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Windows Mobile/Common Tweaks

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Windows Mobile 6 Common Tweaks

Changing the Registry


Changing the registry can be a dangerous thing to do - do not make these changes below unless you know what you are doing and that you have a way to revert the changes if they do not do what you expect.

If any of the changes listed below do not work then do a soft reset of your phone. Many programs only pick up their registry settings when they start up and do not notice changes while they are running. A soft reset ensures that every program restarts, and picks up any changes that have been made.

After you make a registry change, be sure to wait approx. 30 seconds and/or place your device into standby mode a few times before doing a soft reset. This will give your device enough time to register changes.

Registry Editors

There are a lot of registry editors for PocketPC out there, if you don't have one try one of these:

Also HTweakC (previously known as fit4cat Hermes Tweaker) forum thread

How to Create Shortcuts in WM6 (MSDN)

SHORTCUT = XX#"\Program Path..."?\Icon File Path...,-Icon Number


XX = Count of characters excluding XX# and the icon number.
Program Path = Target exe file location.
Icon File Path = If exe file does not contain an icon image or you want to use another, this is the location of the file containing the icon image.
Icon number = Index of icon image within the file, it starts with 0.

Ex: 86#"\Storage Card\Logical Sky CEdit\cedit.exe"?\Storage Card\Logical Sky CEdit\cedit.exe,-101

Enabling FastBack for Internet Explorer (MSDN)

Create the REG_DWORD value FastBack in _HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main_

FastBack is basically caching of your back history, meaning that instead of reloading pages when you trigger a back function, IE will load a cached copy of the page.

The number of pages cached and the total cache size are the DWORD value where the LOWORD is the number of pages cached and the HIWORD is size of the cache (in KB).

To equate a DWORD from a HIWORD and a LOWORD, following this equation. This has also been verbally verified with a developer. Note that the if any value (other than 0) is present, FastBack is enabled. If the HIWORD represents less than 600KB, 600KB will be designated cache size. Therefore, you can simply use the DWORD value 1 to enable FastBack with the default cache size of 600KB.


Enabling/Disabling Threaded SMS

Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Inbox\Settings\

Then Create a Key named OEM and add a DWORD value named SMSInboxThreadingDisabled , set it to 1(hex)

Changing Settings for ALL Notifications (thanks fredjones32)

First a list of the reminders in the Registry found in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Notifications

  • 15F11F90… - Reminder
  • 695F6B37… - RSS-Hub:New Item
  • 85ee47b2… - QuickGPS
  • 8ddf46e7… - Connection established
  • 8ddf46e8… - Connection disconnected
  • A877D658… - Begin Sync
  • A877D658… - Beam:Autoretrieve
  • A877D659… - End Sysnc
  • A877D65A… - Messaging: New Email
  • A877D65B… - Messaging: New Text
  • A877D660… - Missed Call
  • A877D661… - Voice Mail
  • DDBD3B44… - Wireless Network Detect

There are two important keys:

  • AvailableOptions
  • Options

The values in these keys will determine what options are available (AvailableOptions) and which options are selected (Options).

The values relate to the following (in the order on the Notifications tab):

  • 1 = Play Sound
  • 16 = Repeat
  • 8 = Display message on screen
  • 4 = Flash light for ...
  • 2 = Vibrate

Add the numbers of the notifications you desire. So if you wanted all of them selected you would put 31 in the Options key. If you only wanted a message and vibrate you would put 10.

Next step

AvailableOptions determine which boxes are available and which are grayed out. (we will leave out Repeat until later). Options determines which are selected, and yes you can select something in Options that is not selected in AvailableOptions, it will appear as a grayed out check box that is selected.

So if AvailableOptions is set to 10 only the Display message on screen and Vibrate check boxes will be available, the rest will be grayed out. If the Options value is 14, the Play Sound will be grayed out, unselected; the Display message will be available and selected; the Flash light will be grayed out, but selected and 5 min (Duration key = 5); Vibrate will be available and selected.

So set the options you want to select and unselect using the Available Options key and use the Options key to specify which are selected. Changing the selection in the Notifications tab will change the value of the Options key, but will not change the AvailableOpions key.

The only values accepted for either are 1-15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31 Is is because you can't have Repeat (16) without Play sound (1), that's why there are numbers missing. I tested putting 16 in AvailableOptions and 31 in Options and all boxes were selected, but grayed out.

Now for the Repeat checkbox

Things get slightly more complicated when the Repeat box gets involved. The way the AvailableOptions values function do not change. Setting it to 15 will make each box, except the repeat box, available, with the Repeat box grayed out.

It seems that the Repeat box is governed by the Options value first and the AvailableOptions second. So setting AvailableOptions to 31 and Options to 15 would result in Repeat being unselected and grayed out.

The only way to un-gray the Repeat check box is to set AvailableOptions to 31 (it still matters) and set Options value to 1073741824 + (what you want selected).

  • So 1073741825 (1073741824 + 1) is only Play Sound,
  • while 1073741855 (1073741824 + 31) will select all of them.

The only thing I can figure is that 1073741824 is 40000000 in HEX and that is needed to turn on access to the Repeat check box. The values added to that affect what happens to after that.

If you set AvailableOptions to 11 and Options to 107374185, all of the boxes will be checked, but Repeat and Flash light will be grayed out.

I have seen different values listed on the web, but the values I list here are what windows assigned when certain boxes were checked and unchecked. I did us one of the values I found on the web to determine 1073741824 was needed to open access to the Repeat check box.

ID3 tags in MP3 files not being read in WMP

The Windows Media Player in WM65 does not seem to read song/album information when it is stored in the ID3v2.2 format. This is easily solved by using software such as Mp3tag to update the tags to the newer ID3v2.3 tag.

First, make sure that under Options>Tags>Mpeg, the 'Write to ID3v2' checkbox is selected. (As ID3v1 is not required, you can also safely uncheck that item.)

Now, simply load the directory of files to be fixed, select the whole list, and right-click>"Save tag"