn't work)
  1. Go to settings, click venom tweaks, go to misc, click phone info.
  2. For preferred network type, choose "GSM/WCDMA/LTE auto"
  3. Open the menu, select radio band, USA Band (If this option isn't listed or says unsuccessful, let me know.)
  4. Restart your phone and go back up to the directions and finish the rest.

vi. Calling Setup

  1. Login to google voice, click the settings icon in the top right corner, and check google chat for you forwarded calls.
  2. Download SIPdroid from the market (free). We will not be using this application as your dialer, you can use any dialer you want after the tutorial is over.
  3. In SIPdroid click New PBX linked to my Google Voice which should be at the bottom when you install it. If it isn't, then clear the data in app settings and try it again.
  4. Verify the username and email is correct (they should be the same as the google voice account you are using) and make your password the same as your google voice account. The password needs to be the same so that the service can login to your gv account for calls. Now you can uninstall SIPdroid
  5. On your phone, or computer, go to and login with your username and password (which is the same as your gv account).
  6. This next part is very important. Click personal and fill in personal data. I was told you are required to enter this information, otherwise your account will be deleted after 30 days. For server, select the timezone with the www3(Nernburg) server. Originally when I used this method, I was having problems connecting, this seems to be the only server that works for this method. Don't forget to save
  7. After saving, click extensions on the left. After it loads, you'll notice under extensions it says sipdroid <200>. Click on that and it will bring up a list of settings. You'll notice that your username is your gv account + "-200" (ex. gvaccount-200).
  8. Get back on your phone and open the dialer (I'm using the htc dialer that came with the one for this tutorial), and open settings.
  9. Under internet call settings, click accounts, then add account
    Username: gvAccountName-200 (don't put or anything after)
    Password: gvAccountPassword
  10. check "Set as primary account"
  11. Click Optional settings and change transport type to TCP, then options > save. Don't click the back button because it may not save it
    You'll notice that now your SIP Accounts will show "" and it should register and say receiving calls.
  12. Click back and under internet call settings, click use internet calling for all calls.
Congratulations, incoming and outgoing calls now work provided you have a data connection.

vii. SMS/MMS Setup for Native Messaging
  1. Install Xposed framework and XVoicePlus 2.4.2, activate XVoicePlus, then reboot
  2. Install google voice from the market and sign in.
  3. In the gv app, click sync and notifications, uncheck text notifications, and receive text messages from gv app (So you don't get duplicate notifications)
  4. Open XVoicePlus and enable it. Select your GV account, and keep polling frequency to whatever you want. I keep mine on never since they are push notifications from the GV app.

Congratulations now you can send and receive SMS from any messaging app as well as MMS provided GV supports it, which currently, doesn't handle it well. Hide google voice from your app drawer and you are set.

To disable gv sending/receiving whenever needed, uncheck the option in the XVoicePlus app.

viii. Souces and Thanks

VoIP with Google Voice credit Kyle Hasegawa
ViperOne Team
XVoice+ - runnirr
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20th August 2014, 04:56 AM |#2  
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4th September 2014, 08:06 PM |#3  
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Any review of the voice quality?

Any idea what the data rate is?
5th September 2014, 07:53 AM |#4  
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Voice quality is better than phone. 10Kb/s up and down. The quality will be better or worse based on the connection

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