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Artemis Problems

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Problems with the HTC Artemis

MicroSD card corruption (SOLVED!)

It is suspected that filesystem corruption can happen, as reported in this thread. Filenames on the card may show up with strange characters, file sizes can be wrong, impossible dates, etc. The consensus is that this is because the card does not fit in the slot tightly, thus the contacts are not always in contact and only bits of the changes to the filesystem are written. A "shim" has been reported to help some users. If you are experiencing this problem, *PLEASE REPORT IT TO HTC* at this URL (the Artemis is a HTC P3300).

There is a tool avaliable which helps avoiding data loss. It recognizes the moment when the file system of the sd card crashes and alerts the user. A imidiate soft-reset fixes the card in most cases. The tool is called SD sentry by Nickolay Merkin .

Comment from HTC: 08/Mar/07 The issue you describe is something we are aware of and are currently in the process of rectifying.? It seems to be linked in some way to the latest updates to Windows Mobile 5 and as such we have also enlisted Microsoft's help in solving this.? It seems that the device is accessing the memory while it is in an idle state. We are currently still investigating the matter with the help of our engineers in Taiwan, but in the meantime, to workaround the problem you can set the device to turn itself off after 1 minute in the power options, then let the device turn itself off instead of pressing the power button.

There is an official news from HTC about WM6 ROM upgrade (we hope it will resolve problem with SD card):

*05/Mar/07: Patch available*

Patch available to solve the SD corruption problem ( Just install the following cab into the device

(as you may notice by the URL, it's an OFFICIAL HTC patch)

Why my ringtones keep changing to "windows default"

In some cases, it happenes, that ring tone settings get altered and can not be restored anymore as discussed in the forums. It seems, that this is related to the association of mp3- and wma-files to other player software. If this problem occurs, try to restore the settings or uninstall the player software. Another approach is to assign these types to Windows Media Player Mobile manually: Use a registry editor and ensure, that HKCR/.mp3/default contains "MP3File" and HKCR/.wma/default contains "WMAFile".

Timezones Problem & how to solve

The timezone keeps jumping back to an other time zone. How to solve this; put both timezone's to the same zone and it will stop jumping back. Original thread:

GPS - It is probably impossible to turn "static navigation" off.

This is very unfortunate because your position is not going to be updated when you are moving slowly (slower than 5km/h). It is disadvantage when you want to use Artemis for hiking or geocaching.

GPS - French Orange SPV M650 GPS firmware incompatible with WM6.

It has been aparent that many users with French Orange SPV M650s have had issues with GPS/Navigation software not being able to operate the internal GPS device due to a GPS firmware compatibility issue. A fix has been created by "kulbut0r".

How to Replace a Broken Screen

Replacement screens with accompanying touch-sensitive membrane are readily available on eBay for fairly low costs. Dismantling the Artemis and replacing the screen is fairly straightforward:

After flashing ROM from another phone my Artemis didn't turn on

if so then you have a brick Artemis... so you need to flash it with the SD card flashing (info are in the wiki too). start flashing it by pressing the RECORED and power button while your device is off.

WiFi does not turn ON if you try to enable it via Comm Manager

If you own a device and WiFi doesn't want to turn on, CAREFULLY follow these instructions:

To avoid problems and to be on the safe side, make sure to unlock your phone BEFORE via USPL, e.g. from pof ( (Successfully tested on a XDA Trion with defective WiFi)