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Known GPIOs:

pin bit description Input/Output IRQ ALT Sleep Init
GPIOA0 0x0001 Bluetooth chip power (0=off, 1=on) O
GPIOA1 0x0002 BT irq I FE /0
GPIOA2 0x0004 Sound related O
GPIOA3 0x0008 wifi power1 O
GPIOA4 0x0010 wifi reset (0=on) O 1
GPIOA5 0x0020 wifi power2 O
GPIOA6 0x0040 sound: headphone record power related (1=on) O
GPIOA7 0x0080 Internal microphone power O
GPIOA8 0x0100 sound: headphone record related (goes to 0 on hp rec; goes to 1 on mic rec) speaker_power? O
GPIOA9 0x0200 sound: headphone record related (goes to 1 on hp rec; goes to 0 on mic rec) O
GPIOA10 0x0400 headphone play power (1=on) O
GPIOA11 0x0800 PWM0 O PWM0
GPIOA12 0x1000 PWM1 O PWM1
GPIOA13 0x2000  ? O
GPIOA14 0x4000  ? I

pin bit description Input/Output IRQ ALT Sleep Init
GPIOB0 0x0001 Earphone IRQ I FE
GPIOB1 0x0002  ? I
GPIOB2 0x0004 LCD pwr6 (5) O
GPIOB3 0x0008 LCD pwr1 (5 and 6)(0=off, 1=on) O
GPIOB4 0x0010 LCD pwr2 (5 and 6)(0=off, 1=on) O
GPIOB5 0x0020 LCD pwr3 (5) (0=off, 1=on) O
GPIOB6 0x0040 LCD backlight (0=off, 1=on) O
GPIOB7 0x0080 Phone keys backlight (0=off, 1=on) O
GPIOB8 0x0100 camera power? O
GPIOB9 0x0200 Vibra (0=off, 1=on) O
GPIOB10 0x0400 Charger enable/disable (0=enabled*really?? ) O
GPIOB11 0x0800 USB charger Power (must be 1) O
GPIOB12 0x1000 Bluetooth radio power (0=off, 1=on) O
GPIOB13 0x2000 wifi power3 (0=off, 1=on) O
GPIOB14 0x4000 Sound related (i2c_ena?) O
GPIOB15 0x8000 Internal speaker power (0=off, 1=on) O

pin bit description Input/Output IRQ ALT Sleep Init
GPIOC0 0x0001 Red LED O LED0
GPIOC1 0x0002 Green LED O LED1
GPIOC3 0x0008 SPI_RX for kbd controller I SPI
GPIOC4 0x0010 SPI_TX for kbd controller O SPI
GPIOC5 0x0020 SPI_CLK for kbd controller O SPI
GPIOC6 0x0040 SPI_CS for kbd controller O 1
GPIOC7 0x0080 camera reset? O1 1
GPIOC8 0x0100 SIR/serial switch STUART 0=SIR, 1=Serial ??? O
GPIOC9 0x0200 Serial power 1=on, 0=off O
GPIOC10 0x0400 USB pullup resistor(FE 0=connect) O1 1
GPIOC11 0x0800 Battery related (Charger mode?) O
GPIOC12 0x1000 Sound related (Ear remote enable) O
GPIOC13 0x2000 Pull-out keyboard light O
GPIOC14 0x4000 LCD power (6)/Harrier camera LED O
GPIOC15 0x8000 LCD power (6) O

pin bit description Input/Output IRQ ALT Sleep Init
GPIOD0 0x0001 Headset connected (=0) I1 FE 1
GPIOD1 0x0002 Headset Button (pressed=1) I RE 1
GPIOD2 0x0004 OWM irq I FE
GPIOD3 0x0008 High current (AC) charger present(yes=0) I FE 1
GPIOD4 0x0010 Pull-out keyboard controller interrupt request I FE 1
GPIOD5 0x0020 Menu button I FE
GPIOD6 0x0040 Kbd controller reset O
GPIOD7 0x0080 Ok button I FE
GPIOD8 0x0100 Windows button I FE
GPIOD9 0x0200 Record button I FE 1
GPIOD10 0x0400 Camera button I FE 1
GPIOD11 0x0800 Volume up button I FE 1
GPIOD12 0x1000 Volume down button I FE 1
GPIOD13 0x2000 MMC/SDIO Card slot card sense (0=inserted) I0 RE 1
GPIOD14 0x4000 MMC/SDIO Card slot write protect (1=protected) I FE
GPIOD15 0x8000 Mail button I FE