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BN Nook Simple Touch/Rooting

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Rooting is the first step to enhanced usage of a Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch.

The minimal root will merely allow root access to the operating system. More comprehensive rooting may change many system settings and install applications.


Full root instructions can be found here: Nook Simple Touch Rooting


The /rom partition (mmcblk0p2) contains personalized information such as MAC address, serial number and encryption keys. In the event of accidental corruption this information could be lost. It can not be restored from a generic system image. It is therefore important to back this up.

You could make a physical backup of the entire 2 GB internal memory. This would be the easiest to restore. You could also make a backup of just the /rom partition. There is also a zipped archive of /rom named in the /factory partition (mmcblk0p3).