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Android Development Codex

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File:Android-Development-Codex.pngAndroid Development Codex
The Android Development Codex is a project to create clear, up-to-date, and unified guides that teach people to root, unlock, and eventually develop for each and every Android device. We are unofficially working in partnership with the XDA University as it's end user-focused wing.
Note: We are still in the process of migration to mediawiki from the original on Github. Please check there until this section is ready.

Rationale News
Currently, the Android modding scene depends heavily on forums as their bread and butter. While forums may be great for fast-paced development, their disjointed, massive threads are horrible for any kind of useful documentation. The results are:
  • Outdated and dispatriate guides
  • Disunited guidemakers and developers
  • General confusion, leading to needless bricking
  • Angry users that create bitter developers
  • "Obvious" troubleshooting tips hidden under a mountain of 500 posts
  • No clear liquidation plan, leading to link rot and loss of hard work in several years (see XDA's Windows Mobile 6 forums)

By uniting guidemakers into a single guide, we hope to give end-users great guides, and keep both end-users and developers happy, for once in our history.

  • 12/2/12 - The first optimized guide, for the Droid Incredible, breaks ground.
  • 11/23/12 - The Android Development Codex begins migrating from Github.

Sections Device Guides


Content Guidelines

  • General Guidelines - The ideals that you should uphold while working with and editing this guide.
  • ADC Templates - Templates and general guidelines for creating customized guides for a device.
  • ADC Linux - Run a full desktop OS on your little mobile device; research is being made to make it comfortable to use in the mobile space.


  • ADC Glossary - Contains all the crazy acronyms and word soup that you'll need to wade through when using this guide.
  • ADC Buying Guide - While modding can fix up an outdated device, it will make your life easier to buy the right device from the start.
From here, find the name of your device, click the appropriate guide, and get it ready for modding! If you are able to, please help and create a guide for your own device.


Google Experience



Windows Mobile 6

  • HTC Herald (WING) - Status: Complete, ROMs undergoing liquidation